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Time Floats On by Smortz

Already Over


Alrighty, this is another challenge fiction, written for TheLovelyMiko’s Quote Challenge.. Now, don’t get too excited, the story will only be posted when the quotes/prompts are posted.


ANYWAYS! Thanks for the brilliant title Syn!


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Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any characters from the manga or anime InuYasha.

Chapter 1

Kagome was bored. That was the only way she could describe how she felt right now, even though it didn’t do it any justice. She felt more than bored. In fact, she felt as if she would rather have a thrilling conversation with a death god, even he would be more lively. She sighed once more as she picked up another flute of champagne, stopping to admire the diamond stem of it.

Some engagement party, Kagome grumbled to herself, eying the expensive silverware. Everything had a diamond located somewhere within it. The forks and spoons all had diamonds encrusted in the handle. The wine and champagne glasses all had diamond stems. For a moment, Kagome felt as if she should kill an animal, skin it, and then wear its fur. She looked into the crowd and rolled her eyes. No, it looks like a lot of the party patrons had already done that.

Still, she let a shiver take over as she pulled another one of the curled bangs out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. She took another glass of champagne off a nearby tray and began to walk towards the back entrance.

Kagome grumbled something incoherent to herself. It was nothing but gibberish. The meaning of it to help her relax even if it was only randomly selected letters spewed out into words meaning nothing. The door opened before her fingers could wrap around the elegant handle. She stared into golden pools and let out a soft smile. “Are you enjoying the party, Mr. Taisho?” She asked politely, even though there was an amused glint to her eyes.

The older man let out a dry chuckle, obviously not finding the question polite in the least bit. His hair was pulled into a short ponytail, his jacket’s buttons had come undone and he had an exhausted look to his eyes. “I think Kagura went a bit overboard,” he grumbled. When he mentioned her name, he paused looking into her eyes, searching for any kind of reaction reaction.

Kagome did not give one. Instead, she smirked, “Are you sure? I think the diamond spoons made you feel real… warm and fuzzy inside,” Kagome explained. “Well, we both know Sesshoumaru. He could never say no, could he?” Kagome whispered the last part with experience shining in her eyes.

The father of said demon gave her a look of something. It may be close to pity, but he respected her too much to give that emotion away. He would never pity Kagome. Pity was for weak beings who couldn’t overcome it. No, he pitied both sons for letting such a woman go. “I must return to the idiot. Please, stay afterwards and indulge this old man into a good conversation?” He added.

Kagome forced a smile onto her face as she took another small sip of the bubbling drink. She gave a nod, before they went their separate ways. His father headed towards the massive crowd of patrons while she ducked out of the large house. The wrap-around porch looked over the lake and she leaned against the wooden railing to get a better glimpse.

She let a remorseful smile spread along her lips as she stared at the iced over body of water. It had been so long since she’d been in this house. The family had purchased it when Sesshoumaru had graduated from high school. Kagome, at the time being Inuyasha’s girlfriend, had spent countless occasions hiding in this winter wonderland, away from the bustling city. However, there was only one memory she could remember clearly.

“What are you doing here?” The voice startled her out of the thoughts running through her mind. She turned around on the porch, pulling the blanket tighter around her form. She knew this was trespassing, but she didn’t have anywhere to go.


Inuyasha had left her for Kikyou, a woman who could have been her evil identical twin. All she had wanted was to getaway somewhere. Home wasn’t an option. Her lonely apartment was filled with nothing but memories of Inuyasha. She didn’t want to become a pest and board with her friends in her weakened state. She figured she could sneak off to this winter home, only a few train stops away from the bustling city of Tokyo. She didn’t know someone would be here though.


“I-I’ll leave,” Kagome whispered brokenly, beginning to stumble back towards the road. She had no idea how she would get back to the train station. She had hailed a cab to get over here, but doubted one would be this far out looking for fares.


“Don’t be stupid,” Sesshoumaru growled out, making her pause in her steps. “Get inside before your feet turn black,” he demanded. Kagome turned around, but only saw his back as it retreated back into the house.


Slowly, Kagome followed him. Her nerves were still fried from the heartbreaking news. She had just wanted to be alone. What if Sesshoumaru wasn’t alone though? “Am I intruding?” Kagome asked nervously as she entered the kitchen from the back door.


“Why are you here?” Sesshoumaru asked the previous question. Kagome stared at the silver tresses, the golden orbs staring at her from across the dining room table. Kagome sniffled, reaching up to swipe at the tears.


“I-I am nothing. I can’t even keep a boyfriend,” she got out around the sobs that bubbled to the surface. How she had wanted to be strong and not shed a tear, but it was no longer possible. Inuyasha had gone to someone else, and she couldn’t help but think it had been something she had done.


Fingers gripped her chin gently, forcing her up to look at him. Her eyes closed only a moment later when lips connected with hers. There was no pity, but Kagome could almost feel his worry and concern through the warmth that spread from his body to hers. She could feel what he was trying to tell her, even as he nipped at her bottom lip.


“It is his loss,” he released. Kagome had whimpered in a desperate attempt to hold back a sob. Now, on top of heart break and failure, she felt confused.


“What are you doing, Sesshoumaru?” She asked quietly, looking up at him as if he held the answers to whatever problems she had. He slid his hands into the blanket she had somehow snuck out of the house without him knowing.


To be honest, he had no idea what he was doing. This was his half-brother’s ex-girlfriend. He had always found her interesting. She was beautiful with her ocean blue eyes and silky, ebony hair. Her long legs, curvy hips and supple breasts had always been something he enjoyed staring at. Still, when he had woken up to smell the fragrance of vanilla and raspberries he’d been shocked to find her staring at the lake with nothing short of melancholy.


Even now, he saw the sadness in her eyes. She was even ready to take the blame for Inuyasha’s foolishness. He shook his head at her, allowing a small smile to surface as he kissed her cheek. “I am enjoying what my brother will never have again,” he answered stoically. “You do not realize how much you are worth,” he whispered as his hands rolled over her hips and over the cheeks of her buttocks.


His fingers suddenly squeezed them, hoisting them up until her legs clenched around his waist. He stumbled, not breaking from the sudden heated kiss she attacked him with, into the living room, collapsing on the large lounge chair located beside the dying fireplace. “I wasn’t good enough,” she whispered.


Sesshoumaru stared up at her with eyes full of something she couldn’t identify. He paused briefly from their kiss, only to tuck a stray strand of hair back behind her ear. “You are far more than he deserves,” he released. “I have always admired your power, your kindness and selflessness. You have a heart purer than a nun’s.”


Kagome choked out a laugh-like sob, but was silenced once more by his mouth. It moved against hers as if they’d had previous practice with kissing. She arched up when his hands slid up the long sleeved shirt she had worn, cupping the breast that laid beneath it. His fingers pinched the nipple gently, causing it to harden beneath such attentions.


“If you were mine, I would never take you for granted,” Sesshoumaru whispered quietly. He released a groan when she reached over him, grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulling it up and over his back. He broke the kiss, tossing the shirt off to the floor. He leaned up, letting the golden skin that covered his muscular flesh gleam in the firelight.


Kagome’s hands ran over the contours of his abdomen then flicked over a stiff nipple. Then, her nails trailed down the center of his chest, all the way to where his sweats began. “Would this be a mistake?” She whispered.


Sesshoumaru didn’t answer. He had a beautiful woman, one that he respected and admired beneath him. Sure, she had just broken up with his younger half-brother, but did that make it bad? He leaned down to push up her shirt, drawing in a sharp intake when her breasts jumped from the material. He leaned forward to capture one of the reddened tips with his tongue, before his lips closed around it.


The way her back arched, her fingers tangled into his silver hair, one leg wrapping around his as if to draw him into her, was the answer to his question. Was it a mistake? Yes. Was it a mistake he would regret? No.


“I won’t regret it,” he whispered out against her flushed skin as he sank lower down her body. With one hand he unbuttoned her jeans, letting the other one tease the breast he wasn’t paying attention to with his mouth. The button and fly were easy to conquer, and he groaned when she raised her hips, willingly allowing him to push the jeans and white lace underwear down. He kissed the heated valley between her breaths, licking a fiery trail of sensual pleasure until he reached the trimmed patch of hair. He leaned back to gaze at the womanly treasure. A small strip of hair before everything turned completely bare made his manhood leak with anticipation.


Eagerly, he leaned in, sliding his tongue from the top of her sex, between the lips, stopping to flick over the bundle of nerves, before diving into the hot canal. He enjoyed the heady moan that tore itself away from her hips. Her thighs closed around his head when thrust his tongue deep inside.


His hands gripped her hips as he savored her taste. The sweet essence of something akin to honey slid down his throat easily. Her nectar began to come out of her as if he’d just broken through a dam.


“Now,” she moaned out desperately. “No more, don’t tease me. I-I just want to feel complete,” she begged. Sesshoumaru looked up through his lashes to stare across her body. He eyed the slight stomach the woman had. His fingers ran over it, and he was thankful she wasn’t a woman who was afraid to eat a burger. They captured one of her breasts the same time he moved to suck in the sensitive bundle known as her clitoris.


The moan she released was loud, and he was thankful he was the only one in this house. He let it slide from his lips, pausing to look up at her. His tongue licked around her mouth, cleaning up whatever essence had escaped.


“You want me inside?” He asked, taunting her as he crawled up her body while leaving wet kisses in its wake. He nipped at her neck, ear lobe and finally reached her bottom lip. One of his hands went to her thigh, pushing it farther away from the other one. His other hand pushed down his sweats and his erect member sprang to life at being tucked away from so long.


A bead of pre-cum stuck to his stomach as it rebounded against his pelvic area. He then leaned forward again, shivering when the hot tip of his sex met the heated opening of hers. Her hips wiggled from side to side, and then she thrust them downwards. He let out a cocky laugh, capturing both of her wrists in one hand and trapping them above her head.


He slid the tip in, listening to her gasp and whimper. He only paused for a moment before he drove home, not stopping until his waist smacked against her thighs, sheathing him completely. He groaned when he listened to her choke on her breath. He whole body stiffened at the intrusion and her eyes shot open wide as she tried to breathe. “Sesshoumaru!” She called out and he felt his penis flex inside her at hearing his name coming from her.


“That’s right,” he teased, leaning down to nip at her lips, “call my name when you come.” He loved the shadows of the flames lapped at her flushed skin, casting a glow of orange and cherry light, the way her legs wrapped around his hips, the heady moans and calls that escaped her mouth as she struggled to keep up with his rhythm.


Sesshoumaru showed no mercy. He pulled himself free of her body before plunging in, grinding his hips against hers and making sure to feel her inner walls clamp against him. He loved hearing the sounds their bodies made, wet from their need, when he pushed into her and pulled out. He basked in the way she shook her head suddenly, letting him know that she could handle no more. She had reached her limit.

Urgently, he picked up his pace. He slammed into her, drawing out and repeating the forceful barrage of pleasure. He felt his balls stiffen when her pussy closed around his member. It convulsed, pleading for him to finish within her, to never leave her. His name echoed throughout the house as she found her climax.


He let loose an animalistic growl as he pulled out, letting the white liquid-heat splash against her hips, some spurting across her stomach. He released her hands, almost laughing when she covered her face in embarrassment. “A bit too late for that,” he whispered as he stood up and looked down at her body.


There was a light film of sweat covering her skin. Her bangs were sticking to her forehead. His seed was slowly beginning to roll across her hips, down towards the cushions. Her chest was heaving as she tried to steady her breathing.


He left the room for a moment, coming back in with a wet rag. He tucked himself back into his pants and Kagome felt her body spasm when he dragged the rag along her body, cleaning up the mess they’d made. She pulled on the shirt he had, crawling onto his lap and nuzzling into the side of his neck.


“It’s snowing,” she whispered, looking out the window to watch as the flakes descended from the night sky. She could see them in the light still coming from the fire.


She felt Sesshoumaru’s lip against hers once more. Her body – and heart – reacted into it. She returned the passionate kiss, even though she knew their relationship wouldn’t be the same, that this was a spur of the moment gathering. He had said it himself. It was a mistake, but one they wouldn’t regret. 


“My mother,” Sesshoumaru paused at the mere mention of his mother. The enchanting demoness had died centuries earlier. Gathering himself, he continued, “She used to say that snowflakes are like kisses sent from heaven.”


Kagome closed her eyes when he felt her place one, single, chaste kiss on her cheek. She knew that it would be the last time she felt the rough, yet warm, touch of his lips. She sighed against him. “I-I hope it snows more often then,” she confessed with a blush.


She received no more kisses though. They slept on that lounger, but when they had awoken, they had gone their separate ways. Kagome had been comforted that evening. Sesshoumaru had helped her recover from the heartache Inuyasha had caused. He had been there to show her that she was worth a lot more than the half-breed had made her felt.

She smiled to herself. Sometimes, she found herself wondering why they hadn’t gotten together. However, she knew, at that point in time, they were two very different individuals.

She had never been a type of girl who would accept shoe-ins. Mr. Taisho had offered her a spot after she had graduated from college with a degree in Child Psychology, not that it would be of much use in the business world. You never know, all three of those males have rather childish brains, she mused quietly to herself. Either way, she had turned down the offer of an easy life with no respect for an internship at a local children’s hospital, working along side a very reputable psychologist with troubled kids.

Although Sesshoumaru was cold and withdrawn, she had always admired his motivation and drive to strive to be better than his father. He had gone to college and graduated top of his class with a business degree, and now was currently climbing the financial ladder, far quicker than his father had. The only problem he had was figuring out the relationship with his current fiancé, Kagura. The confident, famous model had been startling news at first. However, she had quickly realized that they had both gone their separate ways.

The sudden warmth of material hit her shoulders. She looked to the side, finding another set of golden orbs staring at her. “Does it bother you?” Sesshoumaru asked, never one to waste time on small talk. He usually got straight to the point, something Kagome liked about him.

In her mind, Sesshoumaru needed someone to vent to. He needed someone that could pull him out of his ice block. In other words, Sesshoumaru needed his very own Bunsen burner. He needed someone to light the fire beneath him and open him up to a different life, a life that he could let loose and relax in.

Still, Kagome returned to the question he had asked. “No, it has been almost six years, Sesshoumaru,” she answered. Truthfully, she had only been reminded of the heartbreak she had faced after both Inuyasha’s betrayal and Sesshoumaru’s momentary comfort. She let loose a wry chortle. She was just fine on her own.

In all honesty, she hated being alone. Although she knew that she didn’t need someone, it still felt empty walking into her apartment. She felt sad going out to lunch with no partner to join her. Still, she cleared her throat, forcing the ball of emotion from her body. “How is Kagura, you two seemed rather quiet? Did something happen?” Kagome asked, referring to Sesshoumaru’s future wife.

His family had welcomed her, but maybe that had been the downfall. Kagome liked her. She was a great woman with wonderful potential. However, she had her wild streaks. She was carefree and didn’t care what people think. She knew that she was beautiful and wasn’t afraid to flaunt it. In Sesshoumaru’s competitive business world, she could be a strength or weakness.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw Sesshoumaru shift, a slight grunt slipping from his lips. “We had an argument,” Sesshoumaru allowed, dropping his head to look at the snow colored ground. It had snowed earlier that day, but it had let up thankfully for the party.

“What was it about?” Kagome asked. She didn’t really fear asking a blunt question to Sesshoumaru. If he wanted to answer, he would. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t. However, over the years, Sesshoumaru had begun to come to her for human relationship advice.

“Apparently, she had no idea I would stay at the offices so late,” Sesshoumaru grumbled out. Kagome watched as he played with the glass in his hands, moving it from one hand to the other to keep his fingers busy. Kagome was about to speak, when the demon surprised her. He released a saddened laugh, filled with regret. “I always wondered how my younger brother could have been so stupid,” he mumbled. “However, I see the same mistakes in Kagura. She’s wants too much attention and I already know I will deal with a few scandals. This could be all a mistake.”

Kagome swallowed at the absolute defeat in the demon’s eyes. She turned around, leaning her elbows against the railing, her back hitting the posts. She looked up at the starry sky above them. “If you know it won’t work out, then you’re being selfish dragging her through it,” she whispered. “However, if you want to work it out, you need to talk to her about it before you exchange the vows.”

She saw the slight twitch, and knew that wasn’t what he wanted. “I fear her faithfulness,” he whispered. Kagome chuckled, handing him the champagne glass and taking his empty one. Instantly, he swallowed what was left in her glass. It was odd to see the strong demon actually insecure.

Sesshoumaru looked at Kagome. Her sapphire eyes staring into the navy sky above her, small snowflakes were beginning to fall from above. He felt his heart begin to pick up speed. He had always thought of Kagome as wiser beyond her years. Even in high school she had dealt with more problems, gaining more experience, then the average teenager. Her father leaving her family, needing to get a part time job to help out around the shrine, learning of her priestess powers, and even dealing with his family when she started to date Inuyasha had all been events that led up to her being such an independent woman.

He admired her – respected her. Sesshoumaru had wanted a woman like her. However, the famous model had confessed her love for him with such confidence. He hadn’t been able to resist the enchanting woman.

“Thank you, Kagome,” he mumbled just being in the woman’s presence seemed to calm him down. Without realizing what he was doing, he bent forward and placed a chaste kiss against her forehead. He would later proclaim it was in thanks, even though his body reacted in both desire and lust.  

He pulled back, expecting to see a flushed or wide-eyed Kagome. Instead, she had a warm smile across her lips. “You’re welcome,” she whispered to him. Once again, Sesshoumaru was surprised by her. He let a dry chuckle slide from his lips; saw the sudden question in her eyes. “Sesshoumaru, what will you do with her?”

Before he could answer, Kagura walked out onto the porch. She gave Kagome a tight smile, and Kagome realized that none of the Taisho girlfriends liked her. “Kagome, I didn’t know you were here,” she whispered, eying the closeness between her and Sesshoumaru.

“I was able to sneak in,” Kagome returned. She then bowed her head to both of them. “I should return, your father said he wished to speak to me,” Kagome added, knowing an awkward silence when she felt one. Quietly, she made her way inside, finding the table where a very talkative daiyoukai was sitting. He was surrounded by other elegantly dressed patrons.

His golden orbs, much brighter and filled with more experience than his sons’, found her. He waved her over, gesturing to the seat beside him. “This is Kagome Higurashi. Both of my sons missed her. She won’t even let me have her in my company!” He exclaimed.

Kagome could only offer a tight smile, even as her eyes snuck over to gaze at Sesshoumaru and Kagura. “I have no idea what to do when it comes to business,” she excused as their father dove into the corporate world. “I'm only a psychologist,” she added. Plus, I don’t even know what goes on in my mind.


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