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Hopelessly Devoted by Kagome Yuki Niwa

Theme: Melt - Lips Like Wine

Summary: To her, nothing is more beautiful then their joining and every time he whispers those words into her ears... not a thing compares.

Word Count: 300

x . . . . x

Lips like wine - smooth, heady - move over hers with passion. 

Fingers like fire - hot, painful - burn paths along her aching flesh.

Growls rumble from his chest, turning into soft purrs as her dainty hands tentatively touch the hard plains of his stomach.  

Their breathing is erratic.

He bends her backward, his fangs nipping her throat. 

Inky tresses mix with silver and resemble stars glittering in the night.  

She doesn’t know where she begins and where he ends.  

She knows they are tangled, mixing, one.

Does it matter that he is a youkai?

Or she a miko?

No, no.

Her long legs wrap around his waist; auferious eyes glitter in light of night as he glances up at the woman, head tossed back in pleasure as he moves within her.

He wants to see the hazy arousal within her eyes.  

So, he lifts her, cradles her head within his palm and tilts her so that their gazes meet.  

Cerulean is almost black and pleasure curls in her eyes.

He bares his fangs playfully and leans up to capture her pouting lower lip between his teeth.

He nibbles.

She moans.

Her legs tighten around his slim waist, and he groans and growls, lids fluttering close.

She finds the sounds magical and does it again and again with each thrust of his hips.

Her fingers are moving over him; this time, they’re touching the markings of magenta that litter his body like a tiger. 

But he is no tiger.

He is a dog and like a dog, when she screams her peak to the heavens, he howls his conquest into the night.

Panting, his lips move to her ear, golden gaze liquid - sated.

Huskily – hoarsely – he whispers, “I love you, Kagome.”

And there, in his arms, she melts.




'Gome Yuki:: I greatly enjoyed this one!! I thought it was pretty awesomeeee! Lemme know what you think!



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