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Ho Ho Hopefully by Aviel


Disclaimer: Though it saddens me to say it, I don’t own anything relating to Takahashi-sensei’s Inuyasha. However, the ideas included in these Christmas-themed drabbles do belong to me. :)

A/N: Well, this seemed like fun. So…yeah. Enjoy the fluff! ;)

Chapter 1: Snowflakes

Feudal Japan was entering the first stages of a new season.


It was the time when all – those who had been birthed from the land – settled down, waiting for the arrival of the season of life, Spring.

But Kagome Higurashi, the Shikon no Miko, loved Winter for another reason: Christmas, her favorite holiday of the year.

Like many others, she absolutely adored the traditions that came along with it: telling tales about Santa Claus, giving gifts to cherished ones, singing carols, and dressing up the house with decorations.

Yes, Kagome, despite having grown up on a Shinto shrine, had as much Christmas spirit as anyone else did.

Her cheer was infectious. Her joy was heartwarming.

And for the next 24 days of December, her festive tidings would even bring a little happiness to a cold demon – a silver-haired male – whom all believed was incapable of feeling.


Sesshoumaru frowned, displeased with the unusual sight at his feet.

“You will become ill, miko,” he declared gravely. “Cease this foolishness immediately.”

Kagome wore a crooked grin as she glanced up at him.

“But it’s fun, Sesshoumaru-sama! Haven’t you ever made a snow angel before?”

The daiyoukai gave an undignified snort when she stood up, revealing her “masterpiece.”

“That is not an angel,” he objected, ignoring her question and plucking a small clump of snow from her hair.

She huffed, crossing her arms. “Yes, it is! Look, it has wings and everything!”

Sesshoumaru raised his chin slightly, and growled, “Miko, an angel cannot make another angel.”

The snowflakes fluttering around them accentuated the blush that spread across her face.


“This,” he indicated the imprint in the snow with a clawed hand, “cannot compare with a being such as you.” His eyelids lowered sensuously. “You are a true snow angel.”


Original Posting Date: December 1, 2011

Prompt: Snowflakes

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