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Chasing Beauty by Kagome Yuki Niwa

Artist Block

Title: Chasing Beauty

Chapter One: Artist Block

x . . . . x

Plump, pink lips were set into a soft frown as cerulean eyes stared blankly at the wall before her. Her long, but dainty fingers twitched as they ached to run across the smooth canvas she had chosen to create her master piece upon. Dressed in what was considered her usual every day clothing [a pair of old, white washed jeans that had seen better days and a form fitting tank top], Kagome couldn't seem to find the inspiration to do what she did best.

Making nothing into something.

Her ebony hair had been pulled back from her face in a sloppy bun and her hands were holding her bare feet as she attempted to keep from screaming.

The young artist could feel the tears threaten to fall from her eyes and she grabbed the pallet by her side filled with bright colors and tossed it at the wall, watching with grim satisfaction as the livly colors splattered. She stood abruptly, the plastic she had put down on the floor to keep the paint from ruining the carpet crinkling under her feet.

The one thing she was good at - the one thing she loved above all else - was the one thing she no longer could find the inspiration for.

It made her physically sick.

Practically running from the room, she slammed the door behind her, grabbed a light, soft sky blue sweater, her keys, a pair of flats, and fled from her small house, walking who knows where and she didn't really even care. There were too many memories that haunted the place, too many that threatened to overwhelm her. They were constantly filling her head and taunting her. Her home - once their home - was not the same.

She wasn't the same.

Her home had been filled with laughter and the constant scent of her paints, pastels, chalks, and the sound of his paino, his guitar, and singing. Now it was filled with old take out, trashy romance movies, and heart wrenching sobs. Having been with her ex-boyfriend since her junior year in high school up to now [sophmore in college], it was understandable that she be suitably heart-broken.

Her feet had taken her to the neighbor-hood's park where children ran free while their respective parents watched with keen eyes. Sighing, she looked around for an open park bench and found one, not far off. Taking a seat, she brushed her wild bangs from her eyes and looked at beauty of the park surrounding her.

Normally, she would have been moved enough to sketch the children or snap pictures of the wildlife.

Today though? Nothing.

She found the children almost annoying. The mothers over-protective. The wildlife smelled to sweet.

Her bitterness threatened to overwhelm her and though she wasn't a bitter person by nature, everything made her angry.

Was this love's heartache? It's bitter sting?

Looking to the sky, her thoughts were interrupted as a shadowed object began to block out the sun. Squinting her eyes, she was curious as to what it was. Alarm filled her as she realized it was steadily growing larger.

She faintly heard a childish squeal of, "Watch out!" before a soccer ball hit her face and she saw stars.




 'Gome Yuki:: This is currently a Dokuga special [it may change in the future] collection of drabbles and though I have a bunch of other stories, I have three plunnies threatening to kill me. Two are Sesshoumaru x Kagome and the other an Itachi Uchiha x Kagome. This is currently one of the Sesshoumaru x Kagome. I normally don't write AU's but this hit me and it had to be done! :) Just like everything else.

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