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Curse by Kessa


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or its characters.  Takahashi Rumiko claims that solely.

Note:  This is my first attempt at a drabble, not to mention a Kagome/Sesshomaru.  Please enjoy!


One: Meeting.


The soft brush of purity could be felt against his youki.  This time, he could no longer continue with his patrols.  Pausing, he waited.  He had been aware of her presence growing closer, but had ignored it until he realized with mild irritation that she was indeed travelling straight towards him.

Patiently, he stood in the tree line.  It wasnt long before he saw the figure of the miko.  His eyes narrowed, discovering three immediate things.  One, she moved with absolute confidence, with no fear; as if none would dare attack and kill her.  Was it arrogance, or faith in her abilities? 

Second, her odd attire was gone, instead, she wore a miko’s clothing and was armed with bow and arrowsand oddly enough, two swords, one he recognized as the Tessaiga. 

And third, she held in her arms, a child with silver white hair and small puppy ears.  How curious.

When she came within hearing range, he allowed a sneer to lift his lips.  I see it did not take long for the half-breed to pup you.  How is it you can still wear those clothing, knowing you have been tainted?

In response, Kagomes dark brow arched.  Sesshomaru-sama, a pleasure as always, she tipped her head, showing her respect, before she shifted the pup to her other hip and narrowed her eyes.   Perhaps you would like to take back your words and use your superior senses and realize that this is not my pup, as I am still untouched.  She paused and waited patiently.

Insulted by her tone, he could not help but be curious and sniffed the air, focusing on the scents surrounding her, and froze.   Eyes narrowing dangerously, he growled.  Explain, miko.

In answer, she shrugged.  

A curse, we believe.  She murmured.  How it happenedwe arent really sure.


Word Count: 300

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