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Magazines by The Lovely Miko

Chapter 1

This is for the “Jaken vs Kagome” challenge. Please enjoy!

Word Count: Story itself is exactly 700 words.

Jaken walked into his master’s courted female’s room, he had been given the task of cleaning up after her. Thankfully, she wasn’t a messy human; he had grudgingly admitted that to himself. Still, his lord had ordered him to make sure her room was always clean, and he’d never disobey his lord, for he was his love.

He bent down to pick up the wench’s wretched yellow backpack off the floor. He was about to set it in her closet when something caught his eyes. A book with a paper cover that reflected in the light read “Dibs” on the cover was sticking out from the top of her bag.

Curious, he picked it up and flipped it over. ‘Kagome’ it had his lord’s courted female’s name inside. A noise from the hallway scared him making him drop the book onto the wooden floor. He listened to make sure no one was entering the room before he picked it back up. It had opened to a page titled The “I Saw Him First” Law.

His curiosity peaked and he continued to read If you and another are after the same man, then the one who saw him first should simply say, “I saw him first, he’s mine” If the other person is respectful they will back off and allow you to have him.

Jaken pursed his lips, ‘Maybe I should try this with my lord and that wretched girl of his.’

Just then, Kagome walked in, she looked down to see Jaken holding her magazine and her backpack lying open on the floor. Years of living with Souta quickly let her know he had been snooping.

“What are you doing in my backpack you little snoop?” Kagome asked annoyed. She quickly grabbed the backpack and the magazine from the little toad demon.

Stuffing the magazine into the backpack, she went and put it in the closet.

With a determined look Jaken puffed out his chest, ‘This is my chance! I saw mi’lord first, he is mine.’

Turning to Kagome he spoke in his high screechy voice, “I saw mi’lord Sesshomaru first, he is mine.” He glared at Kagome.

She looked at him in shock for a moment before laughing, “Yeah, okay. No.”

He glared harder, “Are you refusing to honor thy law?” He questioned.

Kagome’s brow furrowed, “What law?” She asked.

Jaken looked at her mouth open in shock, “What law?” He screeched. He hurried toward the closet and grabbed her backpack, pulling out the magazine he flipped to the page. “This law!” He glared up at her as she reached down to get it.

Quickly reading it she busted out laughing again, “Wow. Jaken this law is a load of bull. It’s just something the writer’s write to get more readers.”

Red faced Jaken bellowed, “It is to a law!” He ran out of the room to find his lord. Kagome was hot on his trail.

“Mi’lord! I love you!” He busted open the door to Sesshomaru’s study. Shortly after Kagome followed, she was doubled over trying to steady her breathing. After what he’d said clicked in her head, she started laughing.

“What are you laughing at you filthy human?!” Jaken screeched.

“Jaken.” Sesshomaru stated coldly.

“Y-yes mi’lord?” Jaken looked up in admiration at his lord.

“You are never to call her a filthy human again.”

“Y-yes mi’lord.” He bowed repeatedly.

Kagome walked over and kissed Sesshomaru’s cheek.

“Human! Get your hands off of him! By law you must leave him alone! I saw him first!” Jaken said proudly.

Sesshomaru’s brow furrowed slightly in confusion, “What law?” He questioned coldly.

Giggling, Kagome showed him the magazine, “It’s a silly thing the writers made up to get more readers.”

Sesshomaru nodded in understanding before looking down at Jaken, “Jaken, I have no feelings for you, leave and tend to Rin.”

Sputtering, Jaken left the room.

“Well, that was weird.” Kagome said. Turning to her future mate she said, “I guess I have some competition, huh?”

Smirking Sesshomaru pulled her close, kissing her neck, he whispered “There is no competition.” He kissed up her neck causing her to moan.

“Prove it.” She whispered.

Smirking, Sesshomaru carried her to his bed chambers.

Done! I would have added a lemon, but this was written for Number Q’s challenge “Jaken vs Kagome” and she can’t read M stories. So it’s like this! Review!!


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