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Unexpected Variance by Natsume2

Arc 1: Down the Rabbit Hole Again

Unexpected Variance

Chapter 1

Author note: Hello everyone! It’s been years since I opened the door to my old SessxKag fic Unexpected Variance and I was, sad to say, disappointed in myself. I know I have always been my own beta and five years is a long time to improve one’s writing style but as an author one can’t help be embarrassed by old works and how disjointed they could be.

Which is why I, after a serious jumping back into my all-time favorite series Inuyasha (seriously I spent a week watching the entire anime and re-watched the movies various times to get myself into the groove), have redone Unexpected Variance. Not only to fix many of the mistakes I made but also to improve the fic to new heights. 

As always, I own nothing of this series other than my OC’s, my usage of historical accuracies/facts, and any ideas on yōkai culture. Inuyasha’s true owner Rumiko Takahashi was never very forthcoming on the specifics so….



“Goodbye minna. Thank you, for everything.”

She had made the wish on the Shikon no Tama. Watched it disappear into nothingness not steps from where Naraku’s corpse had laid.

Kagome, after internal agony over the duty she must complete and thus leave behind, accepted her fate as the ether of the well began to consume her.

All of her comrades had gathered around, beaten and bloody, watching her go with sorrow. All of them had known this day was coming, known that when the time came for the wish to be made Kagome’s purpose in their world would vanish. They were ready to accept that Kagome did not belong to them now. All except one.

And it had not been Inuyasha.

“Kagome don’t leave me behind!” the young fox kit had cried out with tears in his eyes before pouncing into the swirls of magic with her.

Whether from some unknown desire or from fear of her dear adopted fox kit being harmed, she grabbed him just as the magic violently reacted and pulled them into a void. The last thing she recalled was hearing her friend’s call out in alarm.


When she awoke, she expected to be surrounded by the loud clutter of an urban city.

She did not expect to see herself at the bottom of the well, with clear skies instead of a shed roof hanging overhead.

Her shock had been cut short when she heard the sound of her kit moaning.

Without thinking Kagome immediately began checking on him for any signs of injure. Seeing nothing but a big goose egg on the back of his head, she sighed in relief.

Checking for anything that could be used to help her hold Shippo to her while she climbed, she sighed again when her search produced nothing but vines.


It took a few tries, since the vines seemed to have a mind of their own at times, but Kagome was able to climb up the well. Spilling out of it, she gently lifted Shippo to her chest and gazed around the well.

The well was in a clearing during the feudal era.’ she thought with dread, noticing how close the trees were to the well.


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