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Door Prize by Aurora Antheia Raine

For You. Forever.

This was inspired by the song Knockin' by Vanness Wu. It was never meant to be smut though and yet, somehow... it just... happened.

Prompt 1: Exasperated

Word Count: 300

“It’s just… I wish they would treat me well,” Kagome said softly into the phone. “Is it so hard giving me the respect I deserve?”

Sesshoumaru sighed exasperatedly. He honestly didn’t have a response for her. What could he say?

For so long, he had loved her, only to watch her throw herself at men who used her. Hojo in high school, Kouga in college, and even his own half-brother, Inuyasha. Until now. Until he had decided to cheat and have Kagome catch him in the act. Throughout the years, Kagome had never paused to think that perhaps Sesshoumaru was the one for her.


“I’m here, Kagome,” he replied.

For you. Forever,” Sesshoumaru wanted to add, but he held his tongue. Now, just like all the times in the past, was not the time for such words. But when, exactly, would it be appropriate?

“I’m… I’m going to go and clear my head. Good night, Sesshoumaru.”

He heard the click of her ending the call before the dial tone echoed in his ear. She hadn’t waited for his response. She never did. Sighing again, Sesshoumaru slid his phone onto the counter, feeling the weight of the world upon his shoulders.

His mind was filled with thoughts of Kagome. The way her eyes shone. Her wide, innocent smile. Her bubbly personality. Then he thought of her calling him in the middle of the night, voice trembling as she asked for him. He recalled the many times he had seen her clutching her sheets to her naked body, tears falling from her eyes.

He slammed a fist down. He wouldn’t stand aside any longer. She deserved happiness. He deserved happiness. Tonight, he would make her his.

Sesshoumaru grabbed his jacket and practically ran out the door, determination coursing through his veins.


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