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A Christmas Healing by MissKatt

The Start of it All

A/N: Alright, so I was debating whether or not to do an actual holiday fic (besides my daily drabbles) with our favorite pair. I hope you like it! It’s a slight twist on A Christmas Carole! I’m sure many authors will be using this theme this year, but I hope I added a different twist to it :3 Please let me know what you think!


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or its characters. All credit goes to the amazing Takahashi-san!

A Christmas Healing

By: MissKatt

Prologue: The Start of it All

“Okaa-san,” A young child with perfectly combed, short, silvery white hair looked up at his stoic mother. His wide amber eyes stared at her, taking in her fragile appearance. Her white hair was pulled up tight into a high bun, a curled strand hanging down in front of each of her pointed ears. Her blank honey eyes stared out the dining room window, watching as the fresh snow fell elegantly to the earth. She was still wearing the strapless ball gown from the party their family had been invited to.  It ended up being a cruel night for her.

“Sesshou-chan,” She began with a cracked voice. That was the beginning of the flood of emotion. She fell to the floor and crumpled into herself, wrapping her arms around herself.  “I cannot be strong for you any longer, my son.”  Her claws tore into her pale flesh, blood beading at the puncture holes before rolling down her soft skin.

“Is…is it because of Otou-san?” He whispered, stepping closer to his mother. He reached out to touch her bobbing shoulders, but quickly found himself on his rump. He blinked up at his mother, confused. Had she really just struck him?

“Do not touch me! I detest your very existence! You are a worthless youkai and a deceiver! May you rot in the deepest level of hell for your treachery against me!” She screeched the words, her eyes bleeding red as she stared down at him.


”I will listen to your lies no longer!” She lurched at him, swiping her deadly claws at him.

He shot to his left, suddenly very glad to have his father’s speed. He looked up at his mother’s red eyes, tears falling from them. He suddenly knew she did not see her son, but her cheating mate. Her bond was shattering her from the inside and was slowly contorting her mind. She leaped at him with a faster pace, her claws at his neck.

“Okaa-” He breathed, flinching when her poisonous talons struck his face, leaving four deep gashes in his cheek.

“Enough!” She growled and tightened her grip on his neck. Sesshoumaru struggled beneath his mother, eyes widening as his throat was crushed. Could she really not see the difference between them? He felt his blood seep down his cheek and drip down his neck, spilling onto her hand. As if it were acid, she quickly pulled it away. Her face twisted into a look of horror as she looked down at the fresh bruises on his neck. “S-Sesshoumaru…”

“Okaa-san!” The child sat up, paying no mind to his stinging cheek or throbbing neck. He simply wanted to help his mother; to try and ease the pain his father had inflicted on her.

“My son, I am sorry.” She cried, more tears falling from her eyes. She buried her face in her hands, her whole body shaking with a mixture of agony and terror.

“It is okay, okaa-san, it is not your fault!” He urged, feeling helpless to stop her pain. “I humbly apologize for father.” Again, he approached her, wanting nothing more than to hug his mother tightly.

“Do not apologize for that man! He has destroyed our sacred bond and thus ruined my life. I cannot stay here anymore, Sesshou-chan. I am sorry, but I must leave you.” She began to rock back and forth, her eyes becoming vacant once more.

“Leave me? No, you cannot go! Father has already left!” The young youkai pleaded with his mother. Surely she would not leave him too? She was all he had now.

“Yes,” Her rocking stopped at the word. “He left with her. HER!” She let out an ear shattering scream and turned her blood lust back onto her ‘mate’. But this time, when she shot out at him, he did not try to avoid it. If this would sooth his mother’s anguish then he would help. He winced slightly when she raised him from his feet by his neck, her fangs bared as she released a snarl. “I will kill you, Touga.” Her voice was cold and full of piercing hate.


Sesshoumaru’s eyes widened as his mother’s face warped into a mask of shock and pain, physical this time, before it drooped into nothing, blood dribbling at the corner of her painted pink lips. Her grip slacked on his neck and he landed perfectly on his feet. She began to fall and he couldn’t help but just watch with his mouth agape. A hole was in her chest, her crimson blood soaking the black satin fabric of her dress.

“O-okaa-san!” He cried and went after his mother, but a strong arm wrapped around him, hoisting him off the ground and into a familiar chest. “No! Release me! You killed my mother!”

“Sesshoumaru, she was going to kill you. I had to save you. She was not herself and could not see clearly. She saw me instead of you.” Taisho Touga murmured, his voice saddened.

“Do not act sad, Otou-san! You killed her. You killed her by choosing that human!” He shouted, pounding on his father’s chest as he carried his son away from the scene.

“I will not deny my actions. But, if I hadn’t killed her, she would continue to try and kill you, Sesshoumaru. I could not have her take away my only son.” He hugged his son tightly to him, one hand still occupying by his sword.

He struggled greatly against his father before relinquishing his protests and melting into his father’s embrace, burying his face in his chest as he sobbed.

Sesshoumaru would cry just this once for his mother.

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