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The Pink Light Affair by Walter205


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 Kagome slipped from Inuyasha's embrace, glancing away from his face.

 "Don't worry, I'll be back soon. Then we can continue the hunt for Naraku, neh?" she told him reassuringly as she placed her right hand upon the mouth of the well.

 Both of them felt the pulse of energy and the suddenly chilling aura before a tentacle shot out of the well to wrap around Kagome's arm.

 "Hey!" she gasped in surprise and fright as the tentacle yanked on her arm, dragging her down the well. Before Inuyasha could say anything other than her name, she disappeared in a bright flash of light.

 Drawing his sword, he leapt into the well after her, yelling her name once more as he too vanished into the bright light.

 Inside the portal that connects this time with the one in the future, Naraku was chuckling as he pulled Kagome in closer to him.

 "Naraku, what are you doing? How did you get in here?" asked Kagome in fright as he pulled her closer to him.

 "Kukuku, Kagome my dearest, you didn't realize that this gateway was so much more than just a portal connecting your two worlds, did you? But some time ago I discovered this gateway while searching for methods to find the final jewel shard. Ultimately I settled upon a different path as you know, but I've never forgotten about this gateway. Only recently however did I discover what it meant to you, and from there how useful it was to me," explained Naraku as he added a nasty chuckle at the end.

 "Let go of me," demanded Kagome.

 "Oh I'll let go of you all right, just as soon as I open the pathway to hell," Naraku stated as he started chuckling again.

 "To hell? What do you mean?" asked Kagome in a small voice.

 "It has been revealed to me by the jewel that you and it are linked, in a fashion. A person such as you would suffer great torment, both physically and emotionally, if you were sent to hell while still alive, to be afflicted with the demons of hell for all eternity. Such suffering would do well to further corrupt the jewel, unlocking the key to eternally unlimited power," explained Naraku with a look of great longing on his face.

 "You're sick," replied the miko.

 "Perhaps, but it seems you've run out of time," said Naraku as a portal opened beneath them. This portal was orange in color, and hands began reaching out of it, as the cries of the damned began filtering up towards them. Kagome burst out into tears, wishing for the umpteenth time since Naraku first dragged her into the well that she had use of her powers, but ever since Magatsuhi had looked at her, she hasn't been able to use them.

 "Goodbye, KaGOME!!!" Naraku's farewell transformed into a sudden shout that sounded strange.

 A metallic shaft sliced through Naraku, cutting him in half. The two halves part, revealing Inuyasha as he fell between him and floated next to Kagome, cutting the tentacles away from her.

 "Inuyasha!" Kagome cried as she buried her head into his shoulder. He held her with his left arm, his right hand still clutching the Tetsuiga.

 "Inuyasha!" Naraku also cried, but his voice held not relief, but scorn.

 "Naraku you bastard, what are you trying to do to Kagome!" challenged Inuyasha.

 "Hmph, nothing more than to send the wretched miko to where you and that accursed Kikyo should have gone to a long time ago. To hell," he said while chuckling again, as his body reformed in front of them.

 "What!" Inuyasha exclaimed as he started growling.

 "Inuyasha, we need to get out of here," interjected Kagome, clutching at his free hand.

 "Oh no no no, you won't be going anywhere except straight to hell," sneered Naraku as he sent a regenerated wave of tentacles flying at the both of them.

 "Adamant Barrage!" shouted Inuyasha as he unleashed a wave of the adamant spears towards Naraku. Most of the spears were dissolved by Naraku's tough new armor, but a few missed and collided with the sides of the gateway. At each point a spear hit, a new portal was opened to some strange dimension.

 "Inuyasha stop it, we need to actually get out of here," exclaimed Kagome as they were surrounded by strange portals.

 "He's between us and the right portal though," growled Inuyasha in response.

 "Use an attack that can break him apart without damaging the gateway. We can make our escape while he's regenerating," she whispered into his ear.

 "Good point. Speaking of hell, I have just the thing in mind," said Inuyasha, as the Tetsuiga began to glow black.

 "No, I won't let you use your Meidou in here," said Naraku as he sent several tentacles flying at them.

 "Too late, it's over Naraku. Meidou Zangetsuha!" yelled Inuyasha in response as he unleashed the attack. A giant black circle spotted by galaxies and starts appeared above and behind Naraku, sucking him backwards into the new portal.

 Kagome and Inuyasha were also sucked towards the portal. Kagome started to weep again, but Inuyasha reassured her with a tight squeeze that he was by her side. The Meidou dissipated just as they passed through the space where it was, blasting by Naraku's remains that didn't quite get sucked into the Meidou before they could start to regenerate, and making it back through the portal into the Feudal Era.

 The two of them had no sooner shot out of the well and onto green land then another bright light enveloped the well, and a cloud of miasma shot out of the well and into the sky before dissipating, Naraku making his getaway once again.

 "Well, at least we managed to stop him again....," started Kagome before trailing off. A third light enveloped the portal, a column of pink energy shooting off into the sky. The energy split off into perhaps a dozen different balls of light that each shot off in a different direction, disappearing over the horizon. A moment later, the well exploded, shooting wooden splinters and planks all over the clearing. Inuyasha sheltered Kagome with his body, easily shrugging off any hits he took from the debris.

 When the cloud dissipated and they could see again, any evidence a well had ever been there was gone, the hole in the ground filled by dirt that didn't have any sign as having ever been disturbed.

 Inuyasha stood there gaping at it for a moment, before turning his attention to Kagome. She was shaking as she stared at it, then without warning she collapsed, Inuyasha catching her before she could hit the ground. Taking her into his arms, he could tell that she merely fainted.

 Not knowing what else might happen, he decided to head for the safety of the village, where their other companions awaited. 


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