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Subtlety Outtakes by Skyisthelimit

Real Motive

A/N: This WAS going to part of Subtlety, but I felt it disrupted with the pace. So here it is as an outtake. 

And, exciting news! This one won FIRST PLACE in weekly perfection! **SQUEALS** My first 1st place! Thank you guys so much!


Outtake 1: Real Motive

Summary: He always has a reason for everything...doesn't mean they're always good. :)


“It’s like it knows me,” she breathed, fingering the katana’s hilt.

“It should,” Sesshomaru told her, “It was forged out of the ashes of that scrap you called a uniform.”

She nodded absentmindedly, before freezing. “That’s why you burned my uniform? A perfectly good uniform?”

“Do not be daft, miko. This Sesshomaru burned it because it was far from perfect. It was indecent and a nuisance,” he scoffed.

She glared at him, before picking out a choice word. “‘Nuisance’? How was it a nuisance?”

He refused to meet her gaze. She scrutinized him carefully and noticed the slight downward turn of his lips – he was dissatisfied with himself…for his lapse in discipline.

“Y—you peeping tom!” she accused, outraged.

“It is not this Sesshomaru’s fault you insisted on displaying your…assets thusly.”

“Make all the excuses you want, dog! You will not get to nibble this miko!” She pointed her finger at his face accusingly.

He narrowed his eyes. As if she had the authority to tell him what he would and would not receive.  Suddenly, he snapped his fangs, gently catching the finger before letting go quickly.

Her jaw dropped.

Sesshomaru smirked and declared, “It seems this Sesshomaru just has."


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