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Ascension by Lillian

Prologue: Chosen

Disclaimer: I hereby disclaim and do forever disclaim any possibility of owning Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha.

Author's Note: This is a story told in short drabbles and I hope to update it once a day.


Part I: Origins


"No! Do not take my child away from me! Please!" Amane Higurashi pleaded to the implacable men in front of her. "I love her; do you not have someone you love beyond all? She is mine, my child, my angel, my Kagome. I beg of you," she got on her knees and bent to the ground, forehead touching the wood of the porch of the shrine, "as a mother, I beseech you, do not take my child!"

One of the pair swept past her and into the shrine, the heels of his black leather boots clicking against the floor as he swept up the stairs and out of sight. Moments later she heard the unmistakable sound of a door being opened, and she shuddered, trying to hold in a sob. He returned moments later holding the child, who was swaddled in an impossibly soft pink blanket, that Amane begged so desperately for.

The second of the men held Amane in a firm, unyielding grip as she struggled against and lunged after the other man as he descended down the steps.

Amane lost it as he left her line of sight. Her body was shot with gut wrenching sobs, face turning blotchy and red, nose running. She clawed the arms of the man holding her. "Give me back my child!" she screamed. "Don't take her. Don't leave me alone...let me love her!" She subsided with a low moan, curling inwards perceptibly.

"I assure you Mrs. Higurashi, she will be well taken care of." He let go of her and started his own journey to the white sedan waiting below.

Words floated behind him on a whisper of air interrupted by falling cherry blossoms. "You should be grateful she was Chosen."


Word Count: 290

Prompt: Abapical from The Alphabet Challenge


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