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One Way Only by Walter205

Detour Down

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 Sesshomaru sighed as he arrived at home after another long day of work. The commute from his castle to the cottage was thankfully short, for his temper was nearing the shortness point as well. A few young human upstarts thought they could rule the land better than he did, some demons were getting bold and plotting behind his back again, but no major problems apart from a lingering drought, but even a sufficient number of straws could break a camel's back.

 Having made a quick Exit from his work duties, he strode through his home seeking the comfort of his mate, throwing all Caution to the wind as he shed his stinking and stained clothes. He Stopped at the bedroom, sighting his mate lying on the bed, naked except for a pair of what she called panties, propped up on her elbows, giving him a look that reminded him of a predator sighting his most succulent prey.

 Although she even invited him with a finger to the bed, he needed no encouragement. Shedding the last vestiges of his clothing, he hopped into the bed with her, but she stopped him with a raised arm. Yielding to her request, he stopped, and then allowed her to push him onto his back as she straddled him. Inching her way down his chest, Kagome stopped when her mouth was just above his crotch. Questioning eyes turned to understanding and then excitement as he recalled her talking of such naughty activities during their dirty talk time at night.

 Merging her mouth with his member, she wasted no time in Dipping her head all the way other, taking as much as he into her mouth and throat as she could manage, gurgling and gasping noises emanating from her as she quickly made him harden to an almost unbearable degree. Increasing the speed of her swallowing and suckling, she made him quickly reach his limit, Sesshomaru spilling his seed into her mouth with a throaty roar that made the walls of the quaint cottage rattle. So exhausted was he after she was done, that he forgot about one little important detail as she continued swallowing his load.

 Kagome starting gasping, then shuddering as she tried to get air into and out of her lungs. Sesshomaru looked down in alarm, suddenly realizing that he had knotted up inside of her throat. He tried to pull his dick out, but it wouldn't budge; only pulling Kagome's body along for the ride. The only direction he could move it was further down her throat, which was the Wrong Way. Helpless, he could only watch as she began suffocating, praying that the knotting would end soon.

 It did, but it wasn't soon enough. His precious mate had suffocated from giving him what she called a blowjob, lying motionless on the bed. He tried to revive her, but it was all to no gain. Knowing that there was Only One Way left to bring her back, Sesshomaru let her lie still, fighting to choke back tears and kept telling him that she wouldn't stay dead for long. Sighing, he got up and stumbled out of the bedroom, reaching the closet at the Dead End portion of the hallway and retrieving one of his swords from it.

 Of all the reasons for the need to revive her with the Tensiega, he would never have guessed that this would be the reason when or if it happened. This, this would never be shared by anyone, and if at a future date she would die in battle and anyone questioned why he didn't revive her then, he would simply tell them that the sword didn't work for some strange reason. Yes, that would be his excuse as he brought the sword down upon Kagome and brought her back into the realm of the living.

 The End


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