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Of Forbidden Dominance and Submission by Aurora Antheia Raine

Of Forbidden Dominance and Submission

This lovely oneshot is a collaboration between me and Lillian. The idea was completely hers and I simply assisted her with forming a plunnie into a full length oneshot for your enjoyment. This is also our submission (no pun intended) for r0o's 3rd GM Challenge 2011. We hope you enjoy our effort! 

Warnings: PWP, Anal, Oral, Dom, Moresome, Yuri, Yaoi, M/M, F/F, M/F, exhibition


Kagome stood at the top of the hill, wondering why Sesshoumaru had summoned her here. When she had asked earlier in the day, he had merely given her one of his wicked, sinful smiles and a sideways glance before responding that it was simply a matter of a challenge.

She had been unsure on how to receive that since the last time he had told her someone challenged his right to the mantle of the Lord of the West, he had eviscerated the poor creature and left him to die slowly by way of letting the vultures eat him. A wicked smile promising pleasure didn’t exactly equate to mauling in Kagome’s eyes; however, the last time he’d been challenged was two hundred years ago, much before her time with him. Perhaps he had changed his punishment style?

Sighing, Kagome smoothed the silk kimono bearing the sakura and hexagon emblem of the West, denoting her status as Lady of the West, and leaned against a nearby tree to wait for her mate and the challenger.

It didn’t take long for Sesshoumaru to show. Kagome saw him from a distance and a soft smile emerged as she took in his regal stance and the air of confidence he held as he walked towards her. The challenger followed behind him and Kagome squinted her eyes slightly to get a better look. She bit her bottom lip nervously. Was it just her... or did the challenger appear to have silver hair as well?

Her heart skipped a nervous beat, dread filling her as they drew nearer. Kagome inhaled sharply and held her breath, waiting for the challenger to be revealed. They came to a stop at the center of the hill’s clearing and the moonlight shone down upon them, casting them in an ethereal glow. It struck them at just the right angle, fully revealing the face that had been hidden within the shadows just moments before. An involuntary gasp of surprise escaped Kagome’s parted lips upon her realization that the challenger was, indeed, Inuyasha.

Forgetting her status in her moment of panic, Kagome quickly pushed herself away from the tree and rushed towards Sesshoumaru, paying no heed to the cold and indifferent gaze he had settled upon her. She realized her error the moment she had made it, but it was too late to take back her actions. Kagome was more concerned about the current predicament and what it could mean.

Depending on the challenge, it could very well mean a battle to the end, and Kagome couldn’t bear to lose either one of them. Not to mention that it would devastate Sango, Inuyasha’s mate, if anything were to happen to him. At the thought of her best friend, Kagome quickly scanned her surroundings. As mate of the challenger, Sango’s presence was also required.

Kagome turned to look at Sesshoumaru, the question hanging from the tip of her tongue when he spoke. “She will be joining us shortly.”

Nodding slowly in comprehension, Kagome took the time to study Inuyasha, but he refused to meet her curious gaze. “What happened?” Her eyes were still on the hanyou, but her question was directed at her mate. “What did Inuyasha do?”

“Yesterday, this Sesshoumaru had required a simple task to be completed at battle,” Sesshoumaru hissed, narrowing his eyes at his half-brother. “Yet, my General defied my orders and challenged my authority, resulting in the death of a demon of importance.”

In response, Kagome gulped, suddenly fearing for her friend but unable to help, not only because she was the Lady of the West, but also because Inuyasha had inadvertently challenged Sesshoumaru. It was a matter that Kagome had no business interfering with unless she wished to issue a challenge to her mate as well and she knew for a fact that she did not.

In the demon world, a challenge could not be reversed and Kagome could only pray for the safety of both males. “What... what kind of challenge will it be, Sesshoumaru?”

He narrowed his eyes at her and Kagome realized she had slipped again. As Lady of the West, she had to treat her mate with the utmost respect and had to address him as such. Sesshoumaru usually made an exception in the privacy of their chambers, but in public and before others, he was strict about her following the etiquette of the demon world.

“Sesshoumaru-sama,” Kagome quickly amended, flushing beneath his scrutiny.

He didn’t respond to her question and just when she thought that perhaps Sesshoumaru planned on ignoring her altogether, he spoke. “Dominance.”

Kagome furrowed her brows together, unsure as to what a dominance challenge entailed, but she trusted Sesshoumaru’s judgement and knew that he made his decisions based on what is best for the villagers on his land.

“The taijiya is here,” Sesshoumaru suddenly announced, inclining his head slightly towards the tree Kagome had previously been leaning upon. Understanding his silent request, she flashed Inuyasha another worried glance before retreating to rest against the tree several feet away.  

Sango soon crested the hill, coming to a stop in front of the Lord of the West. She got on her hands and knees, bowing until her head touched the ground. “My Lord,” she said formally.

“Rise,” he commanded, acknowledging her. “And stand with my Lady.”

Sango silently complied, and Kagome touched Sango’s shoulder, trying to give her comfort even as she, herself, worried over what was to come.

“Kagome-sama,” her old friend from half a century before said. “What’s going to happen?”

Nervously she nibbled on her lip. “I don’t know, Sango. I don’t know.”

However, it was clear that Inuyasha did. His ears were laid flat, his head slightly bowed and neck presented to show his submission.

“Taisho Inuyasha, son of the Dog General of the West and Hime Izayoi, General of the West’s Army, you have been brought before me this day to answer for your challenge to this one’s hold on the position of Lord of the West. Normally, there would be a battle to the death,” Sesshomaru said, ignoring the dismayed gasps from the women. “But because you have been loyal and true in your position, an honorable beta to the pack, and my mate holds undeniable fondness for you, the punishment has been lightened.”

Inuyasha said nothing--his shoulders hunched as Sesshomaru announced the General’s punishment. “You will be dominated and shown your proper position, one under the Lord of the West in all ways.”

Sesshomaru stared at Inuyasha. “Strip.”

Kagome felt her mouth drop open. Dominance... did it really mean what she thought it was? She was beginning to think it was, especially now that Sesshomaru had issued that edict to Inuyasha. She watched as Sesshoumaru flexed his deadly claws, eyes glittering with confidence as he watched Inuyasha slowly disrobe himself. She adverted her gaze, a light flush adorning her cheeks, as she saw the hanyou completely bare for the first time. Sango; however, could only keep her eyes glued to Inuyasha, concern for him gnawing at her insides.

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha cautiously circled each other, signaling the start of the challenge, both calculating their opponents next movement while simultaneously planning theirs. Kagome’s gaze traveled to settle upon her mate and promptly lost her breath. It had been a long time since she had been able to see him in action for he had always kept her protectively hidden inside his castle during his battles, but now he stood as tall and regal as he had ever been.

The fluidity of his motions were laced with poise and despite the loose material of Sesshoumaru’s kosode, Kagome could imagine just how his deliciously toned body was flexing as he prepared to dominate Inuyasha. In the recess of her mind, she recalled the way Sesshoumaru’s body would gleam with sweat as he hovered above her, the muscle in his forearms rippling with tension as he pounded himself into her. The memory caused her spine to tingle in anticipation and her heart to quicken as the dampness in her nether regions made its presence known.

Sesshoumaru slanted his eyes over to his mate, the obvious scent of her arousal permeating the air around them. He inhaled deeply, feeling the telltale signs of his cock stirring to life. His feisty little mate was aroused and he had not even started. Pride surged through him as his beast howled contently, pleased that even at a distance, fully clothed, Kagome desired him. Sesshoumaru decided that after the completion of the challenge, he would reward her most pleasurably.

Inuyasha, too, had smelled the tangy scent of Kagome’s excitement, but he was not offended. He knew that it was the prospect that witnessing her mate in action that triggered her desire, not the fact that he had to submit to Sesshoumaru. It occurred with all demons, but it was a slight oddity when coming from a priestess; however, Kagome had never been the typical human. All Inuyasha knew was that he was not going down without a fight. Hell would freeze over before he would willingly let Sesshoumaru penetrate him with his monstrous girth.

He grimaced and suddenly, Sesshoumaru lunged towards him in one swift leap, claws drawn and ready for attack. Inuyasha quickly dodged beneath his arm and retaliated with his own duller claws. He felt the fabric brush against his fingertips, but before he had the chance to land a solid attack, Sesshoumaru grasped his wrist firmly - almost painfully so - and twisted. Inuyasha released a low growl as he moved his body to mimic the motions in which Sesshoumaru was bending his arm.

Without warning, Inuyasha struck at Sesshoumaru with his leg, eyes widening in surprise when he felt himself landing a blow. Sesshoumaru’s hold upon Inuyasha slipped as he flew back from the impact and Inuyasha chased after him, determined to continue staying one step ahead of his brother’s every move. He had not anticipated; however, that Sesshoumaru would land upon his feet and even as he skidded to an abrupt halt, Inuyasha could not prevent the fist that connected with his cheek, sending him sprawling to the ground.

Sesshoumaru was beside him in the blink of an eye and Inuyasha struggled to stand up, not because he had been seriously injured, but because Sesshoumaru was simply too fast for him. He failed, though, to gain his feet, because Sesshomaru put a hard, black boot in between Inuyasha’s shoulder blades and pushed him down until his face was enmeshed in silky green grass.

Panicking, Inuyasha renewed his efforts to escape but Sesshoumaru only pressed him further into dirt and grass. He could hear the rustling of clothes behind him and Inuyasha’s heartbeat quickened in pure dread. He knew what was coming and he knew that it was unavoidable.

Sesshoumaru firmly gripped Inuyasha’s hips, positioning him on his hands and knees, claws digging into his skin to keep him still.

“Submit, Inuyasha,” Sesshomaru demanded, and Inuyasha flung his head back to look at him in denial.


“I don’t mind a struggle,” Sesshomaru replied. “In fact, it’s something I quite enjoy. My mate knows that, don’t you, Kagome?” He looked over at his mate, who was looking at the scene with a glazed look in her eyes. Sesshomaru could smell her desire and hear the race of her pulse as he stood behind Inuyasha, his erection standing tall and proud through the opening in his hakama.

Kagome licked her lips and said, “H-hai.”

Inuyasha bucked against Sesshomaru, trying to escape, but Sesshomaru merely gripped his hips tighter. “Be still, Inuyasha.” He felt the warmth of his older brother’s stomach against his ass and the hardness of Sesshomaru’s erection prodding in between his cheeks. “It won’t hurt much.”

Sesshomaru took one hand off Inuyasha’s narrow hips and reached into his haori, fingers searching for a small vial.  Fingers grasped it and he pulled it out, uncorking it with his thumb and forefinger before placing it on Inuyasha’s back, warning him not to move. “It is for you that I am doing this, hanyou, so I suggest you remain still and not displace the vial on your back. Otherwise, this will be very painful.”

Inuyasha stilled, somewhat resigned that it was going to happen. If he could reduce the pain of a foreign entrance into his body, then so be it.

Inside, Inuyasha’s beast was oddly quiet. He could feel it at times, especially when he was angry or in battle, but at this point in time, it was oddly quiescent. He’d expected a large fight from his beast in regards to being dominated, yet it didn’t seem to mind. In fact... it seemed content, as if it were in its rightful place. How could this be? Inuyasha was dominant, an alpha personality for sure.

“Hn. Decided to just let it be, Inuyasha?” Sesshomaru taunted from behind him as he finished lubing himself with olive oil. Sesshoumaru placed one hand back to its previous position on Inuyasha’s hips; the other, he placed on his erection to guide it into Inuyasha’s hole.

“Prepare yourself, hanyou,” Sesshoumaru hissed before entering Inuyasha with one strong thrust of his hips. Despite the fluids coating Sesshoumaru’s manhood, the pain was excruciating and nearly unbearable. Inuyasha released a strangled gasp, claws digging into the dirt beneath his hands as Sesshoumaru pulled almost all the way out before plunging back in.

Sesshoumaru found a slow, steady rhythm as he fucked Inuyasha, reasserting the fact that he was alpha and anyone who dared to challenge him would be punished. The scent of his mate’s arousal was steadily growing stronger and Sesshoumaru found himself quickening the pace of his thrusts.

His claws twitched as he felt the sudden urge to tangle his fingers into Inuyasha’s hair. In one swift movement, Sesshoumaru gripped a handful of silver hair and yanked until Inuyasha was forced to tilt his head back. Sesshoumaru growled and thrust himself into Inuyasha deeper and harder, the teasing fragrance of Kagome’s desire fueling him to continue.

The burning sensation that Inuyasha had felt when he had first been penetrated was gradually fading. There was still lingering pain. Humilation. Shame. But above all that, there was a tinge of pleasure, so oddly placed that Inuyasha was taken aback. The rougher Sesshoumaru was, the more aroused Inuyasha became and he could not prevent himself from flushing a shade of red in mortification when he felt his length slightly harden.

What was happening? It shouldn’t be this way. Inuyasha hissed, both in pleasure and confusion. He should not be enjoying this, but with each stroke of Sesshoumaru’s manhood within him, he could feel himself growing harder still.

Against his will, a low moan escaped past his lips as Sesshoumaru gave his hair another firm tug, the pain streaking towards him and seemingly straight to his balls, completely hardening his length at last. Sesshomaru chuckled deeply. “Hn. You like that?” He gave another hard yank.

“Yes!” Inuyasha managed to gasp out, ass arched back into Seshomaru’s thrust. “Yeees.” He groaned.

Sesshomaru bared his fangs. “You are a sub, Inuyasha. Do not forget that. You are submissive to me always! I am your alpha! Only I am above you, only I am to dominate you in all ways.” He gave a cruel twist of the hips and Inuyasha whimpered in pleasure.

“Please,” Inuyasha begged, not knowing what he was asking for, feeling helpless and dependant on Sesshomaru. “Please...”

Meanwhile, Kagome was sitting against the base of the tree, with Sango standing off to the side, both watching the males before them. Slowly, Sango moved closer to her until she was sitting by Kagome’s side. She gazed at Kagome’s intently, observing her as her breath hitch slightly when a sliver of Sesshoumaru’s hair fell loose from its binding and pooled enticingly on Inuyasha’s sweat sheened back. Kagome wet her parched lips with her tongue, unable to take her eyes off the sight splayed out before her. She couldn’t believe this was turning her on, but the feeling of Sesshoumaru’s bestial satisfaction running through their bond and into her, the feeling of his lust as he locked eyes with her, caused her to become aroused further. Her thighs clenched together to try and prevent the emergence of moisture, to try and negate the evidence of her arousal but she knew her attempts were futile.

So engrossed in watching Inuyasha moan lowly as he submitted himself to her mate, Kagome didn’t notice Sango’s hand slowly reaching out towards her ankle. Her hand, soft and warm, slid up Kagome’s leg, gaining her immediate notice as Sango’s lithe fingers touched the soft skin under her knee with feathery strokes.

“Sango?” she questioned, voice a bit huskier than usual.

“Let me give you pleasure, too, Kagome-sama,” Sango replied lowly. “It is my right and my duty to do so.”

“Sango, you don’t have--”

Inuyasha’s mate shushed her. “Think of it as my punishment, as if I did something wrong.” Hazel eyes looked up at her from underneath lidded lashes. “Trust me, Kagome-sama, I would not be doing this if I didn’t want to.”

Slowly, Kagome nodded her consent, feeling a fresh wave of desire washing over her. Just then, Sesshomaru growled, his hands tightening on Inuyasha’s narrow hips, and Kagome knew he had heard the exchange and seen her answer.

“You like that, don’t you, Sesshomaru?” Kagome decided that since she had already temporarily lost her sanity, she might as well go all the way. “You like seeing me be touched by someone else - by a woman?” She slowly undid her obi, spreading open her kimono to reveal a thin layer underneath.

Sango pulled the kimono the rest of the way apart at the bottom before parting the second layer. The slightly chilled air washed over Kagome’s bare skin and she gasped in delight, feeling her nipples harden. She lifted her hooded eyes to meet Sango’s gaze only to realize that all three pairs of eyes were riveted upon her exposed body, looking at the decadent silk underwear she had commissioned from a kumoyoukai tailor. She exhaled sharply when she felt her muscles clench and a new flood of moisture gathered at her most intimate part. She found that she liked the fact that they were watching her: she felt exhilarated.

She couldn’t resist the low chuckle that escaped her as she looked at Sesshoumaru, his gaze piercing and molten hot. “Did you think I would be bare?” His eyes reddened slightly at the thought, signaling the slight loss of control, and gave a harsh thrust into Inuyasha, resulting in a moan from the hanyou beneath him.

Almost eagerly, Sango’s hand snaked its way towards the apex between Kagome’s thighs, stroking at the patch of soaked material with two fingers, eliciting a guttural moan from the Lady of the West.

It felt good, so very good. Kagome’s hips arched slightly into Sango’s questing hands. “I--I,” she breathed uncertainly as Sango nudged aside her underwear and Kagome felt the first touch of a soft woman’s finger on her down there. It was different from a man’s. The callouses on Sesshomaru’s hands that she was so used to were conspicuously absent, decreasing the friction ever so slightly. However, it still felt amazing, especially knowing that Sesshomaru was watching. She could feel his eyes on her, boring into her body and causing her nipples to tighten further.

Kagome teased him, lightly cupping her breasts through the thin layer of fabric separating her skin from the open air. “You want to see these?” Lightly she rubbed her nipples, throwing her head back and moaning at the sensation. The rough bark against her back and the softness of Sango’s skin against her was a striking contrast, heightening Kagome’s experience.

Sango sensuously moved up along Kagome, abandoning Kagome’s slit for the moment and sliding her hands up Kagome’s narrow waist to her breasts. “Let me,” she said, and the men watching groaned aloud at the sight of Sango fondling Kagome’s breasts and helping her slip the remainder of her clothes off.

“Please,” Inuyasha panted, feeling the heated blood rush through his veins and his balls draw up against his skin. “I need...I need your hand on me. Someone to touch me.” His voice was a raw scrape. “Please.”

“No!” Sesshomaru barked, and Inuyasha bucked at the command in his voice. “You are not allowed to come unless I say so. Is that clear, Inuyasha?”

His head lowered, white hair shielding his eyes. “Yes, my Lord.” Inuyasha’s breathing was harsh, anticipatory. He liked it.

Sesshomaru could feel the scent of his little brother’s arousal thicken upon his command; he chuckled and pulled back the tiniest bit, gratified to hear Inuyasha’s moan of denial and his ass follow back in an attempt to keep his erection lodged where it was.

Sesshomaru curved over Inuyasha’s back, putting his face right next to Inuyasha’s ear. “You’re a sub, Inuyasha. Haven’t you realized by now? That’s why you’ll never be alpha. You’re a sub and, at this point, my sub.” His voice twisted around Inuyasha until the hanyou was drowning in it. “Think of all the pleasure I could give you. Think of my hands fisting in your hair as I push you down and tie you up, mine to use as I please.”

He abruptly pulled out, spinning Inuyasha around and to his knees. “Suck me,” he commanded, and Inuyasha complied without complaint, his hand reaching out to stroke at Sesshoumaru’s hard length experimentally.

Sesshoumaru released a low hiss, almost inaudible, but it did not escape Inuyasha’s sensitive hearing. Encouraged, Inuyasha gripped him tighter in his palm as he quickly worked his hand up and down his shaft before taking the head, salty with droplets of his fluid, into his warm mouth. Inuyasha ran his tongue along the sensitive skin before following the ridges of Sesshoumaru's cock with the tip of his tongue, leaving behind a trail of moisture.  

Sesshomaru groaned, giving a light thrust into Inuyasha’s hold; he took it as encouragement and engulfed the head of Sesshomaru’s dick in his mouth, running his tongue across the slit teasingly. Almost impatiently, Sesshoumaru threaded his fingers into Inuyasha’s silver locks to keep him in place before he fully plunged himself inside the hanyou’s mouth, hitting the back of his throat. Inuyasha gagged reflexively before adjusting, gripping at Sesshoumaru’s cloth covered thighs to keep himself steady.

He tentatively swallowed, allowing the muscles of his throat to tighten around the head. Sesshoumaru’s claws clenched, fisting Inuyasha’s hair in his palms, as he began a slow, rhythmic thrusting of his hips. With one hand still holding onto Sesshoumaru, the other moved to grip at the base of his elder brother’s cock, giving it a quick, firm squeeze before trailing butterfly touches down to tease his sacks.

Sesshoumaru released another hiss, renewing the force of his thrusts as pressure was applied to his balls by Inuyasha’s wandering hands. The sound of Sesshoumaru’s pleasure and the feel of his cock inside his mouth made his own dick throb with want and need. The mewls and cries of ecstasy from Kagome and his mate only continued to fuel his own desire for release.

Slowly, Inuyasha released his hold on Sesshoumaru’s thigh, trailing his hand down to his own neglected cock. He ran his fingers over the slit, smearing his own fluid around the head and base, lubricating it to easily stroke himself to completion. He grunted as he continued sucking at Sesshoumaru’s hard length, his hips thrusting upwards to meet the stroking of his own hand.

Inuyasha panted and moaned as he tore his mouth away, inhaling deeply as he felt himself approaching his climax. He gasped soundlessly, hips jerking erratically as he was brought closer and closer to the edge, but Sesshoumaru’s cold but husky voice stopped him.

“You are not allowed to release, Inuyasha.”

His voice was thick with his desire and Inuyasha moaned low in his throat at the way Sesshoumaru’s voice caressed him, even as he felt the pain associated with denied release. He had been close - so very close. Inuyasha whined his displeasure, lips glistening with a mixture of Sesshoumaru’s seed and his own salivia.

Wordlessly, Sesshoumaru jerked Inuyasha towards his pulsing cock, burying himself inside his mouth once more. As Inuyasha bobbed up and down enthusiastially, his mouth stretching to accommodate Sesshoumaru’s length, he couldn’t help but glance to the side where feminine moans of pleasure continued to sound across the clearing.

His eyes widened when he saw Sango between Kagome’s open legs, parting the Lady’s delicate folds with her fingers while her tongue flicked at her engorged clit. Kagome tilted her head back and gasped, back arching and legs spasming as her nimble fingers grasped and pulled at Sango’s silky black hair. “Sa-Sango!”

Her chest heaved with her pants, her skin flushed with sweat that gleamed beneath the moonlight, and Inuyasha zeroed in on her perfectly rounded breasts and hard, dusky nipples that begged for attention. Suddenly, he wanted more than anything to take those twin peaks into his mouth and suckle them until Kagome screamed her climax with Sango still between her thighs.

As if sensing his thoughts, Sesshoumaru growled and slammed his cock inside his working mouth harder and rougher causing Inuyasha to moan his approval. The vibrations ran through Sesshoumaru’s manhood, tingling and exciting him. He roared as he bucked into Inuyasha, his eyes sliding to his mate as her vocalization increased in volume.

“Yes, Sango, yes! Right there!”

His eyes bled further red at Kagome’s ethereal beauty. Her loose hair tumbled over her shoulders, the midnight black a wonderful contrast against her fair skin. Her eyes were squeezed shut in undiluted pleasure, a rosy hue adorning her cheeks as she gasped and moaned and screamed. Her body was tense with her oncoming orgasm and her toes were curled with intensity.

Kagome jerked her hips, impatiently meeting Sango’s probing tongue halfway, her feminine folds utterly soaked and her fluids sliding down her skin. Sango covered her sensitive clit with her mouth and sucked while inserting two fingers inside her for the first time.

The reaction was explosive. Kagome gasped, bucking her hips towards Sango’s questing fingers, arching her back and throwing her head back. “Sa-Sango,” she moaned. The slayer smiled wickedly against her slick folds and inserted another finger, simultaneously reaching up and plucking Kagome’s rosy nipple, giving it a rough twist. Kagome screamed as she climaxed into Sango’s waiting mouth, seeing only bright whiteness beneath her eyelids as she rode the waves of intense pleasure racking through her body.

The strong scent of Kagome’s release coupled with the aura of her content and relaxed state broke Inuyasha’s barely there restraint. He moved to grip at his throbbing cock again, stroking and squeezing as he felt the prickling of his approaching release while Sesshoumaru sped up the speed of his thrusts, clearly agitated that he had not been with his mate.

Claws digging into Inuyasha’s scalp, firmly tugging on his hair, Sesshoumaru snarled as he plunged himself into Inuyasha’s mouth one last time before he retracted, coating the hanyou’s face with his seed as he finished his final act of domination. Sesshoumaru wanted his mate and he wanted her now. He rushed towards Kagome, faintly hearing the groan of satisfaction from behind him as Inuyasha was finally allowed his own release.

She was still feeling the high of her orgasm as Sango continued to pump her fingers in and out of her, prolonging the pleasure. Kagome’s thighs clenched as she shuddered and she was beautiful beneath the moonlight, the light sheen of sweat glistening upon her creamy skin. Sensing his approach, Sango quickly released Kagome and scrambled back away from her, clearly understanding his silent command.

Sango had not found her release, but she knew that Inuyasha could easily remedy the problem. She turned to look at him with Sesshoumaru’s seed upon his face and his own fluids coating his cock and hand. She stood gracefully and walked towards her mate with determination coursing through her veins. Inuyasha tilted his head up to look at her, but she only dropped to her knees and took his softening length into her mouth, cleaning him of his fluids. Sango licked and sucked at his cock and Inuyasha groaned as he began thrusting into her mouth, feeling the gradual hardening of his length again.

Paying no heed to the half-breed and his mate, Sesshoumaru effortlessly picked his own mate up, cradling her within his arms as he ran from the clearing at full speed. They flashed past his guards and into their room in an indistinguishable blur as Kagome finally floated back to earth. Roughly, he threw her onto the futon, pinning her arms above her head and blanketed her with his sweat lined body, his hardness nestled between her still slick thighs.

“Mate,” he growled, nipping at her bottom lip. “I must have you.”

She smiled lazily, baring her neck to him. “Come and take me then.”

Kagome was extremely pleased that her gamble had paid off--he had enjoyed the sight of her with another as she put on a show for him. He would not have approved if she had taken pleasure with another without him in mind: Sesshomaru was her mate, hers to have and hold and... cherish. Honestly, Kagome only had eyes for him. He was her everything.

Sesshomaru was having similar thoughts. “Who do you belong to?” He settled himself more comfortably between her thighs, pushing his erection into her just the slightest bit. She moaned and bucked a little, attempting to push him inside her, but he wouldn’t give in. “Who?”

“You, Sesshomaru.” Liquid eyes made of sky looked at him. “Always you.”

Sharp fangs sunk into her mating mark at her declaration and remained there as he drove into her, hips surging in and out smoothly, slowly. They gained speed as she cried out beneath him, swearing that she was his for eternity, that she loved him and only him.

“Sesshomaru,” she begged, arching her back. “Please let me touch you.”

He snarled against her neck and powered into her with deep, long strokes, feeling her muscles coil tighter and tighter, signaling her approaching climax. Transferring her wrists to one of his hands, he palmed her breast and molded it to his pleasing, tweaking a nipple just so. Kagome shuddered, choking out a guttural moan as she began to buck against him, trying to match him and his rhythm thrust per thrust.

She panted heavily as Sesshoumaru drove his hard length into her roughly, knowing she could get this pleasure no where else. Being with Sango had been thrilling, but only because she knew Sesshoumaru had been watching her with those burning golden eyes - the same eyes that could set her entire body ablaze with just one heated look.

Sesshoumaru pinched and pulled at her nipple and Kagome released another cry as the sensation shot straight down to her core where their bodies were joined. With a soundless gasp, voice catching in her throat, she came under him - releasing a strangled yell as her tight, slick, warmth milked his length, his seed filling her completely.

Mine,” he growled and carefully removed his fangs, his hand snaking in between their bodies to stroke her clit as she continued to shudder, prolonging the sensations. Sesshoumaru tucked her into him as he turned on his side, still sheathed within her when she came down from her high.

Kagome sighed happily into his chest, pressing a kiss against his heart while he rumbled contentedly.

“Yours,” she reiterated softly, before her eyes slid closed, equally as content.


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