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Rhythm of the Heartbeat by MissKatt

Room for Rent

A/N: What? A new Sesshy/Kags fic by MissKatt? Yes :) Don't worry, BHL is still my top priority, but I was inspired with the idea of this fic from my studio (-is a Pole Fitness Instructor-) and it just wouldn't leave me alone. I even dreamed about it o_O So! Here it is :)

A little info you need to know: It's the modern time. Kumo=spider in Japanese. I am only familiar with American currency (-lives in Southern California-) so I am going off of that for this chapter. I think you can look up converters if needed :) Shinseina=holy so that's how I got Miroku's last name.

That's about it. :) Oh, and it's an AU!


DISCLAIMER: All Inuyasha goodness belongs to the amazing Takahashi-san!

Rhythm of the Heartbeat

By: MissKatt

Prologue: Room for Rent

"Kaede-baachan, please! We beg you to reconsider this!" The black hair beauty begged the owner of the Shikon Shrine. The elder lady had been Kagome's mentor since she was four years old. She knew her better than the other two employees so if Kaede was going to go to these measures, then they had to be in serious trouble.

"I am sorry girls, but we just need the money. I barely have enough to pay you three. I already had to lay off all the other instructors. Our classes have been cut more than in half as well as our variety." The owner kept her sharp eye on Kagome, watching the emotions wash over her face. Her best and most versatile student gripped her red hakama pants, her uniform when teaching the archery classes, as she kneeled before her. She stared miserably down at the wooden floor beneath her, biting her lip the way she did when she was troubled.

"But, to accept money from the Kumo Company is just insane. You know how they are." Kikyou piped up, kneeling on the other side of Sango. Her and her sister clashed too much to be near each other. However, on this issue they were both on the same side; which was exceedingly rare. The Kumo family acted like generous people, sharing their money to the businesses in need, but later down the line they expect higher percentage rates for the sudden 'loan'. If the company failed to deliver the money on the day presented, they were immediately shut down. Not to mention, they change the business in any way possible to benefit them.

"Hai, Kaede-baachan, it's not safe. We could lose everything. So many companies have lost their businesses because of them. They take everything away." The weapons expert spoke for the first time, her brows furrowed, her soft brown eyes filled with concern. The Shrine was her and her best friend's favorite spot. The place they could come and relax, vent out any anger they may have, and especially escape the hell that rose up in the home they shared.

Kaede held up her hand. "Enough." She looked at her best archery teacher and shook her head. "I understand, Kikyou-san, but the Kumo Company is our only chance right now." She then turned her eyes on the self-defense instructor. "Sango-chan, if we do not do this I will have to close the shrine and I know how much it means to you guys." She replied and then let her eyes fall on her favorite student. "There is nothing else to do, Kagome-chan. We have tried the Room for Rent idea, but no one will pay our price. We have already lowered it three times. The ones who have rented it out, backed out because their classes failed. None of the classes they offered have been a hit. We either need the money from the Kumo Company, or someone to offer something new for clients."

"But Kaede-baachan…" Kagome said softly, keeping her head down. What could she say? Kaede was right. They were out of money and had no other option. They were losing more clients by having to cut some of the classes offered at the Shikon Shrine. All they had now were self-defense lessons, 'ninja' classes, archery, and dance lessons. They used to have everything you could imagine: swimming, boxing, cooking, theatre, yoga, etc. They had lost a lot of clients due to the cut backs.

"I am sorry, Kagome-chan, but we must." Kaede responded. She wished she didn't have to, but she couldn't give up the girls' haven. This was their only freedom. Kagome took a deep breath and raised her head to meet Kaede's eyes, when the bell was heard at the entrance door. "Ho? At this hour?"

Kagome glanced at the clock on the wall. 7:43pm. Definitely too late for anyone to be taking a class. She looked back at Kaede as she rose from kneeling position. "I will go with you." She offered and rose to her feet as well. The elder lady waved her hand at her.

"Nay, there is no point, child." She replied and walked toward the studio door. She slid it open and stepped out, Kagome on her tail.

"But Kaede-baachan, anyone at the hour must be up to no good. It's not safe." The young girl said before stopping dead in her tracks when Kaede turned around to face her. The sadness in her mentor's eyes pained her.

"Please, Kagome, go back inside and begin to clean up."

The young miko nodded with a sigh. She guessed that Kaede thought it might by Kumo Naraku with the papers and didn't want Kagome to see her sign their fate away. She turned back around and slipped back into the studio where Sango had begun to clean. "Where's Kikyou?"

Sango shot her a dubious look. "Does she ever stay and help clean?" She asked with a raised brow.

"Of course not. She's too good to clean like us lowly beings." Kagome rolled her eyes, causing Sango to laugh, and tied her white haori sleeves back so she could help clean.

"Oh no, never." The self-defense teacher mimicked and they shared a laugh.

"But still, it's rude for her to leave all of the cleaning to us. Kaede-baachan has already talked her many times about it, but she still refuses to help. I think she may be on her last thread with Shikon Shrine."

"I hope so, Kagome-chan. Then we won't have to deal with her all the time." Sango replied with a sigh.

"Yes, but at least we have each other to keep us sane at home." Kagome smiled and tied her hair into a sloppy bun before she took her place beside Sango. She dipped her rag in the bucket of water her friend had drawn and placed it on the ground. They both went into crouching positions, both of their hands on the rags, and ran across the wooden floor in perfect harmony. When they reached the other side, they flipped over their rags and then ran back to the starting side. They continued until they had finished the whole floor. Kagome began to ring out the last of the dirt when Kaede hobbled into the room, waving a piece of paper.

"Ah! Girls!" She said happily, beaming at the two.

"What is it, Kaede-baachan?" Sango asked, standing up. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes! Everything is great! I have great news!" She replied, the wrinkles around her eyes becoming deeper and more profound as she smiled, her eyes glistening with unshed tears of joy.

"What is it?" Kagome asked, rising to her feet, trying not to get too hopeful for fear of being shot down. She chewed on the inside of her cheek in anticipation. "What's the good news?"

"We have someone who is going to rent out the other studio room finally! We do not have to go to the Kumo Company!" Sango and Kagome's faces lit up and they ran over to Kaede, hugging her in a double tight embrace.

"Ah! Thank Kami-sama!" Kagome sighed in relief, closing her eyes tightly to prevent the tears that threatened to pour from her eyes. This place was her sanctuary, the only place she truly considered home. She was unbelievably happy and thankful for whoever was saving their Shrine; well, for at least for a month longer.

"Who are they? What are they going to teach? Is it more exciting than the other teachers?" Sango drilled, trying to find out more about the person she was most thankful for at the moment.

"Sword play, boxing, fencing, and a meditation class…?" Kaede trailed off as she read from the paper in her hand.

"Wow, that's a great variety! Surely it will bring in enough students to make them, and us, a nice profit!" Sango cheered, jumping up and down from joy.

"How many instructors will be working in the studio?" Kagome asked. "Surely not just one person will be teaching all of those classes?"

"Why not, you do!" Kaede said, smiling at the girl before looking back at the paper. "It seems to be the three people that approached the Shrine tonight."

"Oh? Three? How much are you charging them, Kaede-baachan?" Sango asked, raising her brow.

"Well, since we were so desperate, I told them it will be five hundred dollars for the month, then ten percent from each of their class profits." She said softly, adjusting her eye patch as she sighed.

"It's a start, Kaede-baachan, we can't complain about it." Kagome asked, putting her hand on her shoulder and giving her a reassuring squeeze. They couldn't ask for much to begin with; they had to get the new instructors to stay at least for a couple months. Kaede gave her a thankful smile before looking at the paper again.

"Oh, here, their names are: Shinseina Miroku, Taisho Sesshoumaru, and Taisho Inuyasha." She said, still smiling until she felt Kagome's grip tighten on her shoulder. She looked up to gaze at her student. She had her head bent down, her bangs covering her face. "Ho? Kagome-chan? Are you alright?"


"Are you sure? Do you know them?" Kagome just gave a simple nod. "Oh, dear, is it because the brothers are youkai? Do not worry, their friend is a monk! He told me as much. That was my determining factor." She said, trying to reassure the girl.

"Hai." She repeated. She offered her mentor a bow before turning on her heel and exiting her studio. Kaede knew nothing of the situation so her soothing words had no effect.

"Oh dear, this doesn't look good." Sango replied before running after her friend. Yes, this would not be a good situation. Her best friend couldn't face her tormenter again, it wasn't fair. No! This was Kagome's only peaceful place, he couldn't just take it away from her again.

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