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Smortz's Collection of One-Shot Chaos by Smortz



I know that I promised everyone the sequel, and I am currently working on it. I am finishing Chapter Six as we speak. However, I hit a tad bit of writer's block and had this idea when I was explaining how to play Spoons in chat. This idea came to me and it is set AFTER Second Journey.

If you have not read it, please read this with an EXTREMELY open mind, or read this after reading the Epilogue of that story.

^_^ Hope you enjoy

Disclaimer: I do not own Inu-Yashi. However! I do like to borrow Rumiko's characters and torture them. >:3


Kagome stared at the large crowd infront of her. This was not what she had planned. Sesshoumaru had gone off to handle a situation with Toran in the North, and she had thought the servant's would like their new Lady more if she gave them a day off.

Unfortunately, they had no idea what a day off meant. God, that dog is the definition of Dictator, Kagome thought to herself. She almost pitied the hard-working servants.

They were all looking at her with wide-eyes. Some had their lips parted, unable to speak. Akemi was the first one to talk. “Mi'Lady,” she whispered, almost fearful, “wh-what do we do?”

The other servants nodded. They looked as if their whole world had just crashed and burned. She heard a sniffle.

Kagome forced a grin. “Guys! This means you are free! For one day!” She added the last part, afraid these servants would take off and never return. “You guys can do anything! Go to town, enjoy the gardens, maybe do something you've been putting off!” Kagome lectured to them.

Finally, they began to glance at each other. However, they still did not grasp the concept. The cook looked up at her. “We do not have anything to do. Our sole purpose is to serve the Lord Sesshoumaru,” he murmured. “Can we just do that?”

He has them brainwashed, Kagome finalized in her head.

Alright, I'll help you,” Kagome muttered. However, she was having a hard time coming up with something they could do. There were about ten servants staring at her with horrified eyes. “We'll play Spoons!” She shouted.

They all gave confused looks. There was a tug on her kimono and she looked down at her oldest, Arashi. His silver eyes stared up into hers. “Ma,” he whispered, giving a fearful look, “what is Spoons?”

Kagome grinned at him. This would be fun. She would make the best of this. These demons needed to know how to relax after a while.

Arashi, go to the kitchen and grab the soup spoons,” she instructed. Her child's eyes widened in realization. The deep soups they used to eat soup would work fine, even if they were a tad mutated. “Raiden, grab the cards from my bag,” she instructed, looking to her youngest.

He was sitting in a corner, playing with the large stuffed animal Kagome had made him. He gave a nod, looking at her with grateful eyes that she had looked to him, given him some sort of attention. He scampered up, and sprinted out the door. Arashihowever, seemed to saunter as if everyone was watching him.

Okay,” Kagome gave herself the quick cheer. “Now, you have all played with cards?”

Only five servants nodded. The other five backed away as if the others were some sort of cancerous tumors. “The five of us will play the first round,” Kagome added as she walked to the kitchen table. She gestured to the chairs. “Sit.”

They all looked terrified at the command. They were afraid to sit. This was the Lord's table, and the chairs were not meant for lowly servants. Kagome pulled a chair out for Akemi, hoping she would take the lead.

Akemi slowly sat down, but her eyes flickered to the door as if Sesshoumaru would sense the servants' thoughts. One her rear hit the wooden platform, she released her breath. The other servants seemed to follow her, sitting down at the table.

Finally, they released smiles.

I'll have to ask Sesshoumaru what brainwashing drug he's given them, Kagome added to her list of to-dos when her mate got back.

Her twins came back in. Arashi holding up a hand full of wooden spoons. Kagome counted them. Five, perfect. She took the deck from Raiden and gave them stern looks, “You two watch, okay?”

They both gave a nod, hopping on the chairs and leaning over the table. Kagome shuffled the cards and then dealt them out. “Now, if you don't need the card being passed around, give it to the next person,” Kagome said, demonstrating it, “if you doneed the card, keep it, and then give a card in your hand that you don't need.”

What happens when we get the four of a kind?” Akemi asked curiously.

Kagome grinned, “You grab a spoon from the center of the table. Once someone grabs a spoon, the other's have to grab a spoon. The one person that does not get a spoon, has to sit out the next game.”

So, if you do not have a four of a kind, but someone else reaches for a spoon, you can throw your cards away and get a spoon?” The chef asked.

Kagome nodded.

The servants went silent as the game carried on. Kagome knew she would lose the second she got a two of a kind. Arashi sucked in a deep breath as if she had already won. When she'd gotten the third card, she knew she would be given away.

The card neared Gin's hand. Sesshoumaru's godmother took it. With a smug grin, she used her demon speed to grab a spoon as quickly as possible. Kagome hurriedly grabbed a spoon, but was shocked that the others caught on so well. The chef was still blinking in shock before he gave a pout. “S-So I lost?” He asked.

Kagome nodded but then shook her head, “Yes, but let's make it a bit harder, since you're demons.”

Kagome knew she had a handicap, already knowing the games. She handed the spoons to Raiden. “Place these in the corner of the room,” she ordered. Raiden nodded, pulling the spoons and racing to the dining halls corner. He set them down and then gave her a triumphant smile.

Okay, now we'll have to get up and get the spoons,” Kagome informed them. They gave her nods and the chef was given another chance.

The cards were passed around. Kagome sighing whenever she didn't get the card she want. She would sigh again when she did get the card she wanted, hoping that the bluff would work to her advantage.

Ten minutes later, Kagome could tell several of them had three-of-a-kinds. With each card, they would cast suspicious looks. Whenever someone made a move, they would all get ready. Kagome was actually dreading the actual finale.

The sound of wood scraping against the stone floor was the first clue. Akemi began to slowly slide out from the table.

That's when the chaos started.

Akemi bolted when she realized she was caught. Kagome was shocked when another servant, one in charge of the dojo, grabbed Akemi by the robe with her claws. The robe tore and Kagome began to fear for lives.

Akemi turned around, cutting off the slice of cloth keeping her restrained before resuming her quest. The chef finally caught on, standing up and noticing Gin was sneaking off to the spoons. With one swipe, five blades of green fury had Gin rolling out of the way. Gin returned, forming a sphere of void, energy and sending it to him.

It slammed into the chest of the chef. He crashed into the table, breaking it into half. Unfortunately, this did not bring the demons out of their frenzy.

Akemi dove for the dojo servant. She grabbed on to her ankle, pulling her just out of the spoons reach. The woman hissed at the kitsune, two short swords appearing in her hands.

I got a spoon!” Gin shouted victoriously, holding a wooden spoon in her hands. The other servants looked at her in fear. That meant one of them would have to lose.

The woman grabbed Akemi, slamming her into the wall. The chef jumped up and noted another male servant. He pulled out his large club, swinging it down. The servant dove out of the way, and Kagome gasped in horror as the large wall crumbled down from the attack.

The chef shouted his cry of happiness when he dove for a wooden spoon. It left three more, and Kagome realized that she would have to join in.

She began to walk shakily towards the corner, hoping that no one would notice. Akemi and the dojo servant were dueling, claws to metal. Kagome gulped as she came in contact, but stared in horror when she only saw one spoon left. Someone had actually grabbed a spoon, but that meant Akemi and the dojo servant were fighting for no reason at all.

Their eyes went to her. The look of determination causing Kagome's heart to freeze. She felt like a deer in front of a heavy-duty, off-roading truck. She swallowed the lump of fear in her throat as they eyed the last spoon.

Kagome had never seen such a wild attack. Akemi pulled a piece of parchment. She slammed it so hard against the woman's head, she passed out instantly. Akemi had the, figuratively speaking, balls, to then walk to the last spoon and pick it up.

She grinned as she looked at Kagome. Her fiery hair was tangled, a canine fang missing. Her kimono was torn in several places. Kagome eyed the damage done to the room. There was a large hole in the wall, exposing the hallway. The dining table had been split in to half, and then cracked some more. Some chairs had been made in to firewood as well.

Ma,” Raiden said, pulling on her robe. Kagome looked down at her son. He was grinning with a look of pride. He handed her a spoon. “I got this one for you!”

Kagome suddenly felt a maternal worry. She had never noticed her son sneaking through the Spoon War. What if it happened again? She had to put a stop to this.

She turned to tell them the game was over, but they were all grinning like maniacs. Each one had torn clothing, tangled hair and some sort of cut or scratch. Akemi was the first one to speak up.

This game is fun! Where do we put the spoons next?”


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