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The Fling by Aubrey Simone

Part One

Disclaimer: The anime/manga Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi. I, Aubrey Simone, make no money from the writing or posting of this fic.

Pre-Note: This is practically PWP, so don't expect much in the way of a back story. I'm guessing it'll be between 3 and 5 parts, and I'll update it whenever I get the inspiration. And yes, I realize that my focus should be The Twelfth Concubine, but I need a break from trying to get the chapter to come out, so here I am! Anyway, read and enjoy, and don't forget to leave a review!

Part 01

She didn't usually do these types of things. She didn't do these types of things, as a matter of fact. At least not anymore.

Yet here she was, sitting at a bar in some club she didn't remember the name of and wearing a dress she was positive she'd been temporarily insane to buy.

She shifted. Honestly, Kagome...Inuyasha must have brainwashed you or something. Staring down into the bottom of her glass, she scowled. Why did you let him talk you into this?

An involuntary scoff passed her lips. Oh yeah, because you apparently need to get laid and stop being so uptight. She rolled her eyes. Like Inuyasha knows anything about what I need.


Starting out of her less than happy thoughts, Kagome looked up and smiled politely at the handsome bartender. "Yeah, sure."

He flashed her a grin and reached for her glass. "You waiting for someone?" he asked, dark eyes curious. "You've been here for a while."

Kagome tried not to blush. "Well, no, not really." She sipped at the fresh drink, licking her lips. "I just promised a friend I'd go out."

The man made an understanding sound, but before he could respond, someone slid onto the stool beside her. "What can I get you?"

"JD, straight."

Later, she would wonder why she looked over, when usually she would've gotten up and left, but at the moment she was too occupied with studying the man beside her—an opportunity she didn't usually get. Long silver hair was held back in a low tail, and magenta stripes gracefully followed the line of a high, aristocratic cheekbone. She felt the glance he spared her more than she saw it.

"Miko," he rumbled, and the word reached her ears despite the pulsing rhythm of the music thrumming through the air.

She took it as a greeting of sorts, and turned her cup on the bar, watching the condensation gather on the wood. "Sesshomaru."

Contemplating whether or not she'd stayed out long enough to appease Inuyasha's odd need to meddle in her love life—or lack thereof—she glanced toward the dance floor, where a multitude of bodies moved to the music coming through the speakers. For the first time since she'd arrived, Kagome took a moment to look around.

Forms, only barely lit by the dim lighting from overhead, writhed to the beat of the music, some entwined and others alone. The flash of a camera lit the dim atmosphere every once in a while, and drunken laughter pealed over the pulse of dance music in staggered intervals. Memories of a lifestyle long gone danced across her mind then, and Kagome sighed, turning her attention back to the glass in her hand. I can't believe I agreed to this. She drained her drink, and then motioned to the bartender for another.

"If you're trying to get drunk," Sesshomaru murmured suddenly, "you may want to get something stronger than iced tea."

Kagome scoffed. "I'm not trying to get drunk," she responded, knowing she wouldn't have to raise her voice to be heard. The inu didn't answer, and she looked at him when he raised his glass to his lips. "What are you doing here?"

The glance he cut her betrayed nothing. "A favor for a friend."

She rolled her eyes. "Some friend. Why didn't you go to a youkai club?"

"My instructions were very specific," the demon responded, the tone of his voice dropping to an annoyed pitch.

"Why don't you just leave?"

He glanced at her again. "Surely you know that cowardice is not one of my attributes, miko."

Kagome nearly snorted into her drink. "Yeah, I know." Her eyes trailed over to the dance floor, and she had the strangest urge to go join the mass of clubbers. She sighed.

In another lifetime, she would have acted on that urge without a second thought, jumping up from her seat and going to join the tangle of sweaty limbs on the dance floor. She would've danced with a man, maybe two, and had a wild night of drunken sex with some random guy.

And then I would've woken up the next morning with absolutely no clue as to what I'd done. She could remember those jumbled mornings well: the confusion, the panic, the nausea, and the headaches. Those had been the mornings when she promised herself that she would change her life around, would stop partying so much and settle down.

And then her friends would invite her out the next night and she'd do it all again.

Then came Rin, she thought, her little girl's face flashing in her mind's eye like a sunbeam. And everything changed.

With the birth of her daughter, she'd put aside her wild ways, finished her college education, and built a suitable life for herself. It was a semi-boring life, but a life nonetheless. A sane life. A safe life.

But still...

Sometimes, she still longed for her wild nights. She would never go back to them permanently, because Rin deserved better, but every now and then, she craved the thumping, driving music and the exhilarating prospect of a night of sex with no strings attached.

Well, a soft, mischievous voice whispered, what better time than the present?

She sighed and took a sip of her iced tea. I shouldn't.

And why not? Rin is with your mother all week, and Inuyasha was right; you do need to get laid.

With a roll of her eyes and a stubborn snort, Kagome dismissed the idea. It didn't matter that Rin was spending time with her mother, and it definitely didn't matter that she possibly needed to get laid. She was perfectly fine with the way things were.

"Inuyasha was correct about you," Sesshomaru said, baritone voice breaking into the solace of her thoughts like a bullet through glass.


She looked at him, and the glance he spared her from the corner of his amber eye was guarded, as though he'd already made up his mind about something and couldn't be swayed. "He said that you would never break out of the shell you've put yourself in," the youkai elaborated, lifting his glass to his lips and draining the crystal cut object. "He was right."

"Did...did Inuyasha send you here?" Kagome asked, feeling her eyes narrow.

Sesshomaru scoffed. "Hardly. The whelp is not capable of telling this Sesshomaru what to do."

"Then why—"

"Because it is sickening to see one such as you in such a state of indecision." He turned more fully toward her now, and motioning for the bartender to refill his cup, held her gaze until the glass was once more in his hand. He drank, and then swirled the deep amber liquid, face impassive.

"I'm not indecisive," Kagome replied, "just careful."

"You were not careful five years ago."

"That was five years ago, and—"

"And you crave those days, do you not?" The question was so close to what Kagome had been thinking just moments before that she faltered, and with a sound that belied his pleasure with finding out the truth, Sesshomaru pushed his glass into her trembling fingers. "Drink."

She shook her head. "I haven't had a drink in a long time, Sesshomaru...I can't."

For a moment, he remained silent, simply staring at her with an unreadable expression on his face. And then, carelessly, he shrugged, turned on his stool, and uttered the one word that turned out to be the catalyst to something they would have never deemed possible.


She stiffened. "What did you just call me?"

"You heard me, little miko."

The fact that he didn't even deign to look at her awoke a deep, fierce need to prove him wrong, and without giving herself time to rethink the first impulsive decision she was going to make since Rin was born, she leaned over, snatched his cup, and drained its contents in one gulp.

"I'll show you a prude," she hissed hotly, leaving her purse on the bar and making a beeline for the dance floor.

Once there, and having pushed nearly to the center of the mass of bodies, Kagome found herself having a moral debate, and whether or not anyone found her non-dancing to be odd, they didn't say anything, obviously preferring to leave her to her own devices.

This is stupid, her rational side mumbled, nervous and disapproving.

This is brilliant, her newly resurfaced reckless side shot back, almost giddy with freedom and the slight alcohol now working through her system.

No, definitely stupid, Reason responded. We shouldn't even be thinking about doing this, much less actually doing it! C'mon Kagome! Go back to your seat!

Are you kidding me? Reckless exclaimed. This might be the only time we're going to get to do this before we get old, and you want to throw it all away just because you're scared? I don't think so!

Look, this is—

A brilliant idea.

No, it's completely idiotic! We're going to get into trouble, and—

Trouble, schmuble! Besides...who says going home with some hottie will be trouble? Personally, I'd take that kind of trouble any day!

Gods, this is going to be—


And then Reason was giving up the argument and Reckless was reigning supreme.

With an ease that would have made her anxious if she'd been paying attention, Kagome closed her eyes and let the music transport her to another place, where everything was perfect and nothing was real. Arms raised over her head, she swung her hips in time to the beat, letting the thumping bass line dictate her movements like a puppet master might his marionette. She could feel each note as it caressed her ears, and relished in the sweat she began to feel rolling down between her shoulder blades and the valley of her breasts as she danced through one song, and then two, and then three and four.

Number five was something with a slower, more sensual beat, and she was so lost in her own world that when she felt the large hands of a man settle on her hips from behind, she barely even flinched. Leaning into a hard, muscular chest and letting her arms wrap around broad shoulders, she allowed the deep, aching need she felt convey into her movements.

Her partner seemed all too eager to answer the call she was so blatantly broadcasting, and he spun her to face him, only to cover her mouth with his hand in the instant she recognized him.

Embarrassingly curious, Kagome did as Sesshomaru bid and remained quiet, swallowing her protests as he slid his finger away from her lips and down the line of her throat. His touch was soft, almost gentle, and Kagome felt the ache grow stronger as he placed his hands back on her hips and began to move her to the music.

She had just become lost in his gaze when his hot, firm fingers trailed slowly down her thighs and to the hem of her short dress, hiking it only high enough for her to feel the soft fabric of his pant leg as he slid his thigh between her own. His hands went back to her hips, and with not even a twinkle of guilt in his brilliant eyes, he began to move her against his leg. Her eyes widened.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she asked breathlessly, clenching at the front of his shirt even as she moved against him.

"What does it feel like I'm doing?" he retorted, lifting his thigh just enough to press it fleetingly against her clit.

Pure pleasure shot up her spine, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. "Sessh...we shouldn't do this." Her forehead fell forward onto his chest, and she felt one of his hands trail up her side to tangle into the hair at the nape of her neck while the other settled at the base of her spine and urged her body into a slow, rhythmic undulation.

His own head fell forward until his mouth was at her ear, and nearly trapped in his large frame, Kagome felt her arousal rise. "Why not?" he asked, lips brushing the sensitive lobe of her ear. She shivered.

"B-because you''re Inuyasha's brother, and—"

"Half brother," the inu interjected, "and that has nothing to do with this." He paused, flicked his tongue teasingly over her ear, and then resumed in a deep, nearly growling voice. "You desire me, and I," he rolled his hips—and the evidence of his arousal—into her, "desire that not reason enough?"

Kagome let out a shaky breath, only to suck it back in when he pressed his thigh to her clit again, sending shockwaves of pleasure to every nerve in her body. "I..."

But she couldn't find the protest amidst the clutter and mush of her thoughts, and with a growl that she felt more than heard, Sesshomaru released her, spun her around, and held her flush against him, hands gripping her hips in a firm, commanding hold. She tried to look at him, but he lowered his head and kept her facing forward, and that's when she noticed the mirror.

With her none the wiser, Sesshomaru had moved them from the center of the dance floor to its outskirts, where the dim light hardly reached them and any other patrons of the club were blissfully lost in their own worlds. Kagome swallowed as she stared at their reflection.

In this position, with his body wrapped almost completely around her much smaller frame, the river of Sesshomaru's hair fell over her shoulder, mingling with the wavy, waist length of her own black locks like shots of quicksilver. His pale skin stood out against the backdrop of reveling clubbers, the contrast making him seem all the more alluring. Eyes sparkling with lust, he swayed side to side with her as one song melded into another into yet another, their pace never changing even though the pulsing rhythm of the music did.

I barely recognize myself, she thought lethargically, watching their bodies move in the reflective glass. Her eyes never got that dark, and she most definitely never tilted her head like that, especially not to let a youkai run his tongue over her skin.

Sesshomaru gripped her hips even tighter, and his voice was a rumble when he spoke into her ear. "All you have to do, little miko, is let go. Allow me to show you pleasures as you have never known them." The teasing twirl of his thumbs against her lower back stole her breath, and she watched him inhale deeply as her arousal spiked.

She whimpered, and as if the sound catered to his primal instincts, Sesshomaru growled lowly in response. "You only have to say yes," he whispered, voice guttural even in its dropped volume. "Say yes, and I will show you what ecstasy really is."

She nibbled on her bottom lip, wanting more than anything to bend to this seductive demon's will and let him have his way with her. But could she do such a thing? Could she give herself over to Sesshomaru, knowing who and what he was, and not feel any remorse when everything was through?

For a brief, suspended moment, she thought to say no. And then Sesshomaru growled and all thought of denial flew out of the proverbial window. "...Yes."

With a pleased rumble, Sesshomaru planted a slow, sensual kiss against the inside of her ear. "Good girl," he murmured, nearly purring. His youki slid against her senses, thick and heavy and electric. She gasped as it teased across her breasts, hardening her already peaked nipples further and leaving her gasping for breath.

She had never slept with a youkai before, and despite the fact that priestess and demon were supposed to be lifelong enemies, she'd always wondered what it would be like. Of course, she hadn't thought it would be like this.

The inherent power Sesshomaru held slipped and slid over her like heated silk, caressing her skin as if her dress wasn't even there. Her back arched as it ran over her breasts again and again, pressing into her belly and thighs with firm, insistent pressure; by the time it slid between her legs and cupped itself over her weeping sex, she'd forgotten about where she was, and all that mattered was Sesshomaru.

Clawed hands holding her wide hips more securely, he growled seductively at her as pert buttocks ground slowly into hard thighs and an even harder erection; jutting breasts displayed themselves proudly as a slender spine arched ever so delicately; and then, like chocolate on her tongue, her orgasm washed over her in slow, agonizing waves.

When she came back to herself, Sesshomaru's eyes were tinged with pink, and his lips hung open just slightly; with slow, calculated movements, he slid one hand between her legs and collected a bit of the come that had leaked from her underwear, lifting his hand to his mouth and licking his fingers clean.

Heart beating hard and fast in her chest, Kagome watched with no small amount of fascination as he thoroughly cleared his fingers of her juices, chest vibrating against her back as she sagged against him. His eyes slipped open after a few moments, and with his clawed fingers shimmering with his saliva, he gathered more of her nectar and lifted his hand to her own lips; without hesitation, she opened her mouth.

His hand tightened on her hip as her lips closed around his fingers, and she swirled her tongue carefully around the clawed digits, sucking both the taste of her essence and the flavor of his saliva greedily from his hand. He groaned quietly, and his breath was harsh against her ear when he spoke. "I have other things you may put into that hot little mouth of yours, woman."

She shivered at the prospect, and much quicker than she thought possible, her arousal quickened again, stirring in her belly and stroking her insides with warm fingers. Sesshomaru chuckled, mouth planting moist little kisses against the exposed flesh of her shoulder as he withdrew his fingers from her mouth and slipped them between her thighs once more, pushing her underwear aside. She whimpered as he touched the now throbbing bud of flesh above her lips, rubbing against it in slick, tight little circles that made her thighs tremble.

"Sessh...we're in pu—"

"I know," he interrupted softly, flashing his fangs at her in the mirror.

"Someone might see," she whispered, trying not to squirm.

His fangs flashed again. "Indeed they might."

The touch that was wreaking such havoc on her mind and body left her for just a split second, and then returned with vigor, nearly tearing a cry from her throat. "I will replace your dress," Sesshomaru whispered against her shoulder. She felt the tip of one claw slide down her back, the fabric of her dress pulling slightly between the cheeks of her rear. And before she could ask what Sesshomaru had done, the thick, bulbous head of his cock was sliding between her thighs.

She froze.

"Relax, Kagome," he murmured, using the hand that was already between her legs to part her folds. Even in the mirror, she could hardly tell that he was doing anything, and the sight was such a contrast to what was really happening that she shuddered.

"I don't think—"

"That's fine," the male whispered. "Just feel."

And she did. She released her worries and swept the anxiety away, relaxing into his hold as he wrapped his free arm around her and used the hand between her legs to guide himself into her dripping core.

The penetration was shallow, and the pace painfully slow, but for the first time in five years, Kagome was letting a man do the one thing she'd secretly craved, and she'd be damned if she was going to let her self-built reservations ruin it.

"Fuck, woman," Sesshomaru growled into her ear, mouth pressed into its shell and the arm wrapped around her waist tightening slightly.

She moaned in response, the feel of him sliding in and out of her like rice wine to her senses. Each shallow thrust sent electricity dancing just beneath her flesh, leaving a hypersensitive trail behind and making her breath catch in her throat. She knew that Sesshomaru could hear her gasps and quiet moans, and the realization that he was the only one who could made it feel like they were the only two in the building.

His fingers pressed insistently onto her clit and began to circle it once more, heightening her pleasure until she was clenching at the arm around her waist. "That's it, little miko," he breathed. "Let it go..."

And as if that was exactly what it'd been waiting for, Kagome's world shattered into a million pieces, her consciousness fractured, and only Sesshomaru's arm kept her from falling to the floor. She had a faint awareness of a hot, spurting liquid splashing against her inner walls, and the fact that Sesshomaru was coming with her only sent another wave of pleasure along her nerves.

This time, when she came back to herself, Sesshomaru was stroking her still trembling thighs and smiling almost mischievously at her. She blushed fiercely and looked away from his twinkling gaze, clearing her throat and shaking her head. He lowered his lips to her ear.

"Go to the parking lot. Find my car and wait for me." The command in his voice dispelled her embarrassment, and he caught her arm when she moved. "And remove your underwear."

She swallowed thickly, nodded, and then began to make her way through the still dancing crowd on uncertain legs. She stopped at the bar and grabbed her purse, avoiding the bartender's questioning gaze and skirting around the stools toward the front door.

The air outside was cool and slightly moist, and Kagome stood for a moment to allow a breeze to dissolve the sweat on her neck and chest. She stepped aside to allow a group of girls entrance, and then began to make her way through the lot.

Sesshomaru's car was a low slung, predatory looking vehicle, black and gleaming as it sat beneath one of the lot's light posts. She couldn't identify the make or model, but she didn't need to know those things in order to admire the sleek lines and elegant design. It's definitely something Sesshomaru would drive, though.

Circling around to the passenger side, she drew a finger along the cool metal of the car's side and then leaned carefully onto it, watching the door of the club as people filtered in and stumbled out. The music was muffled from this distance, nearly at the back of the parking lot where no one ever parked, and Kagome had a feeling Sesshomaru had chosen the spot simply to maintain the sleek perfection of his vehicle. Yeah, that's definitely something he would do.

She chuckled, and her thoughts wandered back to what they had done in the club. Her cheeks heated.

I can't believe I let him have sex with me in public... Regret began to gnaw at her gut, but she pushed it away and shook her head. No time for that now...I let him because I wanted it just as badly as he did. She nibbled on her bottom lip and fiddled with the clasp on her purse. And I liked it.

The memory of her orgasm made her shudder. She wasn't sure if time or want had made her respond so strongly, but either way, she was almost positive that things were only going to get better from here on out.

She took a deep breath, stuffed her panties into a wad of tissue in her purse, and smiled.


He had almost resolved not to touch her until he got her to his flat, and until he saw her leaning against his car, he had nearly made up his mind. But she was absolutely exquisite in that strapless midnight blue dress and those black stiletto heels, and his control crumbled away and took flight with the breeze when she reached up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Her lips were soft and warm, and as he slipped his hand between her legs, her gasp of surprise was like sweet music to his ears.

She was still slick from their activities in the club, and he growled against her lips, the urge to taste her juices once more nearly overwhelming him. He nudged the insides of her thighs until she widened her stance, and then circled the tiny bud of flesh above her slick lips. She gasped.

The arms around his shoulders tightened, and he noted with immense satisfaction that her entire body shook and trembled as he pleasured her. Eager to make her release once more, he reached up with his free hand and kneaded a breast, pinching the tightened nipple between his fingers and growling against her mouth.

She came with a low moan, her thighs clamping around his hand and her fingers clenching at his shirt. Only when she whimpered did he pull his slippery fingers from her convulsing womanhood, lifting his hand to his mouth as she sagged against his car, mouth hanging open.

She tasted nearly as good as she looked, and he reached past her to open the door and help her into the dark interior of the vehicle. He looked at her for a moment, found that he liked the way her creamy skin stood out against the black leather upholstery, and then closed the door and walked around to the driver's side.

In the small, enclosed space of the car, the heady scent of her release whirled around his head like teasing fingers. His erection strained against the fabric of his slacks, and the anticipation coursing through his heated veins only heightened his awareness of her; an awareness that placed the most lewd images in his head.

The miko's legs, spread wide as she lay on the sheets of his bed; the elegant line of her throat, wonderfully exposed to his mouth; the round globes of her ass, bouncing as he took her from behind.

He glanced over at her, and couldn't resist the urge to reach over and lay his hand against her thigh. Her skin was soft, and he squeezed gently, listening as her heartbeat picked up pace. Gently, he massaged her leg, and nearly smirked when she shifted in the seat, discreetly widening her legs in the process.

"Take off your seatbelt," he demanded quietly, watching her from the corner of his eye. The latch clicked, and then the mechanism whirred as she slowly let the belt slide into place. "Good. Now turn toward me and lean against the door." He heard her swallow, but she did as he said, adjusting the hem of her dress as it attempted to ride up her thigh.

They came to a red light, and he turned to her as the car rolled to a stop, purposefully smirking at her. "Spread your legs." She was a little slower to comply this time, and clutched at the hem of her dress as her knees parted. He clicked his tongue. "Let go of the dress, Kagome, and put your right foot up into the seat."

"If I do that," she said, "then you'll be able to see—"

"That's the point, little miko," he said. "I want you to bare yourself to me."

For a moment, she floundered. "B-but the windows—"

"Are tinted just enough so that no one can see you." She nibbled her lip, and he chuckled. "Scared?"

"No!" she bit out, immediately scowling at his cocked brow. "It's just..."

The light changed as she trailed off, and he watched her from the corner of his eye as she shifted, ever so slowly, until the daintily heeled foot of her right leg lifted into the leather seat. He rumbled in appreciation, reaching over to stroke lightly at her hairless calf as the scent of her bared pussy permeated the cab of the car. They came to another red light, and he looked over at her again, taking in the sight she made. He licked his lips.

"Delicious," he murmured. Her cheeks flushed, and he trailed his fingers further up her leg, circling random patterns against her inner thigh. Her skin shivered.

"Do you know how much I'm going to make you scream, Ka-Go-Me?" he asked rhetorically, giving the car a bit of gas as the light changed. He flicked a glance at her, lowering his voice and moving his hand closer to the juncture of her legs. "Do you know how many times I'm going to fuck you tonight?" Her scent spiked, and he touched her clit, enjoying the small gasp that left her lips.

Pulling his hand back—and smirking at the whimper of protest that crossed the space between them—he turned toward the city limits.

"Get ready, little miko," he murmured, speeding up as they left the suburbs behind. "Because where we're going, there's no turning back."

She shivered, and he felt a thrill of anticipation shoot down his spine. This was going to be a night to remember.


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