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Dragon Dancer by Scar


Disclaimer:I own the plot, nothing more nothing less. 

She watched him pace around the room. He was grumbling and finally the last sound she heard was his soft hiccup. She had deserved so better than him. They had all told her, yet she couldn't just walk away. Not after it happened to her, no she just couldn't do it…

Her eye lids twitched to the soft humming of halogen bulbs. Her nerves shot signals and her body responded. Something was lodged into her throat. Her limbs thrashed as nurses filed into to calm the girl down. Her doe hazel eyes flickered form face to face. She knew none of them; this only raised her fear level. Her heart raced as a machine echoed its beats into the room.

"Kagome! Sweetheart you are in Tokyo, in the Red Cross." One of the nurses said as the eerily feeling of something being ripped from her throat made the girl calm. The young woman's throat was dry and parched, her voice cracked.

"What happened" Those where her last words before her body seized. Her ear picked up the screams of her brother and mother form the hallway.

I can't leave them now. No I don't want to give up, I want to live. With her last thought the woman called Kagome slipped back into a coma.

Atsuko and Sota Higurashi stood and watched in horror as they loved one fought between life and death. Days had melted into weeks, and finally months had passed. Several months after her first awakening, the girl they loved so dearly had awaked once more. This time the tiny family watched as the young bubbly woman fragmented. They had found out she was pregnant and as a family they were forced to abort the child in order to save the young woman's life.

Weeks after being trapped into four white walls the young woman had walked out of the hospital with a heavy burden of mental problems. After weeks and months of trying to crack through, Kagome's mother Atsuko decided to send her eldest away for a while. And this is where it started… again

How long had it been since then? Mused a young woman waiting in an airport. Sitting in a posh European airport a much older and wiser woman stood before the world. The soft and dark tons of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata played in her ears as her doe eye took in the scene before her. A young couple stood in the middle of the terminal embracing. They looked young and very much in love, Kagome's eyes soften as she smiled softly at the pair. Even after two years her heart had never recovered from the betrayal. The body could endure and the mind was extraordinary at adapting, but her heart. No that would ever recover. The young man turned to her and blushed; she nodded softly and looked elsewhere. The familiar sting of tear burned at her eyes, Kagome closed her eyes and listened to the classical music.

Her father used to play it to her as a very young child and ever since his untimely passing the music had always calmed her somehow. After a moment, or so she thought images flashed through her mind. Red streaks of red ran down the walls, and she could smell the alcohol on his breath. Highland's Bella Stella began to play as her nightmare continued.

-Memory -

His fist hit her once more. She struggled for breath the girl had long ago decided not to give in again. In the distance she could heard violins play. Her mind scrambled for an answer. Dodging another blow the young woman backed up to a wall. That's right! She had been drinking wine and listing to classical again. That was what set him off. She refused to sleep with him while he was that drunk, this had driven him into a drunken raged. The song changed to the Muse.

She always loved music; it had been her down fall this time. The last thing she saw was a baseball bat connecting with her head. She listened while her body slipped from her. She would never dance, she would never fulfill the promise she had made her father all those years ago. A sting of tears threw her body over the edge and shut down.

-End Memory-

Kagome's eyes flew open to the hand on her shoulder. "What?" she snapped as her breath evened out.

"Ma'am your flight it boarding"

"Oh, Sorry" Kagome grumbled to the over bubbly flight attendant. She picked up her carry on and boarded the plane. After settling into her seat she relaxed and quickly fell asleep.


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