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Quarantine by Panda chan


"Um...excuse, sir.  Are you feeling well?" A middle school girl asked a young man, possibly in his late twenties on the train.

He was sweating, and licking his lips. Many people watched the man and held their nose and many would text each other about how nasty the man was or making fun of him.

The man felt dizzy, he tried to speak but the only thing that came out of his mouth were moans and whimpers. The middle school girl that was next to him screamed. Everyone watched as the man threw up on the girl, he stood up and leaned on people coughing and vomiting more and more.

He wobbled towards the train doors and tried to pry them open but he was too weak and the doors were sealed shut, "" After gasping those two words the man collapsed to the ground.


"Hey little guy, I'm going to take some blood alright." Kagome smiled at the young kid and the boy began crying and kicking. His mother apologized to Kagome and tried to talk to him. "Hey how about this, if you let me get some blood, I'll give you this big ol' bright red sucker, huh?"

The boy sniffled, and calmed down and gave Kagome a nod. She got her blood, and he got his sucker. She left the room and began walking to the lab when she heard her name begin called,

"Kagome! We need you right now"

"But I got to take this to the lab."

"I'll do it, just go." Sherry demanded. Kagome power walked to room 166A, she saw a man having a seizure and thrashing at the nurses and doctors. They were yelling for help and for restraints.

She grabbed some gloves and a mask and got close to the man, "sir, my name is Kagome and I need you to calm down okay." The man came up and bit one of the nurses cheek. She screamed and held onto the cheek as others began helping her and five huge men came in with restraints.

Kagome went to care for the nurse and looked back at the man. She noticed his eyes were bloodshot and blood was on his lips and teeth. She got closer to the man. His veins could be seen perfectly, his skin was a brownish red and dry, Kagome looked at his mouth and pulled out a Popsicle stick from her scrubs and held down his tongue.

White fluid was in his mouth and he bit the stick and Kagome let it go and backed up. He began to scream and everyone was watching the room, someone whispered  to shut him up and one of the huge fellows did by punching him. Kagome rubbed her forehead and left the room and walked out of the hospital.

"Get back inside now!"

Kagome looked up and saw what looked like the police, the national guard, and CDC. Guns were pointed right at her and the same person yelled at her again,

"I will not tell you again! Get back, inside the building now or we will shoot you!"

Kagome raised her hands up and backed up back inside the hospital. Men with mask came from the side and closed up the doors, she covered her mouth and held onto the cross around her neck.

"Aahhhhhhhhh! She puked on me! She puked on me!"

Kagome turned around and saw the nurse that gotten bit vomit onto a male nurse. Kagome rubbed her cross and spoke out loud to herself, "sweet Virgin Mary, what is happening..."


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