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It's a Dog's World by Kanna37

Indestructible Ego

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Inuyasha.


Life, as Kagome knew it, had just done the unthinkable, and become even stranger than it already was. After all, it wasn't like it wasn't already the weirdest life anyone probably had ever had. She was from five hundred years in the future, fighting battles in the distant past alongside demons and half-demons – which the wisdom of her time insisted had never existed.

Wasn't that strange enough?

Apparently not.

It had been a few months now since Sesshoumaru had joined up with their group. As much as he disdained his brother, and the humans he traveled with, he hated Naraku more, and had decided that took precedence over his personal problems with Inuyasha's existence. Strange enough to give a poor miko hives... but life wasn't done yet.

Oh, no, of course not!

Out of the blue, a strange female looking almost exactly like Sesshoumaru had decided to show up, introducing herself as Satori, and walk along with them – and for some god-forsaken reason, had decided that Kagome was the most interesting... thing? she'd ever seen.

Kagome didn't know how to handle that, and Sesshoumaru wasn't being any help – he'd stared at the person who – it turned out was his mother - for a moment, and then proceeded to ignore her, along with everyone else.

At least... until the conversation somehow – and Kagome still hadn't figured out how – had turned to his rather... homicidal tendencies and ideas on Supreme Conquest.

Then he'd butted in as though he'd always been part of the conversation.

It didn't help matters that, just as he'd started speaking, they'd been attacked by a serpent youkai – a very weak one that obviously had no common sense, to be attacking a large, powerful party such as theirs. But then again, when Shikon shards were part of the equation, all youkai kind of lost whatever little bit of sense they had.

Except Sesshoumaru.

At any rate, with the arrogant inu still expounding on why his ability to kill and visit destruction on the world at large made him more powerful and better than anyone else, and everyone else still busy listening to him, Kagome, with a shake of her head at the surreal and confusing reality she found herself in, brought up her bow and fired at the maurading youkai. As everyone watched it dissolve into pink glimmers, she turned to Sesshoumaru to make her point.

"See? Anyone can destroy, Sesshoumaru-sama, even a weak little human like me."

He stared at her haughtily. "Perhaps, miko. But I can destroy more than anyone else."

Kagome stared at him dubiously as she shouldered her bow. "And you think that's a good thing?"

“Of course. With the threat of destruction, fools tend to disappear, and this one has no use for fools.”

Eyes wide, Kagome asked, “And what if you say... jump the gun-” she didn't miss his slight scowl at her unfamiliar words, “-and use violence where it's not warranted?”

Haughty expression still in place, he said, "This one does not make mistakes. If I use violence in a given situation, it is because that was the correct action. When I do not feel that destruction is needed, then I simply ignore, and go on my way."

Kagome stared at him for a moment, shook her head, then dropped it into her hands with a whimper. Are all inu so bloody arrogant and convinced of their superiority?

Satori eyed the small human female, before turning an amused glance to her son. After holding his gaze for a few moments, she looked back at Kagome and spoke. "Do not bother trying, little miko - Sesshoumaru comes by his ego honestly, and it is impermeable."

“Feh. His ego's more indestructible than he is, Kagome, you should know that already,” Inuyasha tossed in with a roll of his eyes. “It's gonna take something more than a tiny little shrimp like you to break it, that's for sure.”

“I wonder if demon egos are susceptible to purification?” she mused pointedly, tossing a dark look at a suddenly uneasy half-demon, and his brother. Without another word, she turned on her heel and continued to march off down the road they were on, ignoring everyone else.

Nope, life certainly wasn't done getting strange. Because despite the fact that Sesshoumaru was a homicidal, egotistical, insufferable, overbearing demon with an attitude problem, she still had a crush on him.

It just wasn't fair.


A/N: Just a little drabble for some amusement. And to try to work out some of this godawful writer's block I'm suffering from...



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