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The Red Hooded Miko by Walter205

My, Granny Kaede, What Big...

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"Well Sesshomaru, I'm off to visit Kaede-sama," chirped Kagome as she pranced out of the kitchen, basket full of goods prepared by both her and Sesshomaru's finest chefs at the castle. Although Kaede in her advanced age was largely confined to bed, Kagome was determined to have Inuyasha help her out and about to see how everything was going. Walking out into the courtyard, she wrapped her red cloak and hood about her, concealing most of her form from view. She was wearing her old school uniform, and although finely maintained by Sesshomaru's custom tailors, it was a bit snug on her finely shaped form, and it wouldn't due to cause a scene by publicly wearing what many considered to be a whore outfit.

The red hood and cloak had been made from Inuyasha's old Fire Robe, a mating present from the hanyou to her. The hood also concealed the nasty bruise on her forehead, a trophy from a battle with a nasty shadow demon that had infiltrated the palace grounds and attempted to assassinate her, only to be stopped and killed by Sesshomaru. She had taken a nasty fall, and although she appeared to be all right, she seemed to be a little...dumber, so to speak, almost in a moronic fashion. Everyone was hoping this was only temporary, as Sesshomaru's finest healers assured them that it would be, but it left her a little vulnerable, so Inuyasha would be going along with her on this short trip.

These days, Inuyasha wore a silk demonic thread outfit similar to his brother's, save that Inuyasha's version was red with white flower designs and patterns, rather than vice-versa. He still had his old sword, but in addition he also carried a newer sword crafted by old Totosai, something similar to Tensiega, saved that this sword could only heal injuries, instead of doing that and calling back souls to the departed.

Their journey started out well enough, but pretty soon they ran into Kouga, who seemed to be waiting for them on the trail.

"Hey there Kagome, Mutt-face, it's been a while," said Kouga as he came up and clasped Kagome's hands in his own.

"Oh hi Kouga, how have you and Ayami been doing?" replied Kagome. To Inuyasha's chagrin, she didn't immediately try to yank her hands away, wondering just how messed up her head really was.

"Back off, Flea-bag. In case you hadn't heard, Kagome is Sesshomaru's mate now, and besides you have a mate of your own," said Inuyasha as he shoved Kouga away.

"Hey watch it Mutt. Anyways, Ayami and I are no longer together. I caught her with Ginta and Hakkaku," Kouga added.

"Oh Kouga that's so horrible, I'm sorry to hear that," Kagome said with sadness in her voice.

"Yeah, that's pretty bad all right, although he probably deserved it," added Inuyasha sarcastically, lowering his voice low enough for the last part that Kagome couldn't hear it.

"Inu-yasha...." Kagome warned as she half turned to face him.

"Okay okay. Anyways we need to get a move on Kagome."

"Where are you two headed to, anyways?" asked Kagome.

"Oh, Kaede seems to be ailing, so we're heading to the village to visit her," Kagome said.

"Not that it's any of your business," Inuyasha said crossly as he folded his arms across his chest.

If Inuyasha still had the prayer-beads around his neck, Kagome would have dropped him at this point. But the only thing she could do was sigh at what she considered to be his rude manners, not noticing that Kouga seemed to be checking out her body when she wasn't looking at him.

"Inuyasha, Kouga is always welcome in Kaede's village after the fight against Naraku, you know that. But yeah Kouga, we really need to get a move on, I hope you don't mind," said Kagome as she turned back to face him.

"Oh no, not at all Kagome. Don't let me hold the two of you up," said Kouga, holding his hands in the air as he stepped aside for the two of them. Kagome passed by with a smile, Inuyasha with narrowed eyes and a glare.

He stared at them as they walked on, specifically staring at Kagome's back side. It'd been a while since he'd seen her last, and she'd really grown up and filled out. While he'd considered her very attractive back then, now he found her outright gorgeous. Thinking about what she'd said about their plans, a plan of his own formulated within his mind. Smirking, he took off at top speed, angling to get around them without tipping off Inuyasha's senses. He had a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in.

* * *

They arrived at the village without further incident. Wishing to visit with Kaede alone at first, Kagome sent Inuyasha off to visit with Rin while she entered the hut. When her eyes adjusted to the dimness of the inside, she gasped when she saw Kaede. The old miko had lost a lot of weight with advanced age and her sickness. Lying in her fuku with her back propped up, Kaede turned to stare at Kagome.

"Ahh, Kagome, come to visit ye, have ye?" asked Kaede.

"Umm, yes, I and Inuyasha both came, although he'll be visiting later. What happened to your voice, you sound almost like Kouga," said Kagome as she came closer to the bed.

"Oh well, ye know with all this coughing, one's throat and therefore voice are affected as such," explained Kaede.

"Ahh okay then, that makes sense. Here, we brought you a basket, I'll lay it down besides your bed," offered Kagome. Bending over at the waist to lay the basket down, Kagome gave Kaede an almost full view of her cleavage almost spilling out of her old top. Straightening back up again, Kagome saw an odd bulge under the sheets that she didn't remember from earlier.

"Granny Kaede, what a strange bulge you have under the sheets," she commented on out loud, although it was clearly more of a thought.

"The better to fill you up with, my dear," replied Kaede with a smile on her face.

"Huh?" asked Kagome, startled out of her thoughts by what she thought she'd heard from the ailing miko.

"*Cough Cough* I said I'm sure those treats with fill me up just fine, my dear. Sorry, these wracking coughs and my illness might mess up ye words some," said Kaede.

"Ah okay," said Kagome, relieved as she crossed her arms.

Smiling from behind the layer of false skin, Kouga knew the time was at hand to commence his plan. Having raced into the village, killed the real Kaede, stripped the miko of her garments for him to wear, and skinned her so that he could use her face and hair to disguise himself for long enough, he was ready. He would ask her for a hug, and from there....

'Mmm, I'll squeeze her nice and tight, slam my lips upon her own, devour her mouth and taste, use my other hand to feel her nice behind and her shapely legs, then tear off her clothes and strip the sheets aside. I'll feel those nice breasts for my own, then quickly enter her if she's ready or not. I'll slam into her again and again, and again and again, until she's crying out in pleasure, watching those juicy breasts bouncing up and down, maybe I'll clamp my mouth on one of those nipples and suckle her good, although I'll have to figure out a way to gag her to keep her quiet enough...., and at last, my long dream of claiming her for my own WILL HAPPEN!!!' Kouga thought in a heartbeat, visions running through his head in a mere few seconds.

"Kagome, would ye mind giving his old woman a hug?" asked Kaede sweetly, holding her arms out.

"Sure thing Kaede," said Kagome as she moved closer. Just as Kaede started to close her arms around Kagome, a loud throat clearing sound came from the doorway.

Breaking the embrace, Kaede and Kagome both turned to see Jaken standing in the doorway, staff at hand. Unnoticed by all three was the pinprick of green light that sizzled through the wooden wall of the hut, beginning to trace a path down and to the left.

"Lady Kagome, if I may speak with you outside," said Jaken sternly.

"Lady Kagome is currently visiting with an ailing woman, Lord Jaken. If she may wait until it's over," interrupted Kaede. The pinprick of green light on the wall had formed into a quarter of a circle.

"What is it you want to speak with me about, Jaken? Kaede shouldn't need to be excluded," stated Kagome, putting her hands on her hips.

"It concerns rather personal matters concerning your mate, Sesshomaru," replied Jaken.

"Oh, very well then. Sorry about this Kaede, but I promise I'll be right back," apologized Kagome as she walked out of the hut. By the time she had exited, the green pinprick of light had completed nearly a full circle on the wall, still unnoticed by everyone.

Once outside the hut, Jaken turned to talk to Kagome.

Before he could begin however, they heard a loud thud come from within the hut. Kagome started turn back.

"What was that?" she asked worriedly.

"Oh, that was nothing, perhaps Lady Kaede is having another ailment attack," reassured Jaken.

"An ailment attack? Sounds serious, I'd better head inside to help her out," said Kagome as she started to walk towards the hut, before being grabbed by Jaken.

"Please don't, Lady Kagome. You'll embarrass Lady Kaede. She told me she hated it when anyone witnessed her little ill spells," explained Jaken, as the first scream came from inside the hut.

"Oh dear, it sounds like she's in a lot of pain," said Kagome, a pair of tears forming in her eyes. She hated to see a dear friend in such pain, with the screams continuing unabated.

"Don't worry yourself to death over it, although they are severe, they subside after a short time, Ahhh there you see?" asked Jaken as the screaming abruptly subsided. Other sounds were coming from inside the hut now, sounds of metal, ripping, and digging.

"Oh, good, I hope she's okay. Now, you said something about Sesshomaru earlier?" asked Kagome, turning back to Jaken.

"Err yes, he says he's coming to the village to visit with Rin, with several new kimonos for her," said Jaken.

"And why couldn't you just have told me this in front of Kaede?" asked Kagome.

"Well, I also wanted to tell you about Lady Kaede's condition, but I didn't want to rudely do so while within her presence," said Jaken.

"Ahhh okay then. Well, if there's nothing else, I'll head in to check on Kaede," said Kagome. Shaking his head no, Jaken walked off, as a hammering sound came from within the hut.

Entering the hut once more, Kagome offered up another gasp, same as the last time. Unnoticed to her was a strange circle cut into the wall, the wood within held in place with what suspiciously looked like planks of wood with nails in them? What she did notice was Kaede lying in the mat, seemingly having gained a lot of weight again during the attack, breathing softly, with some blood on the sheets and scattered around the floor. Sticking out of the wood on the upraised area in the hut was a blood matted furred tail, and lying on the ground were the swords Tensiega and Bakusaiga.

"Ahh child, ye've returned as promised. Come here and give ye a hug," said Kaede, opening her arms wide. The two of them embraced, before Kagome stood back.

"Kaede, what is the tail sticking out of the floorboards by your bed?" asked Kagome. Glancing down, Kaede chuckled uneasily.

"Ahh, some of the villagers gave me a gift of furs. They need to be cleaned and prepared, but for the meantime I've hidden they away so as not to cause Shippou undue stress from his father's fate should he come by for a visit. That tail must've been shook around during a coughing fit just a few minutes ago," explained Kaede.

"Ahhh okay then, what about the swords?" asked Kagome.

"Ah these, they must have rattled out of their hiding places a few minutes ago. Sesshomaru had sent them to me for purification of some of their demonic energy, but alas I'm too weak at the moment to do so, perhaps later," Kaede informed her.

"Okay, then how come you seem more like yourself now?"

"Child, I've always been like this. Perhaps ye've been out in the sun too long today?" Kaede countered.

"Perhaps, I do have a head injury of some kind, or so they tell me, although I feel fine right at the moment," Kagome hedged.

"Child, it's been nice to visit with ye, but I'm growing tired, and will soon need to rest. Perhaps another time we can talk, but ye should rest as well, head injuries are nothing to play around with," warned Kaede strictly.

"Yes ma'am," Kagome replied meekly.

Giving their farewells, Kagome headed out of the hut, only to run immediately into Sesshomaru.

"Oh, hi honey, how are you doing?" asked Kagome as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Looking down at her, he hugged her tightly as he smashed his lips upon her own, devouring her mouth and tasting her. It upset him that he could scent Kouga all over her, although he knew that Jaken had intervened in time. It also disgusted him that he could slightly smell Jaken's scent on her as well.

"Hnn, it looks like you're still....'woozy' as you would say from your injury. I shall carry you back to the castle," commented Sesshomaru as he watched her sway a little bit on her feet, knowing full well that she was slightly dizzy only from the effects of his kiss.

"Okay, but would you mind if I visit with Rin for a few minutes?" asked Kagome.

"No, here they come now," said Sesshomaru, indicating with his head. Kagome turned to see Inuyasha and Rin both approaching. As she walked over to Rin and hugged her, Inuyasha walked up to stand next to Sesshomaru.

"So what now?" asked Inuyasha.

"First, would you have stopped him from taking her?" asked Sesshomaru crossly.

"Hell yes, I was ready to jump in before I saw you and Jaken taking over. I might've intervened sooner, but I didn't want Kagome to see what would've looked like me slaughtering Kaede in front of her, not with her head the way it is. She might've purified me on the spot for doing so," said Inuyasha.

"Hnnn. Second, you'll remain here to clean up. After we leave, dispose of the wolf's body, then clean up the hut. After doing so, collect my swords and come back to the Castle. We'll talk further once you arrive," ordered Sesshomaru.

"Keh, gotcha. Say, what about Kagome's head injury?" asked Inuyasha worriedly.

"Don't worry about it, half-breed. I'll need to reaffirm my mark and commitment tonight, to erase the scents of the wolf and my retainer. Just to be on the safe side, I'll be a little vigorous in my commitments, so that by the time she'll be able to walk again, her head injury should've healed," said Sesshomaru.

"Ah, ohh, ewww eww eww eww, I didn't need to know all of that, you pervert," said Inuyasha, sticking his tongue out as he made gagging noises.

"Third, get laid, little brother," smirked Sesshomaru as he left to collect his mate.

The End


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