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Mission Impossible by Aurora Antheia Raine

Mission Impossible

Thank you, Smortz, for betaing!

Title: Mission Impossible

Author: Aurora Antheia Raine

Theme: Closet [One-Shot #45]

Genre: AU, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Rating: T

Warnings: Mild seduction.

Word Count: 1,552

Summary: A lovestruck girl. A gay boy. One impossible mission. (Part 1/2)

It was officially official.

That was the most heartbreaking part of it all. All the years Kagome had spent in devotion to Sesshoumaru. All those times she made a fool of herself all for his sake. It had been for naught.

She had tried to attract his attention in each and every possible way. She had acted the tantalizing vixen. She had portrayed the best friend next door. She had been herself and everyone but herself. No matter what she had attempted, she had not been able to break through the ice barrier that was encased around his heart.

She had admitted defeat but not anymore. Not after witnessing what she did today. If she had lost to another woman, Kagome could possibly accept it, but to lose Sesshoumaru to a man? That made her angry and frustrated. But more than that, she was determined.

Kagome knew she was the perfect match for Sesshoumaru. She had known him long enough to know that for a fact. It was only unfortunate that he couldn’t see it. Instead, he was blinded by men. Men!

Of all the possibilities that had ran through her mind as to why Sesshoumaru had never shown an inkling of feelings for her, being gay had never even crossed her mind. She wouldn’t even bother going into how hurt she was that Sesshoumaru hadn’t confided in her. It was obvious; he’d rather come out of the closet in public then to divulge that information to her.

Well, Kagome was determined to sway him over, no matter what it took. No longer would he be sidetracked by new male students at school. After today, both his beautifully golden eyes would be on her and only her. She would make sure of it.

Fishing out her cell phone from her pocket, Kagome pressed the speed dial button to Sesshoumaru’s cell. Peeking from around the corner, she could see the new boy, Jakotsu, step away from Sesshoumaru with a slight frown marring his face. The hand that had been on Sesshoumaru’s forearm slowly trailed down before falling to a stop at the owner’s hip.

Sesshoumaru reached into his backpack and pulled out a flashy phone to look at the number. An unknown expression crossed his face before he turned sideways away from Jakotsu, a clear indication he didn‘t want the conversation to be overheard. Pressing the talk button, he held the phone to his ear.

“Kagome,” he stated plainly.

“Hi Sesshoumaru,” she chirped in response, “are you busy right now?”

“Nothing that can not be put off for a few moments, I assure you.”

The beginnings of a smirk began to appear on Kagome’s face. This was a good sign. It meant he wasn’t too captivated by the new boy yet. If Sesshoumaru had been, Kagome would have cursed the new student all the way to hell and back. Of all the times to transfer schools…

Shaking her head to clear away negative thoughts, she focused on her current conversation.

“That’s good. I was wondering if you could come over today? There’s this math assignment due tomorrow, and I’m completely lost on how to do it.”

Sesshoumaru slid his eyes over to look at Jakotsu for a brief moment before nodding slightly, despite Kagome’s inability to see said nod. “Very well. I will be there at the usual time.”

“Great!” She exclaimed, “See you soon.”

Sliding his phone closed, Sesshoumaru slipped it back into his backpack and looked at an inquisitive Jakotsu. “I am afraid I will have to cancel the plans we’ve made today,” Sesshoumaru told him, “but call me and we shall set up a new time to meet.”

“I understand. Make no mistake, Sesshoumaru. I’m a patient man,” Jakotsu replied, flashing him a quick wink. “And I’m certain, with more time to practice before we meet, the act will be much more pleasurable.”

“I, too, am certain of the fact,” Sesshoumaru agreed before taking his leave. Jakotsu’s eyes followed his figure until he turned the corner and could no longer be seen.


“Kagome! You’re making a big mistake,” Sango, her best friend, cried indignantly. She was promptly silenced when a small scrap of flimsy, lacy material hit her square in the face. Sputtering, she lifted the panties with two fingers and blanched.

“Kagome, really,” she insisted, tossing the item behind her without bothering to look. “Will you please listen?”

“Fine!” Kagome snapped, throwing both hands up in the air with agitation. Whirling around, she faced her friend in only her bra and panties. “What big mistake am I making in seducing Sesshoumaru?”

“Well, he’s gay. He’s not going to get a reaction out of seeing you scantily clad,” Sango pointed out, crossing her arms.

“Not when I’m through with him,” Kagome pouted stubbornly.

“You also didn’t hear what he and Jakotsu were saying today,” she revealed hesitantly.

At that statement, Kagome’s eyes immediately lit up. With an excited screech, Kagome launched herself at Sango, tackling her so that she fell backwards upon the bed. “What did they say? Tell me!”

Shoving Kagome off, Sango bit her bottom lip nervously. “Jakotsu said ‘the act will be much more pleasurable.’”

Kagome ran the words over in her head, feeling her heart aching. She had an idea as to what that statement had been referring to, but she didn’t want to think about it. To think about it was to confirm her worst fears, and it also signified the need to end her love for Sesshoumaru cold turkey. She couldn’t do it. If she could, she would have stopped loving him long ago.

“W-what does that mean?” She asked softly, her voice meek and lacking energy.

“Is it not obvious?” Sango cried in disbelief, “The act! Sex, of course! What other act would be pleasurable?”

Immediately, images of Sesshoumaru and Jakotsu appeared in Kagome’s mind. One like day and the other like night. Opposites attract, she heard, but she hadn’t believed it until now. The thought of them together, touching and caressing was too much to bear. She could see and hear it perfectly in her overactive imagination and try as she might, Kagome couldn’t block it out.

She could hear Sesshoumaru’s groan and Jakotsu’s soft sigh. She could see Sesshoumaru’s claws trailing, caressing and lingering. She could envision Jakotsu’s hands gripping and scratching. With a loud cry of distress, Kagome fell backwards but met with thin air before tumbling off the bed.

Instead of getting up, she just laid on the floor, goosebumps covering her entire body from the slight chill in the air. Sango peered over the edge of the mattress at her heartbroken friend, unsure of what to say. What was there to say, anyway, to someone who has been in love with a gay man for more years than she could keep track of?

“Well… maybe it’s not what we think?” Sango said feebly, trying to make Kagome feel better.

Before a response could be made, the doorbell rang.

Like a spooked cat, Kagome sprang up to her feet and Sango leapt off the bed.

“I’ll talk to you later. Tell me how it goes,” Sango whispered, patting her on the shoulder quickly, before climbing out the open window.

Scrambling around to prepare herself, Kagome grabbed the first article of clothing she could reach and rushed to open the door.

Sesshoumaru’s gaze drifted from the top of her head to her bare toes before trailing back up again. His elegant silver eyebrows disappeared beneath his bangs and Kagome quickly looked at herself. When she realized what he was looking at, Kagome felt her face flush red in embarrassment.

She had grabbed a tacky semi-transparent robe with images of herself in cartoon chibi form. The image of her was skimpily dressed with the phrase ‘too sexy for my shirt’ in bold red font. It had been a mockery gift from Sango a few years ago and she had never worn it, but it must have been dug up while she was searching for the perfect outfit to wear for Sesshoumaru’s arrival.

“Interesting choice of attire,” Sesshoumaru remarked dryly and Kagome felt her face flaming up even more. He walked into the house and entered her room before Kagome was able to stop him. Sesshoumaru came to an immediate stop upon stepping through the door.

Kagome let out a nervous laugh. It looked like a tornado had ripped through her room, sending her clothes and undergarments scattering in every which way.

“The homework assignment…,” Sesshoumaru questioned, almost as if he were afraid to know of what she had done with it.

Before Kagome could think her actions through, she pounced on Sesshoumaru and the two of them tumbled half on her bed and half on the floor. She didn’t give him a chance to react. If she wanted to seduce him, she had to do it now. No matter what, she needed a response; a reaction.

Kagome wanted to know that Sesshoumaru wasn’t gay, but even as she moved her mouth to meet his, Sesshoumaru didn’t move an inch. Feeling a bit discouraged, she pressed on; opening her mouth slightly as she nibbled on his bottom lip leisurely

Then, she felt Sesshoumaru’s hands cupping her bottom and Kagome smiled.

Mission impossible? No, more like mission very possible.

For now.


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