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Fix It by Smortz

The Problem


This is going to be a light and humorous story. Please, try not to overreact to what you are about to read. Warning: Do not take any of this story seriously. :)

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Disclaimer: I do not own, or claim to own, any characters associated with the InuYasha manga or anime.

Chapter 1

It’s a bit small,” Kagome sighed out sadly, propping her chin onto her hands as she lay on her stomach along the futon. She had no idea how she had landed in such a spot. The Shikon Miko, who had helped slay Naraku and traveled through time, seemed to be sexually frustrated. Didn’t this go against her job description? Still, years ago, when she had gone to the future her friends had always told her of their latest sexual escapades. Kagome had figured that being in the past would get her some sort of sexual encounter, being that woman were usually impregnated by sixteen, and yet she was still the Virgin Mary of Inuyasha’s forest.

Inuyasha glared at her, staring down once more in embarrassment. “Wench! It’s not small at all!” He shouted defensively, turning around as if to make a few adjustments. Kagome waited patiently, trying not to roll her eyes at the half-demon’s antics. She had hoped that he would mature a bit, even ask for her hand in marriage, at least try to sleep with her or something. No, he was still as slow and dense as ever. If Miroku hadn’t gone off with Sango, Kagome would have been tempted to take him up on his offer. So what if she had to bear a few children, at least she would be able to experience what every other woman in the feudal era had felt. The feeling of being filled by a man, of being sexually satisfied.

Inuyasha turned around again. Kagome’s eyes widened for a fraction in momentary surprise. It dangled in front of her, like a snake hanging off a branch. “Better,” she encouraged. “It seems a bit... dead.”

Inuyasha gasped, scoffing and rolling his eyes at her. “You’re on my last nerve!” He shouted, readjusting the belt of his kimono for the last time. He hated these stupid village gatherings. Kagome always made him dress up. “Good?” He huffed.

Kagome nodded, sitting up and tossing her legs over the bed. She pushed herself up in her own kimono, the purple silk hugging her body. The golden obi cupped her hips and the sandals made her a few inches taller. She had pulled her hair back into a loose bun, using a few chopsticks to hold it up.

Inuyasha offered her his hand, but she declined it. Months of sexual frustration made it hard to even look at the half-demon. Kagome didn’t get it in the least bit. He was always asking her to stay with him so he could protect her, to remain at his side for all eternity, yet he wouldn’t mate her. He refused to even talk about sex.

Kagome sighed, trying not to think about such things this night. It wasn't as if they were together. Now that she thought about it, they were more like roommates. Either way, Kagome shook it off as something that would never be. Tonight wasn't the time to worry about it. Tonight was the festival to celebrate the shrine, and Kagome needed to respect that, even if her hormones tried to put up a fight.

They made their way into town. Sango and Miroku meeting them at the large arch. Sango instantly hugged Kagome, making Kagome feel awkward due to Sango's protruding belly. “How do you feel?” She asked, cupping Sango’s belly with a warm smile. Idly, she wondered how it would feel to have a life growing inside her.

Large,” Sango answered with a chuckle. Miroku wrapped his arm around her waist, kissing her cheek and winking at Kagome. “Ready?” Sango asked, already walking in the direction of the candle-lit lanterns. Food was served, prayers offered, games played. Kagome basked in the events that took place, hoping to forget about her personal issues.

She neared the prayer alter. Quietly, she clapped her hands together and closed her eyes tightly. Please, kamis. I don’t know if this is a good prayer, or if I should be asking it. I know that you believe in keeping humans pure, but... I would really love to lose my virginity before I enter spinster territory.

She clapped her hands together and bowed once more, hoping that a lightning bolt wouldn’t strike her down for asking for such a thing. “What’d you ask for?” Inuyasha asked, startling her from behind. Kagome clasped a hand over her heart to calm down the rapid beating.

You scared me! I thought you were a lightning bolt!” She shouted, bringing up her earlier fear.

“Why the hell would I be a lightning bolt?” Inuyasha returned in confusion. “Come on,” he grumbled, linking his arm with hers and guiding her back down the shrine steps. “Did you say hello to Shippo and everyone?” Inuyasha asked

I didn’t see him,” Kagome murmured sadly. Lately, Shippo had been running wild with other kitsunes in the land. Inuyasha had repeatedly told her it was good for the boy, that he was learning more about his demon side and the kitsune culture. Kagome still worried for him.

They entered their hut to turn in for the night. Kagome was saddened by the almost identical routine they kept each night. Inuyasha would dress in a separate room, as would she. They would then shift in the bed until they finally too exhausted and fell into a deep slumber.

                                                                                       ~Fix It~

Like usual, with each morning, Kagome’s hope dwindled. Inuyasha, like usual, left while she was sleeping to work in the town. She wouldn’t complain though, for it left her to do her chores without him disturbing her. Inuyasha was more of a nuisance now and she was happy they hadn’t mated or married. It would have been way too awkward.

She had seen Inuyasha sexually frustrated. Kagome knew that in the morning she would sometimes feel the hardened cock against her backside. Sometimes, she would grind her butt against it, hoping he would make a move - something. No, he would disappear and return for dinner later in the day, embarrassed over the ordeal.

Kagome gave a grunt in frustration. Her professionally weaved basket fell to the ground causing the herbs within to bounce. She needed to leave. Another day, month, year with Inuyasha would seal her fate as the virgin. Kagome didn’t want that. Sure, she was the Shikon Priestess, but the jewel had been destroyed. Surely, her pure powers were no longer required.

Angrily, she began to stomp down on of the paths in the forest. The dirt felt good between the thin sole of her leather shoes. As as wandered, she allowed her mind to overtake her. Inuyasha would never fully accept her. She understood this, but still did not want to hurt him, for he was a childhood friend. Still, she needed to have a life to, didn’t she? She wanted to experience the touch of a man, the feeling of a man. Maybe a demon, Kagome mused with a smirk, arousal beginning to form in her abdomen.

She didn’t feel disgusted with the thought of bedding a demon like other village women did. They were so accustomed to the men here that a demon was just another monster. Kagome cringed. Men were dirty in this town. Most of them were missing a few teeth and spent most of their time with their hands itching or poking at some orifice on their body. Demons were clean and more handsome, even Naraku would be a better candidate as long as she died immediately afterward.

The sound of a few bushes stirring caused her thoughts to waiver. Quietly, she ducked behind a tree and released some of her priestess powers, which she had honed with the help of Kaede. The path seemed to be empty, which meant it was either a human or a small demon. Quickly, Kagome turned around the tree to spook the invader. Her fist was clenched tightly as she jumped to defend herself. Bandits were usually in full bloom in fall, trying to get more loot before the winter season took over.

Guilt instantly overwhelmed her as Rin wailed loudly into the air. The young girl fell on her rear, covering her face with her arms as if to deflect Kagome’s blows. Kagome cursed, kneeling down to gently touch the child’s shoulder. “Rin?” She asked, looking at the ten year old girl. The orange kimono was silk instead of wool this time, like Kagome had remembered in the past. Her hair was in a bun instead of the messy ponytail. “Rin, it’s me, Kagome.”

Rin peered around one of her hands, sniffling as tears dripped slowly from her eyes. They came to a stop when she realized it was Kagome. “Why did you scare me?” She asked. The correct grammar caused Kagome to feel a sort of happiness for the child. It meant that Sesshomaru was educating her, something that most women didn’t get in this time.

I thought you could be a bandit,” Kagome explained, feeling silly at the accusation. She offered her hand to Rin, who took it thankfully and pulled herself from the ground. Kagome watched as she dusted off the back of her kimono. “Why are you here?” Kagome asked curiously.

Lord Sesshomaru told me to come here and ask for you,” Rin proclaimed, causing Kagome’s curiosity to grow ten-fold. Instantly, she tried to think of what she could have possibly done to get the dog-demon’s attention.

Why?” She repeated. It was the question of the hour it seemed. Why did Sesshomaru need her? Why hadn’t he come himself? “Is he in trouble?” Kagome asked worriedly. While Sesshomaru was still cold as ever to anyone around him, Kagome thought of him like a friend after they had conquered Naraku together.

Sesshomaru did not say,” Rin pouted sulkily. She definitely didn’t like Sesshomaru keeping secrets from her. Kagome saw the expression on the little girl’s face. She sighed, turning to look back at the village.

Alright,” Kagome released after a moment. Inuyasha wouldn’t be until nightfall, and Shippo was old enough to take care of himself in the demon world. “Let’s go.”

Rin grinned thankfully to her. She turned and began to make her way back up the trail Kagome had been following at a quicker pace. Kagome followed behind, curious to see what the problem was. Sesshomaru hardly ever wanted help. He was an honorable demon, and would probably say she had one favor from him. Kagome smirked at that. Maybe, this could end in a good way for her. She could help him with whatever he was having a problem with, and he could help her with what she was having a problem with. Then, they’d be even.

How far away is it?” Kagome asked after a few minutes of impatiently walking. Maybe after a few years of living a quiet village life, she had lost the endurance she had during the jewel quest.

Not much farther,” Rin promised, beginning to deviate from the trail. The young girl reached for her belt and pulled out a short sword, causing Kagome to look at her curiously. The blade was silver and shiny. The hilt of the sword had a charm hanging from it, a small butterfly. “Sesshomaru trained me,” Rin answered to her silent curiosity. “You shouldn’t go into the forest without your own bow, Lady Kagome.”

Kagome narrowed her eyes on the child. After a year of hearing everyone tell her that, a ten year old made her feel a bit foolish. “It’s alright, I rely on the power within me more than my bow now,” she explained. Rin looked skeptical, but nodded nonetheless and turned to continue through the forest terrain.

A small spring parted the forest in a tight clearing. Kagome could probably put three futons out and take up all the space. The grass was a bit dry from the upcoming season and the water was dripping from rocks and branches along the edge. Her sapphire eyes found Sesshomaru, leaning against a tree and observing her like prey.

Rin said you need- had a use for me,” Kagome corrected. Sesshomaru didn’t need anyone. He simply used them. His eyebrow rose on her catch, and he gracefully stood up as if he hadn’t used a muscle. It was as if he had simply levitated from the floor.

Yes, I have a proposal for you, miko,” Sesshomaru began to explain, not making any move closer to her. “In these times, I am forced to make human alliances and must journey to an Eastern shrine. It would be most beneficial to my business if I had a priestess with me to talk to them. They would respond to you, more so than I - a full-blooded demon. Therefore, I would like to make a deal.”

Kagome hummed as she thought about it. A trip offered an escape from her boring and dull life with Inuyasha. However, it was also dangerous. It’s not like I have kids or anything, Kagome tempted. “How long will the journey take?” Kagome asked.

Four days to get there, four days to get back,” Sesshomaru answered easily. “I assume they will have us stay for a while depending on how you handle the situation,” he explained. “You would be in charge of handling the business.”

What are you trying to do?” Kagome asked carefully, eying the demon. She remembered how he handled humans - ruthlessly and with no care for what his actions caused. Still, it was odd to see him in such a light - as a businessman. Then again, he was a Lord and as such probably needed to maintain alliances.

There is a shrine located on the main route through the mountains between the West and the North. With the foreign humans beginning to show up and take refuge there, I would like to supervise the flow of goods that are traded and smuggled through my villages. I need the shrine to allow me access. I must keep track of what is going on in my lands,” he said the last part with such a firm tone that Kagome could see how he would make a great leader. Obviously, he had a wonderful role model in his father. Still, she could tell that this was serious to him.

What would I get for helping?” She mused casually, beginning to step closer to him nervously. “You did mention something about a deal.

Sesshomaru’s eyes narrowed. He looked disgusted for a moment before turning into his cold self. “Humans,” he mused, “always looking out for their personal gain.”

You are no different, demon,” Kagome shot back instantly. Sesshomaru went quiet, and she could see that he had expected her to be the same kind and selfless Kagome. He had probably expected her to offer her services for free. Kagome wanted to snort. She had grown up - matured. She couldn’t afford to be used and manipulated in this time.

I will grant you access to my court. It will give you a high-ranking position in the government. You would become my adviser,” he explained. “Not many have been privileged with such an opportunity.”

I am sure,” Kagome thought aloud, crossing her eyes to examine him. He looked as if he were... wary. He knew that in this situation she had the advantage. If he really needed that deal with the monks, then she could practically ask for anything. “I will accept, although I ask for one more thing.”

One of his brows arched curiously. His shoulders stiffened. Kagome swallowed the lump of nerves in her throat and lifted her chin higher to show her confidence. She wondered how it would be to have sexual intercourse with a demon. From what Inuyasha had said, mating was through a mix of blood, which meant sex was not required. “I will go with you on this journey and work hard to complete the deal if you...” The words caught in her throat. She just couldn’t get them out. A sudden vision of her mother, from the future, looking down on her with shame and disappoint flashed in her mind. Kagome shook her head, dispersing the image like rippling water. Her mother wasn’t here anymore. This was not the time to think about how a girl should act in the future. This was the past, and if she wanted something, she would have to get it herself.

In addition to being your aide, I wish for you to...” Kagome groaned in frustration as it got stuck again. She slammed her eyes shut. Knowing Rin was nearby, she closed the gap between them until she felt the silk of his kimono against her side. “I want you to take my innocence, if you catch my drift.”

She opened her eyes slowly, shyly taking in his reaction. For the first time since she had met the demon, he had never shown this expression. Sesshomaru was dumbfounded. His entire being frozen still. Golden eyes were wide open staring at her as if she had just grown a third eye on her forehead.

Then, Kagome watched as red filtered into his gaze. He growled at her, as if the suggestion was simply unbelievable. Maybe, on some level it was, but a girl could try, couldn’t she?

Sesshomaru took a step back, if only to control his temper. “That is unacceptable,” Sesshomaru roared, causing Rin to look up at him from playing in the creek. Kagome scoffed, shrugging her shoulders in response.

Do you really want those monks to work with you, Sesshomaru?” Kagome taunted. She knew she was playing with fire. She watched as Sesshomaru’s eyes widened a fraction once more. He was trapped. They both knew it.

Kagome watched as the dog demon did something strange. He turned away from her and slouched, taking a deep breath as if to consider her condition. “I cannot accept that deal.” When he turned to meet her gaze once more, he looked helpless. It was almost as if he couldn’t accept that deal on a personal level.

Oh my god, are you mated? I am so sorry, Sesshomaru,” Kagome quickly thought out. It would be horrible if she hit on an unavailable man or demon. She wanted some action, but she would never become a mistress. When he shook his head at her accusation, she raised an eyebrow. “Engaged to be mated?”

He shook his head once more. “It is complicated,” he bit out angrily. Obviously, this was a touchy subject to him. “We leave tonight. I will give you time to go home and pack. Be back here at dusk,” he dismissed her.

Kagome remained where she stood, unable to turn away from the puzzle he had presented her with. If he wasn’t mated, and didn’t have anyone to go back to, then why wouldn’t he just accept it? Kagome thought any male would jump at the opportunity to have no strings attached sex. Maybe, it was even more personal then that. Kagome’s eyes widened as another theory seemed to explode across her mind. It could be a physical illness.

Kagome clasped a hand over her mouth to keep from giggling as an idea formed. It was so out of the blue - so completely shocking. Yet, it made perfect sense. All the things she had questioned about him suddenly clicked into place like an easy jigsaw puzzle. His cold personality, standoffish attitude towards other human beings, his general belief that he did not want to be around anyone, all seemed to support her theory. “I get it,” Kagome breathed out victoriously, leaning against a tree to keep from toppling over. “You can’t get it up?! I’m right, aren’t I?” She called out to the demon lord. Sesshomaru was walking out of the clearing, but she saw the falter in his step. Then, he sped up. Kagome guffawed, unable to contain her reaction as he silently confirmed her accusation.

She allowed him to leave. If he needed to get away for the moment, obviously feeling embarrassed, she would allow him the space. Kagome turned back to follow the trail back to her home, her thoughts going back to Sesshomaru.

From her experience, demons were supposed to be resistant to human diseases and illness. Erectile dysfunction was a human problem. Kagome hummed as she tried to form a reason for Sesshomaru. When she returned to her hut, she decided, as she packed, that while she helped him with his mission, she would begin her own. Kagome’s mission would be to try to cure his problem. There had to be more to it then a simple condition. He was a demon, which meant something else was most likely causing it.

Kagome’s mouth twitched as she thought about it some more. Maybe, he hadn’t met the right girl. Maybe, he simply swung for the other team. Kagome cringed at the mental image of a homosexual Sesshomaru, frolicking through meadows in order to hug the only other gay demon Kagome knew, Jakotsu. Quickly, Kagome decided that she would try to fix him. Maybe, since he was a demon, it was curable. Kagome finalized her decision with a nod of determination as she finished tying her pack closed and left a note for Inuyasha. The least I can do is try,” Kagome mused as she left the hut, following the trail in order to meet up with an extremely humiliated, impotent dog demon.


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