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Birds of a Feather by Aviel


Disclaimer: Though it saddens me to say it, I don’t own anything relating to Takahashi-sensei’s Inuyasha. However, the plot of this drabble series does belong to me as well as any OCs that may show up along the way.

A/N: None. :) Update 3 of 4.

Chapter 314: Blunder

Jeez… I don’t see what the big deal is. Ah-Un would’ve caught me. Isn’t that right, buddy?” Kagome cooed, hugging the large dragon.

That is not the point,” Sesshoumaru rumbled, leaning against the rail of the veranda. “Had you been injured, I would have been forced to kill him.”

“…Kazuya-san? Why?”

Your welfare was his responsibility. He did not do enough to keep you from harm.”

But I’m fine,” Kagome reiterated.

Sesshoumaru went on as if he didn’t hear her, “My cousin has been emotionally compromised. He is no longer fit to be your guard.”


Original Posting Date: October 4, 2014

Prompt: For Stella’s “Soundtrack” Challenge, Semblance of Dualism

Soundtrack: Death Note / Theme: Corruption

Words: 100


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