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Presents by Smortz

Dive In

This is dedicated to Lillian. It is her birthday today and I wanted to write her something special. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim any ownership of any characters associated in the InuYasha manga or anime.

Nerves filled her, but confidence overwhelmed them. Last year, Sesshoumaru hadn’t even told her it was his birthday. She was forced to seek out the information from digging through his wallet and finding his driver’s licence. Then, her scheming had kicked into gear.

Her mate had never liked birthdays. Being a demon, birthdays just symbolized another year of immortality that they would soon forget. She understood that, but thought it would change now that he had her - his mate. This year, this birthday, he would never forget. Kagome was sure of it.

She quickly dove into action preparing the last small fixes before her businessman would come home. Candles were lit, non-scented of course. The lights were dimmed so he would not get a headache, and Kagome was laid out on the bed with a large bow stuck to the apex between her thighs.

Now, it was time to play the waiting game. She tapped her fingers against the comforter, thought of the reciting the English alphabet multiple times or even doing inner-mind crossword puzzles, but she still couldn’t saddle the anticipation bubbling in her abdomen. The mere thought of seeing his face when he found her - his birthday present - made moisture collect between her legs. Sesshoumaru would probably smell arousal once he stepped out of the car in the parking lot. Kagome giggled at the thought.

The giggle was quickly cut off when she heard a key slip into the apartment door. She seemed to hold her breath, awaiting for the impending surprise.

The door clicked open. She heard the keys drop into the bowl beside the door. The sound of footsteps echoed in the hallway against the wooden flooring. Each step made her shiver, made her need multiplied, her pussy seemed to jolt as if each step were a finger-light caress against her skin.

“Kagome?” She heard her mate call out, his voice slightly raspy. Kagome smirked, he had definitely smelled her.

“In the bedroom!” She shouted, although it was unnecessary. Sesshoumaru could have easily found her if he followed the scent trail of arousal. Still, she patiently awaited to see him fill the space of the doorway.

“Why is the apartment so dark?” Sesshoumaru wondered as he grew closer. “What are you plotting?” He teased, coming to a dead stop at the door. His golden eyes flickered to red at the picture before him.

Kagome was naked, laying along their bed. Her hair was in exhausted curls, her eyes glazed and filled with lost. Her nipples were hard, almost as if awaiting his attention. The small, golden bow that hid her womanhood from his eyes would soon be gone. “Christ...” He swore, unable to completely grasp the situation at hand. “What’s the occasion?”

“Silly, it’s your birthday,” Kagome cooed, her lips pouting slightly. Her tongue ran over her bottom lip, a smirk appearing as a blush filtered onto her cheeks. “Doesn’t my puppy want to dive into his present?” She teased.

Sesshoumaru swallowed thickly, his briefcase containing a very expensive laptop falling to the ground without a care in the world. His steps faltered clumsily as he collided with the bed, falling into the mattress. His arms trapped her from escaping, not that she would want to. “A gift for me?” He asked, his lips only inches from hers. She could feel his hot breath ghosting across her neck, sending her nerves scurrying.

“Who else?” Kagome shot back, her hands reaching up to quickly work at the buttons of his shirt. “You’re the birthday boy,” she returned.

Sesshoumaru snorted, but allowed her to have her fun. He leaned back to allow her better access, taking great pleasure of flexing his abs when she pushed the shirt off his shoulders. Her arousal spiked, sending his ego higher into the air. “Tease,” she grumbled, reaching for the buckle of his belt next.

Sesshoumaru grabbed her hand, shaking his head to stop her. “No,” he growled, leaning down to cup one of her breasts, his teeth closing around it. A small nip sent her back arching in the air. A sharp intake of breath telling him she was enjoying the attention. “Let this puppy enjoy his present...” He whispered, his tongue lapping at the hardened pebble.

Kagome could only get out a nod as he bit the side of her breast, his claws trailing lines of fire down her belly, circling her navel before delving to were the bow was. “It is a cute decoration,” Sesshoumaru informed her with a smile. His eyes were filled with love, as if he appreciated her gift.

No one had ever done anything like this for his birthday. Sesshoumaru’s heart swelled at the feeling of success. His mate was one of a kind, an enigma that only he had. A treasure that would forever be in his grasp.

“Sesshoumaru,” she whispered when she felt the bow come off her flesh. Her eyes shot open when his tongue flicked over her clit. The feeling sent her hips towards his mouth. “God!” She exclaimed.

“Just me, Kagome,” Sesshoumaru corrected. He only wanted his name to be shouted during such activities. Although it was flattering to be compared to such a being.

His tongue lapped at the pool of moisture already settled on the lips of her sex. The sweet taste sent his own member hardening in his slacks. Quickly, his hand moved to unleash his cock. It sprung to life as soon as he pushed down the offending clothing.

“Maru,” Kagome whined, her hands tangling in his hair as she thrust her hips closer to her face. “More,” she begged, pleaded.

Sesshoumaru’s smirk only grew as his fingers wrapped around his own member, stroking his erection as if to tell it to wait. He nipped at her nub, listening to the shriek she released. A tremor ran through his body. “Miko, you have no idea what you do to me,” he whispered hotly.

“Show me,” Kagome’s words bounced through his head. His golden eyes began to fill with pink as he paused his attentions on her pussy. He looked up at her, meeting her lusty gaze.

He kissed his way back up her body, his lips sliding over the soft flesh and leaving wet, open-mouth kisses. He paused to admire her breasts once more before kissing along her collar bone. Her puffy lips were next, evidence that she had been biting them the entire time he had orally pleased her.

His cock bounced against her nether-lips, causing Kagome to hiss at the sudden feeling. A smile was still plastered on her face as their eyes connected. “Happy birthday,” she whispered when he began to slide his cock into her wet folds.

Sesshoumaru couldn’t help the groan that escaped him. It was like a hot vice, clenching down on him. for a moment, he couldn’t move. He feared he would spend himself already. He leaned his forehead against hers, releasing a shuddering breath. “You’re so tight, Kagome,” he breathed out as he slid the rest of the way in.

She whimpered, arching her back and allowing him to go even deeper. Her eyes closed tightly, mouth opening as she savored the feeling of being so full. With Sesshoumaru deep inside her, she felt complete, whole.

Quickly, Sesshoumaru began this thrusts. In and out. Over and Over. Faster and faster. The rhythm seemed to make itself. The sound of his pelvis slamming against her thighs echoed in their small bedroom. The slick sound of her wet pussy taking in his penis causing them both to moan. “Harder,” she begged.

Sesshoumaru complied easily. His thrusts coming deeper and harder, as if he were trying to rip her into two. He watched in satisfaction as Kagome lifted off the bed. Her back arched, her hips reached up to meet his. The woman was a nymph, captivating him with her seductive moves.

“I-I’m going to come,” Kagome moaned, her nails digging into his shoulders as he wrapped his arms tightly around her, nipping at her neck. He felt her cavern tighten against his erection. It was so contradicting. With every pulse it tried to push him out, yet it pulled him back in at the same time.

Sesshoumaru didn’t hesitate to continue his performance. His cock slid into her, even as the juices of her release leaked out with each thrust. She moaned and squirmed, her nerves fried and spent. His hips ground into hers as he clung to her, wanting nothing more than to release his own seed into her womb.

The mere thought sent him careening over the edge. He howled his release, his thrusts becoming erratic in a desperate attempt to release everything he had into her. It felt as if it’d gotten hotter, tighter. He let his weight fall on her, listening to her whimper as her fingers ran soft circles along the flesh of his back. “I love you.” The three words were whispered into his ear. The real birthday gift,  he concluded.

He pulled out, rolling to the side of her. “Kagome,” he began, wondering how much trouble he would be in if he actually confessed it. “How did you learn of my birthday?” He asked.

“I looked at your driver’s license,” she answered simply, rolling on her side and laying her head on his chest, releasing a sigh of contentment.

“Did you read what else it says on my driver’s license?” Sesshoumaru continued, hoping that she would catch on if he gave her multiple hints. “It says I have blond hair and brown eyes.”

“Well, silver and gold aren’t an option,” Kagome argued, her eyes drifting close as exhaustion began to kick in.

“Which means, a driver’s license isn’t always correct. Today’s not my real birthday. I have no idea when I was born, that’s why I don’t celebrate it,” Sesshoumaru confessed, holding his breath for her reaction.

When nothing happened, he looked down at his sleeping mate. A smile came over his lips. His golden eyes glowed with love. “I guess we can make it today,” he allowed, letting his own eyes close as he welcomed a peaceful slumber.


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