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Every Dog has its Day by sesshomarusama33

Chapter One: Oops?

Chapter one: Oops?


Kagome groaned and stared at the witch in front of her.

"Why do I always get kidnapped by some crazy person?!" she groaned. The witch glared daggers at her and pointed her finger towards her.

"I am not crazy, you empty headed twit!" The witch argued, power pulling from her fingers. Kagome was suddenly engulfed in a green cloud, coughing while she was lifted into the air.

"Hey! What do you-" she coughed, "think you're doing?" she managed to gasp, before falling to the ground.

"Oh, dear..." The witch mumbled, staring at the being before her. "What have I done?"


Bwahaha. I thought I'd start a story! This will be 100 word, inter-connected drabbles. Will update daily!

Reviews give me fuel! ^^



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