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The Truth About Last Night... by Hoshi Phoenix


A/N: Yes, I’m still alive. I’m only able to update sporadically now due to no internet. I dedicate this story to my many nights of insomia...its amazing what little sleep the mind can come up with! lol

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha nor Nissan (though I do have a Altima...). Just my wicked sense of humor! ^_^


The Truth About Last Night


Chapter 1: Pieces...


Hazy blue eyes opened slowly only to shut in an attempt to stop the pain that was quickly overtaking her now conscious mind. A dull throb was felt between her eyes as a hand tried to block out the light --only to have something gooey and sticky come in contact with the side her face. Eyes immediately shot open only to realize that-- 1. Her keys where in her right hand, 2. A piece of mashed cheesecake was in her left hand (hence the gooey sticky feeling on her face...) and 3. There was about a dozen or so plastic lawn flamingos surrounding her on the floor.

The first question that comes to mind is....

What in the hell happened last night? 

And the second most important question after that is...

Where the hell was she?


After finally getting her stuff together (or what little she thought she had brought with her besides her keys) the woman quickly made her way out of the house before anyone else woke up. The last thing she needed was to encounter someone else and they see what she looked like. Upon awakening she had quickly found a bathroom to give her protesting bladder a break when she stared in horror at the mirror. Besides having no idea what happened at this party obviously someone felt the need to give her a make over in her sleep. For on her face was some VERY interesting things. Someone had gotten the bright idea to get a black marker and proceeded to draw and write ALL over her face! There was an eye patch on her left eye and she had a curly mustache and beard as well! But the most terrible was the tiny penis drawn on the side of her right cheek!  They had also wrote the name, “Pinkie the Pirate” on her forehead along with what looked like whiskers! Those idiots!

When I find out who did this, there will be hell to pay!’, the woman fumed as she quickly searched the bathroom for a towel to clean the vulgar mess off her face. 

What seemed like hours of scrubbing the mess was gone but in place was a very red faced woman, both from anger and skin irritation.

Making her way to the door she came to a stop when she looked at her surroundings more closely. She knew this house but from where? Giving a shrug she quickly made her way out the door and shutting it quietly behind her. 

Had she stuck around a little longer she would have seen another figure stumble down the stairs as well followed by another.


‘Deep calming breaths Kagome. In and out.’, the woman repeated as a mantra in her head once she was outside the house. 

Once at her car however, Kagome had to keep from screaming to the high heavens. Her beautiful Altima was covered in mud and had what looked to be condoms on the wiper blades. On top of that, there was someone sleeping in the back seat of her car! 

Wondering what kami she seemed to have pissed off, Kagome quickly opened the back door.  The unsuspecting person who was leaning against said door fell out and made friends with the green front yard.

“What the fu--”

“Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my car?!”, she screeched at the guy who was wearing a silver wig and what looked to be a pink tutu.  Oh the nerve....

Her answer was a pair of sunglasses being grabbed from the back seat as the guy put them on and promptly laid back down on the grass and went back to sleep. 

Kagome stared down at the person in amazement as the guy continued to sleep as if nothing ever happened.

‘Wish I had the ability to sleep threw anything.’, she thought sarcastically while quietly making her way over to the guy and squatting next to him. Having a brief battle with herself, she decided answers were more important and that he could sleep when he was dead-- she quickly shook him hard. 

The guy sat up quickly making Kagome lose balance and fall on him which stopped him mid-curse. 

Cursing her clumsiness Kagome tried to quickly get up but the strange guy had wrapped his arm around her waist holding her hostage in his lap. Kagome fumed at this guys’ audacity.

“If you wanted me so bad babe all you had to do was asked.”, he whispered against her neck. Kagome stilled at this and then immediately began to struggle against his hold.

“Let me go! I just wanted to know why you were in my car that’s all!”, she said gripping his arm trying to force it away but to no avail.  Realizing she wasn’t going anywhere she quit struggling and waited (rather impatiently might I add) for the guy to release her.

“Car? What car?”, the guy said lowering the sunglasses a bit to look her in the eyes. 

“The car right behind us idiot!”, she huffed as the guy merely rolled his eyes at her and looked behind her. 

“Oh, that car! Ha! As for why I was in it, well all I can remember is this girl--you I think came and picked all of us up after the concert last night. Man, that was craziest after party I have ever been too!”, he replied while smiling at Kagome.  Kagome on the other hand was looking at him like he was crazy. What concert? What after party?! Who the hell was this guy--wait a minute! ‘I know eyes like that from anywhere! But how did I get to picking them up for a party?’



Not being able to handle the stress anymore, Kagome did the one thing ever guy hates, she cried herself a river. ‘Justin Timberlake eat your heart out!’, she thought pitifully as the guy beneath her stilled and began to immediately panic.

“Come on Kagome don’t cry! Please I’ll do anything just don’t cry!”, he said in a hushed voice while looking around the yard. The yard was obviously empty but he would rather be safe than sorry. 

Giving a sniff watery blue eyes looked into gold eyes before she reply, “Anything?”

“Anything.”, he replied back while rubbing soothing circles on her back.

“Tell me what happened last night.”, she replied as she laid her head on the person she knew now to be InuYasha Takahasi, member of the exclusive band, Blood Demon. 

“I’ll tell ya but prepare yourself. It was very crazy night!”, he said with a laugh while Kagome muttered in his shirt.

‘That I will most definitely believe, because I can’t remember any of it.’, she thought before settling into his lap for what was going to be a long story.


Inside the house two pairs of eyes glared with intensity at the scene unfolding in the front yard....


Hope you guys like! This is definitely going to be humor with a little romance. Don’t worry this will be a Sess/Kag! Please review and tell me what you think! :)



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