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Subtlety by Skyisthelimit

Now What?

A/N: Hi all! Alright, this is my shot at a drabble series. More information about updating at the bottom!

Summary: The subtlest signs make all the difference. Five hundred years is a long time, so whatever shall we fill them with? With lessons on demon politics and family traditions, how to find your way when you are lost, and most importantly, what to do when you find yourself being wooed by a demonic lord. At least, you think you are right about that last part. That is, you hope.

Prompt: Over

Words: 200

Rating: K

Warnings: None

Title: Now What?

DISCLAIMER FOR ENTIRE FIC - I DO NOT OWN INUYASHA OR ITS DELICIOUS CHARACTERS! Now excuse me while I go grow mushrooms in my dark corner.


It was over.

Naraku was finally defeated. Dead. Gone. Take your pick. The point was, it was over.

What, exactly, was over, you ask?

Everything. Her journey, her toils and troubles, her life for the past two years. All over.

So the million dollar question:

“Now what?”

Kagome’s voice startled her friends out of their silent trance, simply staring at the empty spot that Naraku had been in, before Kagome had purified him out of existence. Now, her question seemed to direct their blank gaze at her, because really, that was the question.

Now what?

Sesshomaru, as efficient as ever, answered, “Now, miko, you all come to this Sesshomaru’s fortress.”

“For another council meeting?” Darn. She was really tired of those. In the weeks leading up to the battle, everyone had convened at Sesshomaru’s stronghold, using it as a sort-of headquarters. The downside to this grand alliance, however, was that they had been subjected to countless council meetings with Sesshomaru’s nobles, who were so whiny and, well, stupid that Kagome had wondered why Sesshomaru hadn’t killed them ages ago.

She was informed that they were even a bigger headache when they were dead.

His lips twitched. “No, for a feast.”


A/N: What do ya think?

So, as for updating, this will be updated every day from from Thursday to Tuesday. Then the next chapter will be posted on the LJ community on Dokuga_Contest as my entry to the Weekly Perfection. This entry, as well as another drabble, will be updated to this fic on Thursday. I really really hope you like :) :)


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