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Master by Izale Karma

Owning you

Chapter 1


A six year old Kagome watched as the slave next to her was sold. Sighing she rolled from her bed to greet the next buyer knowing he or she would not pick her for she was a Dai-youkai and one such as her was told to be a dominant, everyone wanted a submissive. The male stopped to look at all the slaves before looking at her. Her head bowed low she saw black boots in her vision before a soft voice flowed through the air and reached her ears, “Raise your head young one, I will cause you no harm.” looking up she saw a demon much like herself and to her surprise he was the same type as well. “Snake! I will take this one.” she watched from the corner of her eye as the keeper took down her collar and gave it to the inu demon, “I will not place this on you but my son will as he is in need of a person to help him at the moment.” he took her hand and led her out the building and into the forest beyond. “Come little one for he waits your arrival.” forming a cloud he placed her at his side then rose to the sky.



A ten year old Sesshomaru waited for his father for it seemed the old dog had a present for him one that was only for him. Still a pup he was not to be left on his own for long, but his father had placed barriers about him case a demon decided to attack. Sniffing the air he recognized his fathers scent but it had a extra smell to it. “Father...who is that?” he asked coming closer to investigate a very timid female that was now clutching at his fathers leg. “She is your new pet. She will do only as you bid once you place that collar on her, but once you do realize that if you die then she does too and also if you are to be injured then so shall she.” busy watching the female he only half heard his fathers words. “What is your name?” he asked softly. She looked out at him with golden orbs and replied, “K-kagome, who are you?” finding a smile creeping over his usual emotionless face he said, “I am Sesshomaru, but Master to you.”



Finding his scent fascinating she dared to creep from behind the man he had called father. She watched as he looked up at his father and received a collar, her collar. She whimpered and backed away, ready to flee at a moments notice. “Why do you fear me now? Have I harmed you in a way?” the male asked with concern in his voice. Shaking her head she looked at the blackened collar and whispered, “I don't like that thing, it hurts!” he picked Kagome up and took her into the cave before speaking to her, “That is only for my son to use on you, on one else will be able to hurt you. If he ever steps out of line with that power I will see to it that he will receive the same pain as you.” she decided to ask the males name, “Who are you?” he chuckled, “I am greatly surprised that you do not know of me, my name it Inu no Taisho.” raising her eyebrows she looked at him, “But how can you be him? I thought he was ruthless not like you! Were the rumors wrong?”



Sesshomaru watched his father laugh at the girl's questions now that she was a little more open he had crept closer, her scent drawing him in. shaking his head he moved to sit beside his father and watched him talk to the girl. “Father...when do you wish form me to place her collar about her neck?” he asked feeling a little left out on attention. “When ever you feel like it. I will not tell you no.” looking at the black metal in his hands then looking to the scarred expression on Kagome's face, he placed a small hand on her head, “Do not fret, I will wait for now as long as you do not run.” she sighed and relaxed under his touch. Watching as she dipped into a light sleep he inquired about her, “I know not of her past but I will only know of her future as it will rest with you.” his father placed Kagome in his lap and whispered, “I will take you back to my castle but before we go I want you to place her collar on for she might get overwhelmed with the people there.” nodding he kept his eyes on the sleeping figure of his new pet.



Kagome was warm and comfortable as she woke. She could smell the two males around her but noticed they where sleeping. She was tucked into Sesshomaru's side and covered with his pelt, the one thing she had wished the slave keepers had not taken from her. Silent tears slowly slid down her cheeks as she remembered that she might never shift into her true from again. A hand was placed on her head, looking over at Inu no Taisho she saw his sad smile, “I will try to get your pelt back for I know this is what is causing you distress. But do not worry so much even without your pelt in time you will grow a new one and be able to shift again.” nodding her head Kagome managed to extract herself from Sesshomaru's arms and sit beside his father, “Where are we going?” “I am taking you and my son to my castle so you will be safe and be able to grow like you need to.”


Sesshomaru felt the urge to growl as the female moved from his arms but refrained in fear of scarring her. Looking over at the two he listened to his fathers plans in silence. Moving to sit beside Kagome he watched his fathers face, “Father I wish to place the collar on her now.” she moved from his side and almost bolted to his father. “That is fine.” Inu no Taisho said holding her arms to her sides as he carefully slipped the back metal around her neck. A flash of blue then a dull green swirled around her neck before calming down.


Kagome cried out on pain as the collar shocked her small body. Sesshomaru's father as far as she could see was glaring at his son, “Stop that now! Your hurting her when she had done nothing! Now release your control!” the pain subsided and a hand was rubbing soothing circles into her skin. She allowed herself to be picked up and carried, for she had no strength left in her body. She could feel air brushing around her, lifting her hair up and causing it to swirl around her face. She fainted soon after.


Sesshomaru watched his new pet faint in his fathers arms and could not wait until he could start training her. “Father what will she do for me?” “She will do the things you have no time to do she will go in your stead on the battle field, she will attend meetings that you have no time for, she is you in other words.” thinking on this he asked, “Why did the collar hurt her?” “Most likely because you where angry at her for something. Did she do anything?” shrugging he replied, “I guess she did...i didn't want her to move from beside me this morning but other than that it could have been because she was taking your attention from me and putting it on her, I am sorry father.” a light chuckle made Sesshomaru look up at his father with a cocked eyebrow. “Well I see she was the best choice you seem to be very territorial over her, but be warned that won't work on her when she gets into the mating stage. That should start in about fifty years, when that dose come she will be unable to mate for the collar prevents anyone from biting too deep on her neck.” nodding he watched in silence as his fathers castle came into view.


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