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By: The Hatter Theory

Prompt: Edge

Disclaimer: I don't own Inu Yasha

Oh my gahhhhhhhhd. Another new fic. This one will be 100 words each. And updated only on DDNs. This is my first attempt at a drabble series. So gentle? And genres will be added as applies. 


Time was winding down, the clock in her own head ticking until each second became a minute, then an hour. Pain had faded into nothing but the faint sensation of static as blood poured from the wound.

This was not supposed to be how it ended. The bright eyes glittering with tears all stared down at her in disbelief.

It was all over, at least. No more Naraku. No more her either, though. Her heart lurched in her chest as she tried to drag in air. Sunlight flashed off of the blade's edge as it came down. One last breath.  


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