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Virginity of the Soul by Madison


A/N: I seriously should not be starting another story, I know that. However, the plunnies threatened me (they had a knife to my throat), so I had to. Though, I will warn you guys, updates will be sporadic (kind of like It's Only Kinky the First time). I don't know when I will update, I just know the GM challenge was the inspiration behind it. 

Also this was supposed to be maybe a long oneshot, but I decided otherwise. It's semi PWP, meaning, don't bitch at me for OOC.

Thank you Daniella for beta-reading!

Virginity of the Soul


"I guess I always knew. I just didn't want to admit it to myself."

Kagome held back tears while Kanna gently rubbed her back, trying to comfort her. Today had been a terrible day where she had been forced to face the truth; her husband was cheating on her. For years Kagome had thought Inuyasha might be going around being her back, but she hadn't looked into it.

Today however, it had been thrown in her face. She had come home earlier from work and had gone on the computer. Apparently, Inuyasha had forgotten to close his email and had left it open for all to see. She should have closed it but her curiosity had been too much for her to handle. Kagome had peeked briefly, only to find the worst truth possible.

His inbox had been filled with email conversations with a woman who went bythe name WhiteflowerBabe01. She had only glanced at a few of them, but it had been enough for her heart to break. Kagome had been unable to wait for Inuyasha to return and instead she had run to her best friend's house. Ever since then she had been nothing more than a crying mess.

Kanna's face saddened and she brought Kagome into an embrace. "He's not worth your tears hun."

They had been married for five years! Didn't that mean anything to him? They had gotten married two days after she had turned 18 after three years of dating. He had been her everything and she had provided him with everything that she could. Hadn't she been enough for him?

"Why would he do this? What's wrong with me?"

She didn't like dwelling in self-pity, but this made no sense to her. Kagome had rarely refused him anything, all he had to do was ask and she would have done it.

Kanna shook her head while anger settled across her features. "Don't do this to yourself Kagome! You're an amazing girl! He is the selfish bastard!"

All Kagome could do to offer her an answer was shrug her shoulders.

"I hate him for doing this to you."

Kagome wiped her face with her hand and tried to dry away most of the tears. "I have to pull myself together and confront him."

Immediately Kanna put her hands on Kagome's shoulders to stop her. "No, you can't do that."

Kagome arched an eyebrow, confused. "Why not?"

Kanna's bottom lip trembled a bit, before she managed to find the right words. "Because you know how he is. He'll turn it around and make you feel responsible and whatnot. You'll end up forgiving him and he'll just keep cheating!"

She wanted to argue, but Kagome knew she couldn't. Kanna was right; Inuyasha would manage to destroy her self-esteem and she would fold. Of course there would be a big fight as well along with them not talking for a couple of days but she would still forgive him. What else could she do? Inuyasha had done a few stupid things in the past, but this had reached a whole new level. Could she let him walk all over her like this? After all, she was not a puppet!

"What can I do then?"

Kanna smiled brightly. "You could do to him what he did to you."

Kagome's lips parted and she shook her head. "Cheat? I- I couldn't. He might be able to, but I can't."

"You could at least meet up with some people. You know, make him feel like he could lose you. Maybe then he'd realize and stop this nonsense."

Cheating was not a concept she approved of, though technically it was all Inuyasha deserved. However, Kanna suggestion wasn't the worst. If Inuyasha realized that other people wanted her, maybe he'd start paying more attention and he would stop his cheating ways. All she had to do was go out; she didn't have to sleep with anyone right?

People talked to each other all the time didn't they? It would just be a small revenge.

"Alright," she said nodding.

Her answer caused Kanna to beam a smile. "That's my girl!"

Kagome's mood wasn't great, but she forced herself to smile a bit. "But I don't know anything about this. Where do I go? What do I do?"

Kanna lifted a finger before turning around and grabbing her cell phone from the table. She quickly typed a few things and hit the send button before waiting. Soon enough, Kagome's phone vibrated. Frowning slightly, she took it and looked at the text she had just received. All there was on it was an address.

"What's this?"

"The address of the best club. You'll see: you'll meet someone there in no time!"

Kagome nodded but her smile was gone from her face. "Thank you Kanna."

She couldn't help the nervousness that filled her but Kagome chose to hide it. After all, her friend was only trying to help her. "I guess I'll try it."

Kanna squeezed gently on her shoulder. "That's the attitude!" This would be perfect. "You know what I have an idea. Instead of returning home why don't you get all dolled up here? I know if you go back, you'll go back to see Inuyasha and you won't be able to hide your feelings."

Oh. She hadn't planned on doing this tonight, but perhaps Kanna was right. How could she face Inuyasha right now while remaining whole? Surely she would break down and end up telling him that she knew the truth. It was better if she stayed away from him for a few days.

"I guess so. Are you sure?"

"Absolutely, you can even dig in my closet!"

Kagome brought her best friend in an embrace and rested her head on Kanna's shoulder. What would she do without her?

"Now, go," she said she with a smile.

Kagome nodded before rising to her feet and heading for Kanna's bedroom. She did her best to remind herself that this was a good idea. Though she had never been this anxious in her life.

Kanna watched her walk away and her smile grew with every step Kagome took. This had turned out even better than she had expected. Frankly for months she had tried to make sure Kagome would find out about Inuyasha's cheating ways and finally it had happened. Though the adultery was revealed, Kagome had no idea that Kanna was Inuyasha's mistress.

Honestly, Kagome was the one to blame. Kanna had been in love with Inuyasha way before Kagome and he had begun dating. Unfortunately, Kagome had failed in her role of best friend and had never asked about Kanna's feelings. How could she have not known? Still, they were best friends and Kanna had stood by Kagome's side at her wedding, smiling as if all was fine.

Kanna had almost given up on Inuyasha when one day, things had turned out for the better. She had gone to this underground club and to her surprise she had found Inuyasha there. Of course she had immediately jumped on the occasion and had seduced him. Obviously, it had been very easy; Inuyasha had a very wandering eye.

Now for the last two years they had constantly met up, always making sure Kagome wouldn't catch them. However, Kanna was sick and tired of all the secrecy. Inuyasha should have been hers from the start and she didn't wish to share him anymore. Unfortunately, like most men Inuyasha had no intention of leaving his wife.

Finally after all of the wait, she might get her way. All she had to do was play her cards right.

If she could show Inuyasha that his little Kagome was nothing more than a good for nothing whore, then he would definitely leave her. Kanna had no intention of wasting her one chance at true love. Plus, this plan was quite exciting. She couldn't wait to see Kagome's face once she ended up at that particular club.

Hopefully Miss Perfect would be ready for what was coming her way.


Kagome's hands were sweaty as she tried to hold on to her purse. She had been standing in front of the club for five minutes now and she couldn't gather the courage to go inside. It wasn't like it looked friendly: it was completely p black and the inside was hidden by dark curtains. The only color lighting coming through was from the flashing pink sign that said The Touch.

There was nothing wrong with going there, right? After all, if she didn't feel comfortable she could always leave.

She nodded to herself before she began putting one foot in front of the other slowly until she reached the door. The bouncer stretched his hands and it took her a few seconds to realize he was asking for her I.D. She dug through her purse and handed it over and tried her best to look compose and calm. People went to clubs every day so why should she be nervous?

The bouncer's eyes scanned her card for a few seconds before returning it to her. Then, he reached out for something in a box behind him and suddenly she felt something being wrapped around her wrist. When she glanced down she saw he had attached a metallic bracelet to her.

Confused, she raised an eyebrow. "What is this?"

He chuckled. "First timer huh? You'll enjoy yourself."

His words only served to make her even more puzzled and she forced a smile. "Thanks. I guess."

She could feel the man's eyes on her while she walked further inside. Kagome quickly found herself squinting trying to see since everything around her was completely. Wasn't there any light in this club? She bit on her bottom lip and tried to spot an exit or someone who could guide her. It was then that her eyes landed on a woman in a bright white dress and she immediately headed for her.

"Excuse me, where is the exit?"

The girl turned around and right away her eyes opened wide. "Oh dear, hun! No no no!"

Kagome tilted her head to the side. "No?"

"You never wear a good dress like this. You're a first timer aren't you?"

Why did everyone keep saying that? Just what kind of club was this? She held back her frustration and put on a smile. "Yes, I guess I am."

"Well don't worry. They are usually nice when it's your first time."

Kagome didn't trust the woman's tone but she nodded nonetheless. "Good to know."

"Come one follow me," said the girl who was bubbling with excitement.

She grabbed Kagome's hands tightly and began dragging her around. At least she is nice, thought Kagome. If things turned out weird, maybe she could always find the girl and ask her to help her out. Sometimes men could be persistent and didn't take no for an answer. She didn't want to have an idiot lurking around her the whole night.

After all, the point of this was to make Inuyasha jealous.

It took a few more seconds before they reached a room that was completely lit up with different lights. Kagome had to blink rapidly to shield her eyes from the pain. This was not the kind of club she had in mind. In fact, she was even surprised that Kanna went to these kinds of places. Maybe she didn't know her best friend's hidden side.

To Kagome's surprise the club was filled with people: more than she expected. There was a giant stage and a couple of poles along with tables and chairs. She was about to wonder why it was set up this way when suddenly a loud bang was heard. Kagome immediately spun around only to see that it was the door that had been closed.

"That was pretty loud."

The girl smiled. "It has to be closed that way if they want to lock it. We wouldn't want any uninvited guests to interrupt."

Kagome blinked. "Locked?"

"Oh! Of course. I forgot it's your first time. The door stays lock until 3 am! I hope you don't have work early tomorrow," said the girl while teasingly hitting Kagome on the arm with her elbow.

Wait, she was going to be locked up in this place? Why in the world would anyone want to spend hours in here? Her heart began to pound in her chest and she found herself enveloped by fear. If there was one thing she didn't like, it was to be trapped.

Out of the blue, she felt the girl let go of her hand and panic took over. She only had the time to turn her head and catch a glimpse of the woman walk in the direction of a man. Apparently someone was in a rush to meet up with someone. Then again, they didn't know each other and the woman had no reason to stay with her.

Damn! Now she wished she had brought Kanna with her.

Kagome took a deep breath to calm her nerves before she walked deeper into the room. She scanned the vicinity and tried to find an empty table where she could sit. For now, she didn't want to be surrounded by people. After a few seconds of searching, her eyes landed on a secluded table and she smiled out of relief.

Through the quietness of the place all you could hear was the sound of her heels clicking against the floor. Her hair was swinging against the bare skin of her back while she rushed to her seat. Relief washed over her as she sat down while taking a deep breath. Perhaps once the music started and the mood was set this wouldn't be so bad.

Oh whom was she kidding? This would be the worst three hours of her life!

Minutes passed and Kagome tapped her fingers against the table while a soft music was beginning to play in the background. She could hear a few tables being moved around, but she couldn't really see anything. The corner she was in was fairly dark and it reduced her vision. She was about to sigh when suddenly a manly figure appeared in front of her. Kagome glanced up only to find herself staring at a rather handsome man. He had shiny blue eyes and long black hair.

Without shame he sat beside her. "I couldn't help but notice that it was about to get started in here and you are all alone."

She forced a smile. "It's my first time here and I wasn't aware there was anything wrong with being alone."

He couldn't help but chuckle. "You're a feisty one." He ran his fingers through his long locks but never looked away. "You could be alone, but it's never as fun. Unless all you wanted to do was watch. Though even then, you wouldn't be left alone."

Kagome couldn't help but frown. "Watch?"

He arched an eyebrow. "You do know where you are right?"

"A club?"

This time the smile left his face. Did this girl really have no idea? How could she not know? He wasn't sure if he found it thrilling or if he pitied her "It's more than club, sweetheart." He was itching to tell her, but at the same time all it would do was cause her to panic and there was no way out.

"Maybe you should just stay with me."

He was quite pretentious was he not? And what did he mean by it was more than a club? Was it some kind of stupid pick up line? "I think I'll be fine on my own."

She grabbed her purse and rose up before walking away from the strange man. The more she was getting to know this place, the less she liked it. Hopefully he would find someone else to bother for the remainder of the time they had left in this horrible place. Why in the world had she agreed to go? She should have asked more questions.

A sigh rolled off her lips and she headed for where the door was, hoping to stay there and be the first one out when it opened. Unfortunately she was stopped in her tracks when loud music began blaring through the room. She cringed as she brought her hands to her ears; they sure knew how to start with a bang.

Kagome turned around to observe the scenery change. However what she found was not what she expected. Her lips parted as she began to breathe heavily, unable to detach her eyes from the scene in front of her. Apparently many people had been doing some preparations while she had been chatting up with that weird stranger.

Men were all sitting in chairs, completely dressed up – most of them in suits – while women were standing, some on the stage, wearing strange sexy attire. Along with all of that, ropes, chains, handcuffs and some other things she had never seen before were not only on the floor of every stage, but were also in baskets which were being distributed to every table.

For a moment, she held her breath as the realization was brought down upon her. This couldn't be… could it?

Her heart was pounding harder then ever and she quickly turned around to make a run for the door. She immediately felt up the door with her fingers and tried to find the handle only to quickly come to the conclusion that there was none. The door could open from the… outside? Plenty of curses came to her mind while she found herself pressing her back against the door.

Why in the world would Kanna send her to a place like this?

The feeling of being trapped increased and she shifted her eyes from left to right almost as if she was leery of what might happen.

"Oh dear honey! You're going to attract all of them. "

Kagome turned her head to the side only to find herself peering at the woman from earlier. She had exchanged her pure white dress for a set of lingerie and there was a whip resting in her hands.

"I don't understand."

The girl smiled at her. "Let's just say that the men in here have particular taste. They enjoy going for the women who pretend to be feeble and weak. They like feeling dominant and the whole rape act. Maybe you're not as new to this as I thought. Smart girl."

She ran her whip along Kagome's thigh before smirking. "I'd stay and chat, but I have a few men that require a good whipping." She winked at Kagome before disappearing into the darkness.

To say this was bad was an understatement. Her fingers gripped onto the door and she began panicking; she felt like she was in a nightmare except this was reality and there was no way out. She could hear her own heart beating when she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. Immediately she jumped and found herself backing even more into the door.

There was a very imposing man standing off to her left.. He had long dark, almost purple locks waving down to his waist. His eyes seemed to shine red while he bent down closer so their faces were almost touching. Fear had taken hold of her heart but she tried to not let it show.

"What is a pretty thing like you doing over there all by herself?"

"Nothing," she quickly responded.

He licked his lips seductively before approaching her ear. "How about I make this the most memorable night of your life?"

God damn it, what was it with the men in this place and being so cocky? "I'm fine, thank you," she answered before attempting to walk away.

Unfortunately for her he had other things in mind. He pushed both of his hands against the door, trapping her between his arms. "Playing hard to get?"

He hurried to bury his face in the crook of her neck and breathed in her divine scent. There was nothing he enjoyed more than the smell of fear and she was reeking with it. Kagome was beginning to tremble; this wasn't the kind of evening she had in mind.

"Get off me," she said while putting both of her hands on his shoulders in an attempt to push him off.

"I love when they fight me," he said smirking.

Kagome added all of her strength in a desperate attempt to get him off, but he didn't even budge. She began kicking with her feet, but all he did was keep chuckling evilly in her ear. Surely he couldn't think she was pretending to not enjoy this? He didn't look very human to her, meaning she was pretty sure he could tell this was a real emotion.

"I believe your kinds of women are over there Naraku."

The voice rang familiar in Kagome's ears but she couldn't put her finger on it. Where had she heard it before? On top of that the man – whose name was apparently Naraku – was blocking her view.

"This is none of your business."

The stranger put his hand on Naraku's shoulder. "It would be much wiser for you to leave."

Naraku snarled, scaring Kagome a bit, before his hold on her lessened. "This is not the end of it Sesshomaru."

As soon as that name was uttered from Naraku's lips Kagome felt like her jaw was ready to drop. Sesshomaru? There weren't many people of that name… but surely it couldn't be the person she was thinking of! Unfortunately for her, the moment Naraku walked away the mysterious person was revealed.

For the love of – it was Sesshomaru.

It was her.

He had begun to have his doubts the moment she had walked in since her scent had found him. Still, he had chased it aside, thinking she would never come to this place. It wasn't until the strength of her scent had increased that he had been forced to face the facts. It was taking all he had just to keep his composure in front of her.

Words escaped Kagome and all she could do was stare at him with her mouth opening and closing. Sesshomaru was supposed to be this polished, stuck up businessman. This was not an appropriate place for him. Then again, it wasn't for her either. However, in her defense, she was there by mistake. From the little talk that just happened, he seemed to be a regular.

"Where is he?" he asked almost bitterly.

She scowled. "He?"


"He's not here."

Her reply seemed to interest him. "Then why are you here?"

"I could ask you the same question."

"This Sesshomaru is not married; he does not need to explain why he is in such place."

Touché. Kagome could make up a dirty lie and come up with a million excuses, but she didn't feel comfortable with any of them. It wasn't as if she owed Sesshomaru the truth, but she technically had nothing to hide; it was Inuyasha's fault she was here. One would think that it would not be safe to share such a secret, but from what she knew about Sesshomaru he was the last one to gossip.

And really, she just wanted to tell someone.

"Inuyasha's been cheating on me."

That news did not seem to shock him. "Thus you came here?"

She shook her head. "My friend sent me here. I was just going to… make Inuyasha jealous. I didn't think… I didn't know this place was… well. You know."

This little club was his secret. Nobody really knew and those who were aware of it wouldn't say anything because they came to this place themselves. She however was an outsider and his half-brother's wife. It was hard to find a place where he could satisfy a few needs he had without involving someone of his own world. The women in his circle blabbered too much and would consider any action on his part as an engagement of some sort. The women here were quiet and obedient, but knew what they were doing.

It was more and more obvious that she was too much of a prey for a place like this.

Some of these men knew no limits hence why they came here. He had chased away Naraku, but he doubted he could push away everyone for the rest of the night. He also didn't have the right to do that. She would be touched in the end no matter what. Even watchers participated eventually; it was a rule. An unspoken one, but a rule nonetheless.

The problem was that since she married into his family she was part of the pack, which forced him to protect her. Granted she had come out of her own free will, but apparently she hadn't known what she was walking into. Unfortunately for her there weren't many ways for him to look after her. As a matter of fact, there was only one and he doubted she would enjoy it.

Though he might.

Usually he wouldn't have cared; his sense of pack when it came to Inuyasha wasn't strong. She on the other hand was different. Ever since his half-brother had brought her home many years ago, he had been enticed. There was something about her scent, something about the way she moved; he couldn't explain it. He was drawn in. For years he had avoided her knowing it was better, but now he was stuck in a very difficult situation.

Sesshomaru took a few steps in her direction, his expression cold and stoic, until their bodies made contact. He watched her gasp silently while confusion was written all over her face.. He had desires but he cared very little for females. Yet this one without saying even a word had him wondering and lusting. Why?

"What are you doing?"

"You already figured out what kind of place this is, correct?"

She nodded.

"Nobody leaves this place without participating."

"I have no intention of doing anything."

Sesshomaru grabbed her wrists tightly in frustration. "You don't understand. They will take you, one way or another. These are the rules. You do not come just to stand here."

"But – I. I didn't – I'm married."

"Along with half the people in here."

Maybe this was taking advantage of the situation, but he couldn't help himself: she was being offered to him nearly defenseless and without his brother in the vicinity. How could he turn down such an opportunity?

Kagome was desperately trying to come up with some sort of a plan. Sesshomaru had no reason to lie to her and from the persistence she had seen from Naraku, he was right. How in the world was she supposed to get out of this situation?

"What can I do?"

Sesshomaru didn't speak a word but looked straight into her eyes in the hope that she'd understand how serious he was. "You will stay with me."

He released her wrist so that he could grab her tiny hand. While she remained silent he dragged her to the nearest table where he sat down. Kagome was about to do the same, but as she tried to move away from him she found that he was still holding her. He shook his head slightly and pulled her forward which caused her to fall on his lap.

"You can't just sit there."

"I'm your brother's wife," she said as her eyes twinkled in the darkness.

Kagome was not exactly scared, but she couldn't ignore the fact that she was nervous. She could already tell where this was leading and she was experiencing mixed feelings. The whole point of this little adventure had been to make Inuyasha jealous so he would stop cheating on her. This wasn't what she had in mind at all!

God, this was even worse than what he had done to her; this involved doing stuff with his brother. Okay, half brother, but it was just as terrible! On top of that, Inuyasha was the only man she had ever been with for crying out loud!

Her bottom lip was trembling yet she couldn't tear her eyes away from Sesshomaru. "Why are you doing this?"

"Do not get any ideas. This Sesshomaru is merely doing this to make sure all these men do not rape you. They might think you're playing, but you will not be."

Just what kind of sick place wa- Right, she had already confirmed that. Technically, you were supposed to know what you were getting into here, meaning she could not exactly blame anyone for getting the wrong idea…

"What will we do?"

At her simple words he realized this would not go down like his other little evenings. He didn't go for innocent inexperience women like her. Especially not when they were married to someone in his own family. It was a bit of a betrayal to his own pack. She was his brother's mate, his – wait. Sesshomaru grabbed hold of her chin and tilted her head both ways quickly. Something was missing.

"He never marked you."

Somehow, it brought him a sense of relief.

Kagome clamped a hand on the side of her neck where the mark should have been. "He said he didn't feel comfortable with the idea since he's only a half-youkai."

That or he didn't want to be tied down. Apparently Sesshomaru knew more about his estranged brother than his own wife. How interesting. He allowed his eyes to roam over her body for a few seconds, taking in the view. She had always been very pleasing to the eye and that had not changed. Though he still couldn't tell why he needed her so badly.

"Whatever happens in here, it does not get out."

She nodded. As if she'd want anyone to know she had been in such a place.

"I wouldn't even think about it."

Of course not.

Kagome couldn't help but stare at him. Yes she had always noticed that he was good looking: how could she not? Many years back, before Inuyasha and her had began dating, she had developed a small crush on Sesshomaru from the moment she saw him. Of course he was always cold towards most people and after a while she had stopped.

"Need some company?"

Sesshomaru and Kagome turned their heads in direction of the voice and saw two men standing near them who were happily smirking. Quickly, Sesshomaru put his hand on the back of Kagome's head and snarled at the strangers. Desiring to make it more believable, he tilted her head to the side so he could press his lips against hers. Fortunately for him, Kagome did not even put forth any resistance since the shock was too great.

His moist lips felt warm against hers and she gave into the urge of closing her eyes. She gently moved her lips a bit clumsily since she was shy and somewhat uncomfortable. Sesshomaru on the other hand seemed to have plenty of expertise. His free hand grabbed her hip and squeeze tightly which caused her to yelp in his mouth.

She couldn't see the two men near by but she heard them chuckle before their footsteps were heard. Nonetheless, Sesshomaru didn't pull away. She should actually be the one to pull away, yet she remained. Shyly, she put a hand on his shoulder and held on. What was she doing? Then, his tongue quickly invaded her mouth and her eyes opened wide.

Kagome was about to attempt to return the gesture when suddenly everything was blurry and flashing. Lights of different colors began bouncing off the walls which messed with her vision. Everything surrounding her was moving too fast and for a second she wondered if everyone was a youkai.

However, she did not get to think for very long since arms wrapped around her tightly and moved her around.

She cringed when she found her ass hitting the table hard. Before she could even open her eyes, she felt him lift her arms up above her head. Beyond perplexed, she resisted the urge to keep her eyelids shut and forced her eyes open. It wasn't until she saw the rope hanging from his hands that she began to understand. Quickly enough she felt him wrap it around her wrists leaving her in a tight situation.

Kagome had never associated sex with this kind of stuff. Inuyasha was nice and loving and during the whole length of their sexually active relationship they had stuck to one position only. It was the ordinary missionary position and though it was just… it was fine, well she had expected something else. He was a dog after all.

Yet nothing more than ordinary, slow loving had happened between them. This on the other hand was – exhilarating. Though, it was bad. This was not her husband, even though he was a cheater, it was his brother. She shouldn't be experiencing those feelings from him. Still, a rush of arousal took over her body and she couldn't help but blush.

This was very different from what she had imagined him to be like. He was so cold and stuck up; how could he be into this kind of things? Sure, she had her own fantasies that probably nobody expected of her, but this had not been in any of them. Perhaps her imagination was too restricted. Wait, just what in the world was she thinking?

She had a normal imagination. This was perverse.

"What are you doing?" she asked even though it was obvious.

He smirked while his eyes gleamed and it sent a shiver down her spine. "Playing the part."

Obviously, he wouldn't be able to blame everything on the fact that she had to do something but it would work since he didn't plan on going too far.

Because of the way he had tied her wrists it was difficult for her to inspect her surroundings and she couldn't see anyone else. It gave her time to analyze the situation a bit better however. She was in some underground sex group orgy thingy, tied up to a pole with her very handsome brother in law looking at her as if she was his next meal. Also those details apparently made her feel warm inside.

Why wasn't she fighting this more? She was a married woman wasn't she? She loved Inuyasha. Though said husband was probably taking advantage of this time alone to hook up with his babe. She felt her eyes sting a bit, but she didn't allow herself to cry. This wasn't usual behavior for her but maybe she could really give Inuyasha a taste of his own medicine.

He couldn't toss her around like a rag doll while cheating and lying.

She observed carefully while Sesshomaru approached her. She could not nothing but remain completely still as a new kind of excitement built up inside of her. He put both of his hands on her bare thighs while his claws gently pressed against her skin. Her breath was ragged and she couldn't glance away from him; his eyes were hypnotizing.

The rhythm of the music began to pick up and Sesshomaru felt his body go into a trance; his heart was following the beat. Right away, he went for her neck. The instant his lips were pressed against the heated flesh, he felt her tilt her head back and he wanted to growl in appreciation. His tongue poked out and he began lapping at her skin.

His tongue felt different. Before she could even begin to explain to herself why, she felt his teeth – his fangs. Inuyasha never ever grazed her skin with his fangs. He had always said it was because she was human, but it never bothered her. Maybe he had a problem with his youkai half. She certainly did not. A part of her was wishing Sesshomaru would sink those fangs into her flesh.

Sesshomaru could detect the change in her scent and he found it rather pleasing. He wanted to do so many things to her yet he couldn't. She was his brother's but also she had to act with him to not be taken by a stranger. If he went too far with her he would not forgive himself. He had to remain in control. He took a deep breath before allowing his fangs to scrap against her neck and then her collarbone before he made his way to her cleavage. At that point, he forced himself away.

Her eyes were gleaming when he glanced upon her face and she was panting. She was all tied up and all his, yet she was so forbidden. If he had any kind of decency he wouldn't do this to his brother. Then again, the idiot had the foolishness to cheat on this beautiful woman. Perhaps he deserved it. How could Inuyasha look at another woman?

Kagome's curves were driving him mad. Although that might just be because he couldn't have her. Whatever the reason was he didn't care at the moment.

The dress she wore was clutching to her skin and it wasn't something he pictured her buying but he loved her in it. His fingers dared to grasp the fabric and before she could gasp he began pulling her dress up to her waist. The cool air brushed against her skin, which was on fire, and she shivered. She watched as he pressed his face against her breasts and slowly dragged himself down.

At that point, words escaped her.

He was getting closer to her core and she knew it was where he was heading. All the sweetness of her scent was currently originated from there and Sesshomaru couldn't pass it up. If all he could do was taste her and touch her then he would push the limit as far as possible. He should wait and savor every inch of her body but he was afraid. At any given moment she might realize this was a bad idea.

If she asked him to keep pretending, if she asked him not to make it so real, he'd have to listen; he wasn't here to molest her.

He quickly buried his nose in her core through her white panties. He felt her arch her back and squirm under the touch. Before he knew it, he began lapping at her womanhood through the fabric. She was soaked – for him, because of him. He began lapping and pressing his tongue forcefully against her core.

Sesshomaru could sense she was struggling against the tie that restrained her. She was attempting to move her body down, perhaps to give him better access. He smirked against her and increased the speed of his tongue. If he never had the chance to taste her again then he would make sure she remembered him.

Kagome was tugging at her ropes while pulling down as if she hoped it would break the knot. Unfortunately all it caused was for the rope to repetitively brush against her flesh. It was now red and irritated but she didn't really care. This feeling, she couldn't explain it. Nobody had ever done this to her before and she never thought she was missing out on anything but…

If only he was touching her directly, if only his tongue was – wait. No. God, her whole head was dizzy and it was as if she could sense everyone's horniness and auras. This was messing with her mind. It was supposed to be pretend just so nobody else would approach her. However this was very real or at least it felt very real.

She couldn't – she wasn't this kind of person. Obviously she had come with the intention of giving Inuyasha a taste of his own medicine but this was more than she had anticipated. Inuyasha had done more with his babe, but it didn't mean she had to do the same and – oh god! Kagome felt Sesshomaru push his tongue, along with her underwear, deep inside her core and she was forced to throw her head back.

Kagome wanted to think this through but his actions wouldn't let her.

His claws were digging in her thighs and that caused a little bit of blood to spill out of the wounds. He inhaled deeply as the scent of blood and arousal mixed together. He felt his own eyes change color and he did nothing to stop it. He dug his fangs in her underwear and it caused her to feel his teeth against her lower pink lips. Under the pressure of all the feeling, Kagome tugged her hands forward, only bringing herself pain.

His tongue kept twirling her panties inside of her while he began moving his hands up. She felt him grasp her breasts and immediately her nipples became hard.

She was reacting to his touch so nicely that he wanted to ravage her. Usually when he came here it was to do exactly that. He'd find a willing bitch and pound into her all night. He'd bite; tear flesh and even more while the female would moan underneath him. Now, instead of being wild and free, he had to be restricted.

This was the place where he could unleash all his desires; why was he doing the opposite?

He suddenly dug his claws in her dress and began dragging it down and ripping it at the same time. Kagome gasped before moaning. As soon as the sweet sound escaped her lips, he pulled away from her wet core. Desire danced in his eyes and Sesshomaru didn't hesitate before crashing his lips against hers. They were wet from her sweet cavern but neither of them cared.

As his lips moved against her there was only one thing he could think about; her neck. Inuyasha had never marked her meaning she was technically free. Obviously she wasn't by human laws but by youkai laws she was. For youkais it meant more and if he was to bite her now, right now, while she was so willing there wouldn't be a thing his brother could do about it.

Sesshomaru squeezed down on her breast bringing her pleasure and pain.

He nibbled at her bottom lip before pulling on it until it escaped his grip. He could see and smell the arousal, guilt and confusion coming from her. Without another thought he made a dash for her neck. The moment his fangs made contact with her flesh, he felt his erection throb. It had been pulsing and growing the entire time but now it was as if he could lose control at any moment.

Sesshomaru shoved his crotch against hers and began dry humping. He was not a pup; he should not be doing this. He should be shoving his cock in her willing cunt and ravaging her until the doors opened. He could feel his vibrating member wanting nothing more than to escape the constraints of his pants.

His eyes were fully red; he wanted her.

Slowly his fangs were beginning to sink and his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. When was the last time he had a prey he had actually wanted? Better, when was the last time he had stolen something from his brother? Throughout their whole life Inuyasha had been given everything. Now Sesshomaru could even up the score.

He felt her press her breasts against him while she squirmed. Her lips were tightly pressed together telling him that she was holding back moans.

He was losing control.

Quickly he pulled away from her completely. Some buttons from his shirt had come undone, his pants were too tight for him and his hair was a mess. She didn't look any better. He was breathing rapidly before he ran a hand through his hair. She thought he was playing pretend and did not think he found her appealing. Why would she? He had always been cold towards her.

If she – yes she would fix things between his brother and her. She was just hurt right now. However, he couldn't let her think it was more than it should be.

Kagome felt her hair stick to her neck because of her sweat. Her heart was pounding and though her core was dripping, she felt torn apart. She had enjoyed this; another man's touch. What kind of being was she? She didn't do this kind of stuff. Yet she could still feel his hands all over her and her body was craving it. Inuyasha had made love to her, a love full of lies, but he had never made her feel desirable.

Sesshomaru did.

"I am getting you out of here," he said before wiping his lips of her taste.

"I thou- thought we cou-couldn't leave."

"You will."

Using his claws, he untied her. Before she could utter a world he began dragging her towards the door. His eyes scanned the area and he finally spotted the man he was looking for.

"Open the door."

"You know we don't do that Sesshomaru. The rules are the rules."

"Open. The. Door." His erection was still throbbing and he was frustrated; he didn't need anyone to be a smartass right now.

"You know the rules."

In frustration Sesshomaru reached for the wallet in his back pocket and opened it before throwing way too much money at the man.

"Now you do."

The man eyed him suspiciously before picking up the money. He then slowly walked in direction of the door. He pounded his fist against it, clearly annoyed. "Kohaku, open the door."

Mere seconds later, the door was opened. Sesshomaru shoved Kagome outside before glaring at her. "Don't make the mistake of coming again. Consider yourself lucky that I helped you."

Before he could see her hurt expression he quickly spun around. He would lose control, he would make himself vulnerable in front of her and he couldn't do that. She would not leave his brother – never. He had seen the way the bastard treated her sometimes and she remained by his side. This was a one time taste and he had stopped it before he made a mistake.

Kagome stared at the now closed door while her wetness continued dripping down her leg.

What- what had just happened?



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