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Marked by Izale Karma

Chapter 1

Kagome stumbled through the dark woods tears flowed freely down her face as she ran from he camp site. Her friends were planning on splitting up now that they had defeated Naraku. Her heart had broken as she heard how they where all splitting up except for Shippo, for he had no one to go to. Tripping over a long root Kagome cried out as she scrapped her palms and knees. A low chuckle caused her attention to dispel from the pain. “A little clumsy are we?” came the voice again, one she knew very well. Looking up at the dog demon she snapped all her frustrations at him, “Leave me alone!! I have no interest in amusing you!”


Sensing her distress Sesshomaru quietly sat up in the trees as she fumed. Fresh tears spiked the air as she ranted about her friends leaving. “Where will you go little miko?” Kagome was sitting quiet now that she had come to the end of her rant. “I don't know, I guess I could go home but then there is the jewels wish.”


having forgotten that she was the one intrusted with the jewel after, Kagome rubbed it absently. Kikyo had been struck down by Sesshomaru's claws as she had tried to take the jewel from Kagome as he had given it to her. Inuyasha had attacked Sesshomaru but with her help he had managed to put the fuming hanyou to sleep. Looking up at the demon she asked, “Why are you here?”


Leaping down and receiving a startled jump from her he answered, “Can I not see how you and the jewel fair? Have no other demons attacked?” Sesshomaru needed her barrier to relax to complete his plan, else she blasted his arm off after he had just recovered it. A long clawed hand reached forward to brush a strand of loose hair off of her face but where burned as her holy powers stopped him from touching her. “Sorry! I'm terribly sorry!” she cried as he hissed jerking his hand away. Growling as she neared he watched warily as Kagome inspected his now disappearing wound. “I'm sorry, with the jewel around me all the time I have to have a strong barrier against other demons." He noted she did not include him on that list of enemies.


After dropping his hand aware now that she had been holding it, “Do you have other business?” he nodded and stepped closer to her, “Please don't pull away from me.” he whispered. Not knowing what was happening she was pulled close to Sesshomaru and a small purple collar was snapped in place before her powers could come back to help defend her. Slamming a small fist into his jaw breaking his hold on her she fought with the collar only to find that she could not get it off, “Hey what is this! I am not a dog!!” Kagome watched the youkai smirk before he offered an explanation for his actions.


“You see this Sesshomaru desires that his pups to grow up not like demons with no manners but to have one to teach them to behave, for them to have a real mother figure. I have chosen you to be that mother and as for the pups they have selected you themselves also. They like your smell and how you acted with the kit. You will return with me this night for they wish to meet you.”


Gasping in outrage, Kagome turned on her heel, “I will not! I am going home when we reach Kaede's village I will return to my time.” she stalked off feeling her anger mounting. Though she had not taken her bow and arrows she was not harmless, but to Sesshomaru she was nothing more than a fly buzzing around his head. He lashed out and struck her to the ground, “Do not speak to your alpha like that bitch!” she sat up holding her cheek, outraged and shocked that he would actually hit her.


Sesshomaru watched the array of emotions that crossed his new pet's face. Mostly shock and anger but still some of the sadness that was there before remained. Smirking down at her he said, “Mostly the boys need manners but the females need some softening up. I do not wish for them to discarde their future pups like their mother has.” grabbing her upper arm he formed his youkai cloud and flew off to his castle where his pups awaited their new mothers arrival.



Upon arrival....



Kagome fought his hold as he crushed her to his chest. The only reason he was anything but harsh to her was Sesshomaru would not allow her to lash her anger from him to his pups. She had fresh tears flowing down her face as they neared his den.


She looked upon the large grounds and gasped as four kids appeared before them. All four had the silvery hair of their father but what struck her odd was that there were no markings like Sesshomaru's besides his crescent moon on their brows. She had expected faint red streaks to have made an appearance on their faces like their father. “Father, is this the miko bitch you got us? She smells nice.” the smaller of the females spoke rebuking her brother, “Brother! You know better than to call names! She may be a human but she will be valued like father told you, that means no name calling.” the boy ducked his head with a growl from Sesshomaru, “Sorry mam.”


judging her reactions as she watched his pups bicker, he could tell that she was surprised by his youngest sons strait forward responses. One thing he wished for her to break him of if he were ever to leave the den without starting a fight with someone. “Yes this is your new mother I could say, you will treat her with the same respect as you give me, when she is training you, other wise she is still a human. Below us.” a small hand slapped him across his face making his eyes bleed red. Kagome was not cringing but glaring at him, “I will not be teaching these children when they will have little to no respect for me! That will make it so they will only behave when in training!” growling he dismissed his pups and dragged the female with him to her chambers which happened to be his room also.


Kagome's eyes widened as Sesshomaru dragged her into a large room with a rather large bed off to one side along with rows of chests lined up against the wall. “You shall sleep in the same chambers as me to ensure that you do not run as the collar you have around your neck will prevent you from using any powers at all. I will not have my brother at my neck for the next five thousand years about how you where killed when you ran out on your own and got caught by some other demon.” she looked at him and ground out, “That's it? No little tricks, rules?”


thinking on her words he replied, “For now as your stay will be as long as my pups wish it, you will only see to the needs of them. Latter I might call on you for something else.” grumbling to herself she asked, “When do I start training them?” thinking he had decided that she would spend a week getting to know them first them she would start showing them how to behave. Telling her this her eyes widened in shock, “Sesshomaru! I will not stay that long! I have a life beyond this time and I very much wish to go back to it!!”


she tried to take a step back as he towered over her but his hold allowed no such allowances for her. “I said you will stay as long as my pups wish you here and if I might add if I find a useful idea for you I will keep you here longer.” the red streaks where jagged and glowing blood red by now. “Obey bitch or I will punish you.” lowering her eyes as much as she hated submitting he was not going to back down over this. “Fine.” before she could utter more a small knock sounded. Being yanked to stand beside the dog demon by her hair he beckoned the child to enter.


The taller of his daughters and oldest entered, “Father we have prepared a bath for the human and seeing as you wish for cleanliness we know that she reeks of uncle we wanted to rid that sent as soon as possible. It is quite...unpleasant?” she finished with a question. Nodding Sesshomaru handed Kagome to his pup, “I want you to rid her of these cloths and dress her in proper attire.” “Yes father.”


Kagome struggled against the hold of the small female child, “Hey! Let me go, I do not stink!” wrinkling her nose the child introduced herself, “My name is Akane, my sister and brothers wish to introduce themselves so I will not give names. Come my father will not sleep in the same room as a filthy human if she stinks of uncle.” sighing she stopped struggling and allowed Akane to lead her to a large hot spring.


'Father must be very crazy to bring her here. We may like how she acts with the kit but how will she act with us? We are not regular demons that are to be fawned over.' showing the human the hot springs she asked, “What is your name? Or would you like to be called human?” “It's Kagome, please refrain from calling me human as it is very insulting.” nodding Akane led her to the smaller spring and helped her strip down. Taking her cloths and walking away she noted the shocked expression on Kagome's face, “Father wishes use to rid you of these cloths and I will burn them so you can not recover them.”


she leaped from the spring to dash after the child, “Akane! Bring that back!” she stumbled into the hall way and into Sesshomaru's arms. “Leave her be she is only doing as I asked, as for you...” he looked down and Kagome gasped trying to cover herself now. Chuckling he lifted her into his arms and deposited her into one of the springs, “I will have Akane escort you to dinner after you are done.”


Sesshomaru watched the young miko try to cover herself and chuckled. Picking her up in his arms and placing her in a spring he told her, “I will have Akane escort you to dinner after you are done.” walking out he was met by his pup asking, “Was I in the wrong by taking her cloths and burning them father?” ruffling her hair he replied, “No she will be staying longer than she knows, make sure she gets to eat as we will not be joining her for dinner. We will be hunting.” Akane nodded and headed back into the spring. Moving to collect his other pups he thought, 'My little will have a greater duty to me when the time comes for you to show the marks. After that you will never leave my side.'


washed and dressed in a white kimono with silver vines creeping up the sleeves and Sesshomaru's emblem of his house on the sleeve. Sighing as she sat down and food was placed in front of her she asked, “Akane are you not joining?” the child shook her head, “No father wishes a hunt as do I.” she dispersed and left Kagome in the hands of three youkai maids. After eating she was escorted to the chambers and placed in a simple white yukata and hissed at as she tried to leave. Huffing she sat down on the bed and thought, 'Lets get this over with so I can go home!'


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