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A La Smut~ by Kagome Yuki Niwa



: Prostitution was illegal in Japan… unless you were lucky and Akiyama Kagome? She was very lucky indeed.    

A La Smut~

Instalment Four: Routine

x . . . . . x

Dainty fingers moved through ebony strands slowly as her driver made his way down the dark streets in a rougher part of the Shibuya district of Tokyo. The lights of the bars and dance clubs in the nightlife passed in a colorful blur as she leaned her head on the window, the warm puffs of air from her nostrils fogging the window lightly. She breathed a soft sigh, cerulean hues dark with an emotion that resembled sadness. The diamond bracelet on her wrist glinted in the lights around the vehicle despite the rain that shrouded her view of the outside world. Her driver, a young man by the name of Shippo, knew exactly where to go.

The red-head was loyal to her – one of the few in her household that she could trust without a doubt – and she knew he would not betray her this time or the next. The lights disappeared as the vehicle turned down an alley. She checked the time on her phone, the glow from the screen highlighting her features.

12:59 AM.

She had one minute.

She almost made a move to adjust her dress, ensuring that she looked every bit the elegant pampered lady she had become but sighed as she thought better of it. Did it matter? Did it matter what he thought? Adjusting herself and fluffing her hair she silently conceded that yes, it did matter. She looked at her phone and the time read 1:00 AM and she rolled down her window just as a door hidden within the brick wall opened. Her breath caught when a head of silver hair reflected the lights around them and citrine hues gazed around the alley before settling on her vehicle. Shippo was out of the car in moments with an umbrella and running toward the other male that towered over him by at least a foot.

The two began to return to the vehicle and the female rolled her window up just as the door adjacent to her opened. There was silence as the male with moonlight for hair entered the vehicle. Shippo was in the front seat as the door beside her closed. She turned toward the male who looked at her with thinly veiled contempt and she offered him a light smile – unable to do much as her breath caught in her throat. Despite how many times she had seen him he never failed to move her with his beauty. His coloring was most abstract and his build was large and imposing though his facial features – they were angelic in their own right.

“Sesshoumaru.” She greeted after a moment or two. He snorted as he turned his head from her.

She often wondered how this man had fallen into this lifestyle. There was something more than powerful about him – he was arrogant and commanding and had she not known better she would have thought him one of the high class slumming it with the lower class.

“Kagome-sama?” Shippo called lightly. She nodded her head and the car began moving once more through the alley and onto the streets. Pale fingers dipped into the small purse she held at her side as she pulled out a wad of bills. She didn’t know his exact price and he never asked for more – she did know that the amount she always gave him could support him and several others for a single month. The amount didn’t even make a dent in her account but with the way he pocketed the money she knew it definitely expanded his. She knew he was unwilling in this aspect of his life – after all who wanted to be bought by anyone who threw money in their direction? – but she also knew that he needed the money.

She expected a silent drive as usual however she was pleasantly surprised when he inquired in a voice that was deep enough to pull something low in her to life, “You are Akiyama Kagome – Akiyama Naraku’s wife, correct?”

There was quiet moment before she murmured a slight, “Yes. Why are you asking me this now?”

The male shrugged his shoulders, “No particular reason – curiosity for the female that ventures from the glittering high life to darkness of the underworld perhaps.”

He rarely attempted to speak to her but when he did – oh when he did – his words were always precise, cultured, and no doubt more educated than her own. Her smile was indulgent when she turned from him, “Glittering high life, he says. Just because I have money it doesn’t make my life ‘glittering’.” She closed her eyes thinking of the blood that often stained their floors and the screams that filled the night.

“Hn – yakuza life is better than… this.” By ‘this’ the male gestured to the prostitutes that filtered through the streets, fucking in alleys, and sniffing coke in bathrooms.

Her laughter was harsh when she spoke, “You would think so, no?” his brows were furrowed when she continued, “I grow tired of the smell of blood and the sound of screams.”

“How does one end up the wife of Naraku?” Sesshoumaru inquired though his tone was biting.

Kagome gazed at him evenly, “By having a father so deep in debt that graves were being dug for his entire family.”

And the conversation ended there.


Naraku would slit her throat if he ever found out about Sesshoumaru. Fact. Of. Life. He did not share his toys though he expected his toys to be just fine when he found other toys to play with. It was natural that they go to her favorite hotel – it was expensive, extravagant – rather than her home and Sesshoumaru didn’t give a damn either way. A bed was a bed and a wall a wall and a floor a floor and it didn’t matter where he was fucking her because it all looked the same after a while.

She paid in cash because there was no way she would risk using a credit card.

She took the key offered her to room 204 and they duo took the elevator in silence.

The key was swiped and the little light went from red to green as she opened the door. Sesshoumaru’s presence was thick against her back and she knew it would be one of those nights once again. She had just closed the door behind her when her back was pressed against it and her legs were wrapped around the narrow waist of the man whom she had had purchased for the evening. For one whose personality rivaled an iceberg he went from cool to hot in mere moments. She never understood how he could be so chilled to her one moment and then pressing against her with heat that threatened to burn her through the next moment.

He hated her and she saw it in every time he looked into her cerulean hues.

She never questioned it – she just allowed it.

Just as she allowed him control in their trysts.

Sensing her wandering thoughts his teeth bit her bottom lip hungrily and she cried out ever so softly. His large hands were impatient as they moved up along her legs and pushed at the material of the dress bunching it against her waist. It was silk and no doubt would ruin at the pace he was going but she couldn’t find it in her to care as his hard length rubbed against her through his jeans. She mewled when he lifted her higher so that she was straddling his stomach, his lips moving along her jaw line and down the column of her throat. His lips trailed lower still as nibbled along her collar bone and undid the tie of her dress behind her neck. The dress slipped along her torso, the crimson material falling way to reveal her breasts. He palmed one breast, kneading roughly, playing with her nipple with his thumb and forefinger while the other breast was lathered with his tongue and caressed with his teeth. She arched into him, her core already weeping and ready for his attention but Sesshoumaru liked foreplay. He enjoyed it and he was a master at it as far as she was concerned.

Her hands moved through his silvery locks, enjoying the soft texture as it moved through her fingers. Her fingers scratched at the base of his skull, an action that never ceased to relax him and put him further in the mood. His tongue was merciless as he switched breasts exposing her peaked bud to his hot, wet mouth. She leaned her head back as her eyes fluttered close and his hand moved between their bodies. His long, elegant fingers found her thong and it away as though it was paper and with little though to the cost of those silken underthings. Her body jerked as it was torn from her phone and dropped to the ground unceremoniously. His fingers found her and spread her, working her through as a moan came from her throat.

Her hand came to his chest and she made a soft sound of frustration as she attempted to remove the jacket he wore. It smelled distinctly of leather of his cologne. He grunted in response pulling his hands and arms way only long enough to pull of his jacket and yank the shirt he wore over his head. She watched appreciatively her legs clenching around his stomach subconsciously. As the shirt came off, her hands came down, touching and caressing the hard planes of his chest and tweaking the masculine nipples. The shirt joined the jacket on the floor and his lips were on hers again – biting, tasting, conquering.

His fingers were at her core again, thumb pressing against her clit and eliciting a full body shiver from her. She rocked against his hand he began to move his fingers against her wetness, goose bumps rising on his skin. His scent filled her nostrils. Swarming around her head as she took a stuttering breath. His body continued to hold her up and his free hand entangled in silken obsidian locks, thumb rushing just beneath her eye on her cheek bone. Her fingers moved lower from the masculine swell of his chest and between their bodies that she could undo the clasp of his jeans and the pull down the zipper. She gave a bare perceptible whimper as she tugged the jeans down knowing he was already hard and aching for her. As he should be – his body was trained by now, knowing that she would be his every other Thursday evening as it had been for seven months now.

Her stilettos dug into his rear as he stepped out of his shoes and jeans all at once. He removed his fingers from her core and placed her on her feet, baritone rough with lust he commanded, “The dress comes off.” She removed the silk clothes and they joined his cotton shirt and jeans on the floor. In a swift moment she was on her knees, his hand within her hair once more, darkling calling out, “Suck.”

And she did of course.

Her pouty lips opened to take in his engorged member, her hands holding onto his firmly sculpted rear as she moved her mouth up and down along his length. She lathered his firmly with saliva, her tongue running along the veins in his length. His pre-cum was salty in her mouth but not overbearingly so, so she continued to suck, her throat convulsing each time she took him in and her mouth met the flesh of his groin. Her tongue gently swirled around the mushroom head of his throbbing length, brushing lightly against the small slit that was there causing a shudder to race through his body. Cerulean hues looked up and took in the sculpted planes of his abdomen. Her fingers twitched and while one hand remained firmly latched onto his rear the other hand ran along his abdominal muscles appreciatively, watching as they flexed with every thrust into her mouth.  

His fingers dipped into obsidian strands appreciatively as he gazed up lightly, closing his eyes for just a moment. They reopened as he guided her away from his length and he bent over, lifting her into his muscular arms. She was pressed against the door again, this time on her front rather than her back. Her fingers moved to lock the door as she gripped the handle. There was no warning as he bent her forward and spread her legs apart. She leaned on the door for leverage, her cheek pressed against the cool pressed wood. She released a shuddering breath as he filled her completely and gave a soft moan of appreciation. Her saliva and natural wetness provided more than enough lubricant as he began to thrust in and out of her slight frame.

She moaned a soft, “Fuck.” her eyes closed with rapture as he hit just the right spot. She mewled with every thrust; his large hands gripped her waist tight. His breathing was coming quick and even while she took in heaving breaths. Cerulean hues opened and grew lidded when one of those skilled hands moved around her waist and thumbed over her clit. He leaned over her form, still thrusting and pressed a linger kiss to her shoulder. He moved the mass of raven locks to the side, leaving her back smooth and free of the rapidly moistening strands. Sweat was beginning to slick her form and his when he stopped abruptly and turned her so that she could see him.

He lifted her so that she was straddling his waist again and plunged her down on his length. She cried out in pleasure as he filled her completely. His arm muscles bunched as he lifted her over and over on his member and she clung to him, her hands holding desperately to his shoulders where blunt nails dug into his flesh. He groaned lightly as she coiled and tightened around him – her orgasm ripping through her. His continued thrusts spurred it further until she was spiraling in pleasure. Her name fell from his lips in a primal growl, “Kagome.”

He pulled out of her and she immediately began to run her hand along his reddening member. She didn’t have to move long as white liquid sprouted from the mushroom head and coated her belly and hand. He placed her on her knees gently while her mouth went around him and sucked him clean, milked him dry. His breathing was erratic as she watched him piece his cool mask back together. She pulled away as he turned from her and to the bed.

She said nothing as he took a seat.

He said nothing while she crawled toward him, using hands and mouth to work him to hardness again.

It was just another part of the routine.

They fucked until dawn.

As they showered and once more dressed – she as usual did not look at him.

They met Shippo downstairs like many times before and were once more driving off as the sun began to lighten the sky.

Her fingers dipped into her purse pulling out another wad of cash like she did each time before and offered it to him as the vehicle stopped where they had picked him up.

His face was in a mask of distaste as he took the money and when he made a move to leave she gripped his wrist.

He paused when she looked at him with watery cerulean hues, “Let me take you from this life.” She murmured so softly that he had to strain his ears to hear her.

There was a sneer on his lips as he shook his head, “No.”

And like every time before he opened the car door and stepped out of her life until she could see him two weeks later.

He offered her no explanation.

He merely closed the door behind him and turned away – as was routine.  

She was just a client, after all, and he didn’t give a damn about her either way.




‘Gome Yuki:: Short, sweet (not really), but to the point! :3 SEX. WOOOT! I love smut :D Whether she loves him or not is up to you or maybe she just wants to him save him; IDK. I hope you enjoyed! Review, yus? :3 Next time I’m going to go for full blown incest! >->;;


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