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Tamed by Sha

Chapter 1

~Chapter 1~

"Take him to the dungen. Come sunrise, you shall be stripped of all your worldly objects." The tall and slender man on the throne stated, eyeing the pale hanyou before him.

"But what of my family? They need the shelter and..."

"You should have thought of that, before you attempted to steal from the factory. You are not worthy of the title you held there and now you and yours shall reap what you've done....Now get him out my sight."

Watching as the two guards dragged the weeping man away, she frowned. "Father, you're going to kick his family out on the street for trying to provide for them?"

Sighing, Kiree turned and stared up at his daughter standing to his left. "It is a crime and he needs to be held accountable, Kagome."

"But his children will be..."

"I tire of this, child. You know that kindness will do nothing if an example is not made. Silence your tongue and remember what I spoke." Coming to his feet and smiling to his wife who intwined her arm with him, he ran a hand through his dark short tresses. "Go, you best not be late for your studies."

Biting her lip and giving a bow of the head, she headed for the large and extravagent doors.

"Oh, and don't be tardy for the duel later this evening again." He called, as she practicly ran from the summoning chamber.
 Shaking her head, his wife sighed. "Stop being so harsh to her, Ki."

Leading her down the dias, he rolled his eyes. "Harsh or not Raya, she must accept such, for it will be her up there making these decisions. Better for her now to learn instead of having our people in an uproar for her ruling."

Falling silent, she could only prey that her child didn't do nothing out landish once more. For only Kami knew, the last rebel act almost landed her father in striking her.


Looking down at his lap, he cursed. He should've been home, not at that damned party he was dragged off to. If he was there, he could've...

"It's not your fault." The female beside him replied, placing a calming hand on his arm. "They would've came and did what they wanted now or returned with more humans to do the deed."

"Was that to make me feel better? 'Cuz it didn't." Shrugging her touch off and standing, he faced the man walking over. "How is he?"

Removing his gloves and tossing them in the waste basket, Dr. Suikotsu sighed. "InuTashio is at the touch and go stage, but with his healing not at it's peak due to the restraints we all harbor, he will need surgery."

"How much?"

"To put it nicely, do you feel like selling the house?"

Growling, Sesshoumaru began to pace.

"I can give you a few hundred." Kagura stated, seeing the obvious pain her mate to be was in. "Within another two or three weeks I will have more and..."

"You know by law, we have to pay all up front." Suikotsu replied, folding his arms. "I swear, them damn Higurashi want our race to die out."

"The men who beat father, stated they were misinformed and attacked the wrong house." Sesshoumaru's cold voice sounded, as he faced them. "I will go to the palace and appeal they pay for his welfare, since they caused it."

Sharing a look with the other youkai, Kagura frowned. "It won't work and you know it. That selfish man won't allow it and..."

"But I still must try."

"And if he says no?"

"Then have the house packed and ready to be sold." Turning, he made his way towards the one place he spoke to never step foot on again.

The Higurashi grounds.


Entering her chambers and kicking her shoes off, she released her long and curly mane from all the clips. Feeling the tension leave her head immediatly, she sighed. Moving towards her bed and looking at at the ceiling, a small smile graced her face. 

There above her, lay the great mural that she had commissioned ten years ago, in the honor of the youkai that she owed her life to. Reaching out her hand and tracing the white canine standing beside her, she could still recall the feel of it's fur under her fingers. Tilting her head, the scar it gained from taking a blow intended for her made her heart jump. If he didn't push her out the way, her head would've been taken clean off.


Dropping her hand and facing her hand maiden, she slowly sat up. "Yes Sango?"

"Your father has summoned you to the Great Hall." The small female replied, on her knees beside her bed.

"I will be along shortly. I will change and arrive within the minute." Watching as she departed, Kagome quickly ran to her closet. Slipping out of her dress and into some jeans and a sleeveless blouse, she pulled her hair into a pony over her right shoulder. Touching the charm around her neck, she placed her shoes on and was out the door.


"You have come to require we pay for your father's hospital bill?" Kiree rather bordly stated, sipping his glass of wine. 

Gaze held on the tiles where he kneeled, Sesshoumaru gave a nod of the head.

"From what I was told, they requested a form of identification from him and when he refused, the fight began. I do not see this being reason for payment."

Growling and lifting his head, he narrowed his eyes.  "My sire is laying an inch from dying and all do to mistaken identity, your men made. Does that not give sufficient reason why you should be held accountable for his brutality?"

Placing his glass down and standing, Kiree placed a hand on his golden septor with the Higurashi trademark upon it. "You dare to come her and place blame where it do not belong? When a youkai is to be taken into account, identifying one self is up to them. Your sire knows this and did not abid by it. Now he lay on his death bed, but only for his own ignorance for what was ordered. Him not heeding such, is his reason for being struck where he foolishly stood ground. With him, is where your blame rightfully belongs."

Growling, his aura drasticly changed. Eyes bleeding red, Sesshoumaru stood to his full height. Staring down at the man a mere five feet from him,  he bared his fangs. "You call yourself a king of your people, yet it is a man who can admit to his mistakes and correct them, that deserves to rule. You are nothing of the sort."

"And you know of ruling people?" Taking a step off the dias and having guards rush over and take up around him, he smirked. "You know nothing of ruling and..."

"I ruled before your family declared to eradicate my race, being supreme over us." Feeling the manicle on his wrist begin to burn and singe his flesh, he ignored it. "I am the one that led wars and came out with no loss and did not need to command repect from my people, but earned it. They followed me of their own accord, yet yours do not." Markings becoming jagged, his aura became dark. "A ruler admits failure, not push it to the side. Me and my sire may be underneath your feet, but unlike you, we hold honor. Stand here all you want and be foolish to think this is over. My kind will not rest until our roles are reversed."

"As will you?" 


Folding his arms, Kiree gave a nod and the youkai soon found himself restrained and held to the floor in a kneeling position as electic currents went through his body from the taser gun one held. "Rulers rule by their own thoughts and what is best for their people. Let them fear me if it means I keep them safe and from your revenge." Once more noding and having the human behind him yank his long silver locks, his hand went to the sword he held at his side. "You are of the ancient times, so allow me to end you in your fashion." And with that, he unsheathed the sword and thrusted downwards.


Hearing raised voices and sensing a strong emence youkai, Kagome took off in a dead run. Turning the corner and spoting the large amount of guards, she forced her way through. Shuving some to the side as others parted, she soon found herself frozen to the spot at the seen that greeted her.

In all her years, she never preyed witness to her own father dealing the killing blow and seeing it, made her want to run in the opposite direction. Just as she turned her head away, the man on the ground growled. Pausing and glimpsing him, she was at a loss of breath. Taking a step towards them, the sound of her fathers sword rang through her ears. Looking from the marking on the youkai's jaw to that of her hand, she ran foward and into her father's killing blow.

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