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Adventures in Babysitting by Jay_chAn

Chapter 1

A/N Well it's been a while and that's my fault but here is the improved version of Adventures in Babysitting.  I really hope you readers enjoy it. I don't know how often the updates will be I am still working hard on improving all the other chapters of the story.

Chapter 1 -

Kagome sat in the main office as Ayame and Sango fluttered around in a frenzy.  She would have run around like the both of them in worry, however she was shocked and stunned to silence as she sat on the comfortable cushion chair.  The vents turned on and a cool breeze started to cover the room causing Kagome to shutter and goosebumps to form on her sleeveless arms.  Glancing at the closed files she held in her hands she flipped one open and read the information.     

Standing up from the chair Kagome looked at her friend, "Sango!"  Kagome yelled causing Sango to jump in surprise.  "What're we gonna do?"  Sango's dark chocolate brown eyes pierced Kagome with a concerned stare while Kagome groaned in worry.

"It is too late to change things, so accept Ayame's mishap,"  an elderly voice cut in.  Deep and stern brown eyes looked into the three older women causing them to straighten their stance and unsurely nod their heads.  Turning to the red haired young one Kaede continued,  "Ayame," green eyes grew dim in self disappointment, "be sure that every other file is correct and the other sitters have received their charges information.  Sango, why don't you be sure you have things prepared for later.  Kagome come with me."

The three shared a look before Kaede clapped her hands and the younger women's legs started to move.  Kagome stood and followed her boss and friend into her office.  Slow legs moved behind the oak desk and a wrinkled hand gestured for Kagome to sit in the chair on the other side of it.  Kagome was not about to lie, she wanted to yell and scream at Ayame for her excuses for causing the mix-up, but she also knew nothing could be done the last minute to fix it.  Plus, yelling at Ayame was like yelling at the average teenage daughter, the words would make it through her ears, but usually not stick to her mind.  She just has to learn from her mistakes like everybody else, Kagome thought with a dejected sigh.  

"Ye know we have never had a mistake like this before, Kagome," Kagome nodded as Kaede spoke.  "Ye are already familiar with the children, which is why they parents request you each time."  Kagome smiled at the thought of the children and blushed at the thought of their parents.  Mr. Taisho and Mr. Kumo were very sought out bachelors and though on appropriate terms as their children's caretaker, Kagome couldn't help but think inappropriate things when seeing their faces.  They're too good looking for their own good, she thought with a blush.    

Realization hit Kagome and she glanced up to see Kaede watching her carefully.  Blushing a deeper red than before Kagome raised her hand and coughed behind it, "you were saying?"  

Kaede nodded her head and continued, "We will have to come to a compromise with the fathers.  There is no available help for you at the moment when dealing with more than one child here.  Both wanted a single sitter so that there would be no complications or mishap if an emergency were to arise or,"  Kaede sat back in her chair and sighed, "a father could back down for another sitter at another location since we are full and short handed at the moment.  Ye will need to inform them as soon as they go to your room."   

Kagome sighed and shook her head in disdain.  She had babysat for both fathers for the past two years at separate times, but they always chose her.  It usually fit her schedule and she was pleased because both children were wonderful, even though Rin was a little handful at times.  However, both men had never requested for a sitter at the same time since they had joined the Shikon Babysitting Aid.      

Nodding her head, Kagome stood and gave Kaede a small tired smile before leaving the office and heading towards her assigned room.  As she shut the door behind her Kagome looked around and met concerned green eyes.  Kagome couldn't help but narrow her sapphire blue eyes at her friend and tighten her hands into fists, slowly advancing towards her frightened friend.    

"Ayam-" Kagome gritted out before Ayame interrupted with a yelp.  

"I'm so sorry Kagome!  I really am, but-"  

"Save it Ayame," Kagome sighed in irritation trying to keep her anger to herself.  "You messed up, it happens.  We have to deal with it.  I'll be in my room."  Kagome left the sitting office quickly with shoulders slumped however she kept her head high with determination.  As she made her way down the hall and to her room she listened to the echoing sound of her lone footsteps and the rummaging of other sitters in their rooms, some speaking with others she bit her lip, pulled out her keys, unlocked her door, and made her way in.  Firmly shutting the door behind herself she clenched the doorknob as she stood with the door to her back and leaned against it.  There is no problem watching the children, I love those kids.  Plus their fathers are lookers, but... She thought in anger, but neither of them likes the other!  It's all over the news!  How am I supposed to deal with two top business men?  Will their kids get along?  They are the total opposite of each other, and, and...  Kagome opened her mouth and let out a frustrated scream.  

The echo of her scream could be heard throughout the building, causing the men and women to raise a brow and shake their heads.  The news made it's way around the building fast enough and every sitter knew the name and importance the father's held, and if such a mistake got out it could cause a decrease in clients on the Aid.  Ayame ducked her head and bit her lip as she sorted though another file, Sango shook her head as she grabbed a pen and crossed off a few things from her list as she went through her inventory, and Kaede sighed softly as she turned and looked out the window of her office and at the setting sun.  Things could've been worse, she thought before shaking her head.  Pressing the on button to her computer she watched as the scene lit up,  much worse.   

A/N Reviews please on the revised chapter! I don't like flames but a writer must know the truth, and if there are grammatical errors please let me know; I don't have my glasses yet so I do miss things haha.  Also, I am working on A Child's Blunder but I did hit a writers block halfway through, so sorry!


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