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Priestess by Smortz



This is in response to the Superhero/Batman challenge! It is keeping my mind from exploding due to work and school and I am glad I got this chapter done. I hope you enjoy it, seeing as this is the first time I have attempted something like this!

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Chapter 1

No,” Sesshomaru hissed out with the same amount of venom a cobra had. His golden eyes pierced the man on the other side of the table, who shrank back silently in his chair.

The long table was positioned in the center of the room. On one side there was a large white projection screen. Just beneath that screen sat Sesshomaru the boss of the biggest newspaper company in the city. He glanced at the current problem, sitting to his right in the form of an innocent woman. Her black locks were captured into a ponytail. The silver dress she wore was tightened around her waist by a large belt. The low neckline made a small glimpse of her cleavage visible as the straps fell along one of her shoulders.

Sesshomaru, you are acting like a child.” The same woman reprimanded, turning her cheek away from him to look at the man he had previously scolded. “Sir, can you repeat the question, I will answer for myself.”

The man cleared his throat while Kagome secretly assessed him. His hazelnut hair framed his delicate face. He was definitely younger than the other directors, but that also meant he could be more immature. He obviously did not stand up to Sesshomaru's rudeness which meant he did not like fights. This could be a hazard to the newspaper company, which required fighting on an hourly basis.

Ms. Higurashi, I would like to extend an invitation from our company. You are a very sophisticated editor and deserve more than what you have here,” he paused when Sesshomaru released a growl. “Please, you will be the Head Editor at our firm and will be able to choose your own team and control that department. I am offering you the next step in your career, which you should have gotten already.”

Kagome waited a few moments after he had finished talking. She took in his offer hoping that there was some nice way to reject him. The offer was good. In fact, it was unbelievable. However, what good would being a editor do if it was in a small newspaper company no one had even heard of? She nodded to herself before speaking. “I apologize, but I will have to decline your offer. While I am not the Head Editor here I am comfortable.”

She watched the downfall of the man in front of her. His eyes ghosted over in failure. He nodded to her, respecting her answer as he stood up and pushed the door open. As soon as it closed, Kagome turned her attention to the smug man beside her. “What is wrong with you? Do you know how rude you were?” She demanded, her fingers clenching into angry fists.

It is much ruder to go to another company and try to snatch one of their employees,” Sesshomaru returned without looking at her. His eyes remained passively focused on the work in front of him. “Higurashi, start the meeting,” he instructed after she began to fume silently.

She gave a huff while leaning forward to the intercom located in the center of the table. Her finger pressed the white button. “End of the day meeting, folks,” she ordered into the inanimate object. She let go and sat in her seat again, shooting one last glare to her boss. He still would not look at her. “What is wrong with you,” she grumbled. “I have worked here for six years. I started as an intern and have worked my way up regardless of your oppression and still you refuse to recognize any of my work,” she whispered dishearteningly. Her eyes turned to the door, missing the one time he looked at her with an expression holding a small amount of shock at her bravado for saying such straightforward things.

He knew that he did not give her the amount of credit she deserved. If he did that, everyone in town would know about her. He did not want that. She was his own secret. His own treasure. He needed to protect that, even if it meant that she hated him. She was the enigma that he had found. He did not know what exactly he felt for her, be it curiosity or affection, but he enjoyed having her in his hands.

His focus was deterred from her when the door clicked shut. The table was filled to the max and several of his employees were standing in the back with tired looks on their faces. “Good job,” he began before he dropped the shoe, “but it is not enough. Right now we have a lose vigilante rolling the streets and we can't get anything on the idiot! There are no pictures – no articles. What are you useless things doing?” He demanded an answer, but no one dared speak to him.

He pointed to the folder he had been looking at. “The Daily Noble had pictures of the weirdo before us. You know what that means? It means their employees are doing more than you guys, which means you all have replacements! I want a biography on this freak in two days, do you understand?!”

A few nods were seen, and Kagome heard him growl under his breath. He waved a hand, clearly dismissing them. Kagome couldn't help but feel a nervous lump in her throat when he turned his attention to her. “I meant you too,” he grumbled.

Kagome's back straightened, eyes narrowed. “Do you really want to unmask this guy?” She asked critically. “What's the harm in putting the bad guys away, of doing things the police won't do. What's the harm in protecting the civilians?”

He is a hazard,” Sesshomaru spat out. His eyes narrowed back on hers. “Do you have agree with what he is doing?” He questioned.

Kagome stood up, anger flaring throughout her body. It wasn't that he was questioning her opinions; it was simply because he assumed the vigilante was a male. “I do agree with what he or she is doing, you chauvinistic pig!” She shouted as she grabbed her leather messenger bag and continued to parade out of the room.

Kagome!” Her name was called. Still angered, she turned around and was already glaring at the person in question. Her blue eyes softened when they saw her friend. The woman was older than her by a few years, but still had a model's body. “What happened with you and Hojo?”

He offered me a job as the Head of the Editorial department at his company,” Kagome grumbled, not wanting to be reminded of the job she had turned down. When she saw the questioning glance in Sango's eyes, she began to explain. “No one knows about that company yet. I think it would be smarter to stay here. I am only a few more jumps away from the same spot anyways.”

Sango's mouth twitched in doubt. “Sesshomaru is never going to promote you. He hasn't done it yet, and you are the best editor here,” Sango, one of his photographers, told her. She was always the realistic and pessimistic one. “You want to go out and get something to drink?” She asked.

Kagome shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. “Sorry, Sango, I have someone I'm meeting up with,” she explained honestly, waving over her shoulder as she began to walk away. She heard Sango give a reprimanding sound through her lips.

You're going to that shrine again aren't you?” She asked from behind her, but did not follow. “Kagome, it is unhealthy to see that man!” She called out just before the elevator closed between them.

Kagome rolled her eyes at Sango's childishness. Sure, the man in question wasn't very holy at all, but she didn't go to him for that reason. Shaking her head once more, she waited for the elevator to come to a full stop and the doors to open, walking out and into the small parking lot.

The red car was out of date. The compact sedan she drove was barely hanging on to just about anything. The brakes squeaked, the belt was bad, the steering wheel was held on by duct tape, yet she couldn't bring herself to get rid of it. Nonetheless, she started the engine after a few failed attempts and pulled out of her company's territory. At this time of night, traffic wasn't too bad and she cruised along while anticipation and excitement grew in the pit of her stomach.

On the outskirts of the city was the shrine. She parked her car along the curb, hustling up the stairs and stopping when she saw the purple robes the monk wore. He smiled at her, setting the broom he had just been using to sweep the steps against the side of the wooden home. “I was expecting you,” he greeted with a knowing smirk. “You make my life so interesting now,” he added.

Kagome smirked, following him into the home. He continued to lead her through what seemed to be a labyrinth, until they reached a dead end. He kicked the floor, one of the boards lifted up as if a magical puzzle piece. The wall in front of them began to shimmy to the side and Kagome watched with an awe-filled expression. “You always surprise me, what happened to the magical oven in the kitchen, Miroku?” She asked.

The monk began to pout. “I couldn't make pizzas anymore,” he whispered disgruntled at the loss of horrible food. He tugged on a small rope to the side of them, and it illuminated the room before them. The lights were roped along the wall, the hidden door slamming shut behind them. Several trinkets were on the table in front of her. “The weapon you are using now is useless,” he announced suddenly, searching through the items for something in particular.

A bow and arrow is so outdated, so I decided to work on a new collection of weapons,” he told her with a grin. Kagome was almost scared to set another foot down in this dangerous lair. Still, he raised something that she probably would have never lifted in all her life. Yet, she was drawn to its beauty. “This is your new weapon. The gun is finished with a metal frame and holds eighteen rounds. I was able to skin it and it weights about fifteen ounces.”

Kagome stared at the handgun. The grip was a checkered finish. She slowly traced the outside of the barrel. “You named them?” She asked quietly. Her fingers trailed over the small dents on it.

This is Purity,” Miroku exclaimed with a sly grin. “She has a duotone finish with a checkered grip. Her nine millimeter bullets hold your very own spiritual energy, which I took from the small donation you left me with the arrows. It means they are completely harmless to humans, but most effective against demons.”

He handed the the gun and watched as she clicked the magazine into place, turned off the safety and held it up with both hands in front of her. Pointing it at the wall in front of her, she focused on the middle brick and pulled the trigger. A sparkle of pink energy sliced through the air and demolished the brick, creating a fist sized hole in the wall. That damage was nothing to the loud bang that echoed inside the room.

Miroku cursed, shooting Kagome a glare as he clutched the sides of his head. “Warning!” He shouted, even as her spiritual energy soothed his aches. Kagome smiled sheepishly but awaited the next present. He held it up and she couldn't resist the look of complete admiration. It was a matching handgun, but instead of a metal frame it was sleek and black. The barrel was engraved much like Purity, but this time the word Corruption was etched into it. “This is a bit more tricky,” Miroku warned her, even as she lifted it t different angle to inspect it.

This gun holds eighteen rounds and weights the same. The bullets, however, hold a different source of energy. These are real bullet casings and can harm humans. They are filled with your energy, which I was able to compact into what I like to call a GomeBomb. When they hit their target it will explode. If you encounter a big demon, Corruption is your best bet. Dealing with humans, however, I would stick with Purity.”

Kagome gave him a nod and looked at the different bullets. Purity's bullets were small, molded pink. The energy was hold within a small seal, tiny beads, which were then fitted into a magazine. Corruption's bullets were metal with a feeling of destruction to them. “I want to test them out,” Kagome told him.

Miroku snickered. “Before you leave, I have one more thing,” he added. He turned around and skipped over to a large, upright closet. He pulled the two doors open. “I made this for you. It will never tear from a sword or bullet. No one would ever be able to slice you with a sword or shoot you, although you will feel the impact of a punch or bullet.”

Kagome's was speechless as she stared at the tight-fitting outfit. “I-I am not wearing that,” she grumbled, looking at the black material. Miroku rolled his eyes but through it at her anyways. Kagome sighed, trudging into the small curtained area in the corner. Sliding out of her work clothes, she began to squeeze her way into the vigilante uniform. “There's no letter on the front,” she teased.

What is this? A comic book?” Miroku shot back with a small ring of laughter. “Is your boss suspicious yet?” He asked.

He is angry that no one has been able to get a picture,” Kagome whispered quietly in return as she pulled the zipper up the side and pulled the curtain open. The boots were included in the outfit. The tough sole was comfy and conformed to her foot's shape. Her breasts were cupped with a built-in bra and her hair was captured in a cap that covered her eyes. The material crawled up her body, neck and covered her mouth. She could still form coherent words though, proving the material was thin and flexible. She began to stretch and test it. “I like it, Miroku,” she added. “This is comfy.”

Miroku snickered and stared at her. All of the right curves were outlined. Her perky breasts were fitted nicely. All he could see was the sapphire orbs, cheeks and her button nose. Yet, she still looked as sexy as ever. Once more he damned his monk life. “Well, go have fun then,” Miroku added. “Remember though, you can use Purity bullets in Corruption but you cannot use Corruption bullets in Purity.”

Kagome nodded to him, but pouted. “When are you going to give me one of those cool motorcycles?”

Miroku rolled his eyes, kicking her on the butt as she left the room. “I'm working on it!” He shouted behind her, watching as she jumped onto the roof of his shrine before disappearing altogether. “She doesn't even need one,” he added.

Kagome giggled as she sailed through the air, focusing her special priestess energy through her muscular system. The guns hung in their own holster on each of her thighs, jingling when she landed and jumped once again. She knew exactly where to go to test her new best friends.

Recently, there had been an increase in hostile demons coming into the city. For some reason, they were restless, attacking innocent civilians. Most of it happened on the South side of town, where the crowd was younger and easier to take advantage of. The colleges and most of the athletic clubs were down in that portion of the city. She would focus her attention there for a while, until Sesshomaru invaded it with hopes of catching her masked facade.

She still couldn't quite grasp why the man was so against the vigilante. Surely, she wasn't doing anything wrong. She was protecting the humans from a monster the had no idea existed. They would never know too, if she could help it.

Quietly, she halted on the top of a rooftop. The bass coming from within the nightclub was causing the entire building to shake. She heard the heavy beats and began to pace around as she checked the alleys. She couldn't unleash her energy, knowing that it would alert the demons that were frequently loitering around this.

The college hangout was always attacked, and although the police were alerted they really couldn't do anything. They were unable to find any clues. Demons did not have fingerprints or viable DNA samples. Last time, the police had gotten a scale that had come from a fish demon. Kagome had been rather entertained as she listened to them try to make an excuse for the abnormal thing. They had jumped from the club serving sushi, to someone dumping a fish even though the ducks were in the Northwest side of town. Either way, it had been amusing to watch their completely baffled selves.

Kagome shrugged as she jumped across the rooftop to a neighboring building. This one was a pub that competed with the nightclub. It offered sports and grilled food, more of a bar and grill than an actual dance club. She sat on the edge, letting her feet dangle as she looked up at the night sky. She could barely see any stars with the amount of light coming from this street, known for its night life.

Her thoughts went back to how she turned out like this. Her mother had told her that the powers she had managed to get from birth had been passed down the male side of her family. Her father had them, and now she did, much to the shock of her late grandfather. He had been the one to first train her, before sending her to Miroku. The monk's family had been cursed by a demon and had sided with hers for the sole purpose to find the demon who had cursed their family and take it down. She had expanded the purpose to protecting everyone. After all, it was only fair to protect the others from the monsters that Miroku had lost against.

Unfortunately, she had been made famous only a week ago. Usually, she was able to get by discretely, only the victims knowing about her existence. However, she had needed to rescue a politician from a centipede demon and now she was the thrill of the city. Miroku had embraced it. It was his way of testing out all the new gear he wanted her to use.

A scream caused her body to jolt upright. She stood up and began to race to where the sound had come from. The back alley was only a few jumps away and she landed in time to see the frightened woman. Her eyes were wide, red liquid was speckled across her face. She was shaking her head as she stared at the boar demon. The snout and tusks glinting in the moonlight as it began to chew on her boyfriend's arm, who was screaming in pain.

Kagome slammed her foot into the boar, grabbing the boy by the shoulders and shoving him in the direction of his girlfriend. “Get out of here!” She shouted over her shoulder, making sure to keep one eye on the demon at all times. The boy couldn't go anywhere though. He was already weak from the blood loss he had suffered.

The boar demon snorted, the pig-like noise making Kagome disgusted. It began to charge her, and she brought her leg back and kicked it once more. It began to roll along the ground, moaning and groaning in pain. She unclipped the holster of Corruption and took aim. “Wait!” The demon shouted, the boar's mouth mimicking a human.

That was new. Usually, they did not talk in this form. Kagome paused for a moment. “Who sent you?” She asked quietly, hoping that the couple was out of hearing range. They were too caught up anyways. The girl was trying to stop the bleeding of the unconscious male. She needed to make this quick. She jogged over to the weakened boar, her gun still pointing at his body.

H-He's going to take over this town, you bitch.” It snarled, acidic drool dripping from its mouth. “He'll kill you first.”

Kagome pulled the trigger. The loud bang reverberated in the small alley. It slammed into the boar's body, who squealed in pain before the bullet beeped. Once. Twice. Kagome flew backward at the explosion of her own spiritual energy. The boar seemed to disappear from the explosion. She skidded fifteen feet back, groaning in pain and shock as she turned to stare at the couple. They were staring at her with wide, fearful eyes.

Kagome tried to smile but forgot that her mouth was hidden by the mask. Quickly, she tucked the handgun back into the holster and grabbed the boy's arm. The pink energy crawled to the surface and the woman shrieked once more. “Stop it, I am healing him,” Kagome whispered to her. “Don't come to this nightclub again. It is dangerous,” she explained as she watched the wounds of the boy begin to close.

She heard the shrill of sirens, one from a police and the other from an ambulance. “The wounds are healed but let them take him to the hospital,” she ordered, standing up and preparing for a jump that would land her on the roof.

Who are you?” The woman asked quietly.

Kagome's mouth twitched. To be honest, she hadn't thought of one. Something Miroku had said filtered through her mind, and a smirk surfaced. “I am Priestess,” she exclaimed firmly, before pushing herself off the ground and landing on the roof, releasing a full blown laugh as she continued to her small apartment. “Miroku's going to kill me when he hears,” she whispered to herself.

Her thoughts went back to the boar demon though. He actually talked, which told Kagome that things in the demon world were beginning to grow stronger. He also mentioned another demon as if he were in charge of them all and was planning to takeover the city. Kagome shivered at the thought. She would need to return to the nightclub another night. It was safe for now with the police there. Demons would not attack and call more attention to them.

Thinking of her small apartment, led her to remember that she had work tomorrow. She paused once more though and let a wicked grin crawl across her face. She dropped into an alley a few blocks from where the event had taken place and spotted a pay phone across the street. She sauntered up to it, making sure to glimpse around. The street was empty, everyone was flooding to the crime scene.

She jolted her energy into the phone booth and grinned triumphantly when she heard the dial tone before she dialed the memorized number. It rang a few times before a groggy voice growled into the phone. “What?”

A smirk filled her, she felt so wicked calling him like this after everything he had said in the meeting. “Did I wake you up big boy?” She asked with a sultry tone. Maybe being hidden gave her the confidence, she didn't know. “I heard you were looking for me.”

She heard the rustle of sheets. Then something else filtered in her ears. A females tired moan. Anger spiked, but she kept her composure. “You're the vigilante?” He asked.

I prefer... Priestess.” She proclaimed into the telephone. “Do you know what a demon is, Sesshomaru?” She questioned. “Well, there's one at the corner of seventh and Garden right now. I'm waiting...” She trailed off before she hung up on him.

Waiting my ass,” she finished, pushing herself into the air in the direction of her apartment. “I'm going home.”


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