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December Drabbles ~ DDN Prompts by tessacha_

December 2011 DDN -Prompt #1: Dip

Prompt: Dip

Words: 104

"One, two, thr--"

Kagome stepped on her dance instructors toes , which lead to him raising a silver brow. "Sorry"

"Start over" He repositioned her arms and his hands. "This is the proper hold"

They resumed their dance. Sidestepping and spinning for what seemed like hours.

Finally near the end of the dance Sesshoumaru dipped the petite woman in his arms.

He brought her back to an upright position, letting her walk towards the door.

"Well, that was fun, I cant wait for next weeks lesson" She said, her back still turned to him.

"Tango is next"

Her back visibly slumped.

Kagome hated the Tango.


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