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No Hotels for Old Men by Walter205

Le Rendezvous with ze tall handsome old man

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"But Sesshomaru, this just isn't right, and you know it," complained Kagome as they got out of the car together.

"Of course I know it; I'm the one that picked him. But a bet is a bet, Kagome," huffed Sesshomaru as he opened the trunk and began removing the recording equipment. Camera, tripod, other miscellaneous goods, check.

"I know I know, and I feel so stupid for placing it in the first place," sighed Kagome as she sulked up to the sidewalk.

"Only because you lost. I have to wonder whom you would have picked if you had won the bet."

"Well, originally I was going to pick my BFF, Sango. She's always wondered about you, and I would have found it totally hot. But I'm not so sure I would after this. Although, if you find this totally hot, I'd have to wonder about your mental faculties."

"Hnn, stop dawdling and get in the room already. He has it unlocked," ordered Sesshomaru, barging in the hotel room after her with his recording equipment. While he got it all set up, she took her bag with her into the bathroom to change into her 'uniform'.

"I must say, Lord Sesshomaru, I'm very surprised you would have picked me for this bet. I'm not sure what you expect to get out of this exchange," commented Totosai as he lay on the bed, clad only in a pair of underwear.

Sesshomaru let a giant smirk sneak its way across his face.

"We Inu's are a bunch of dirty dogs, at times. I don't think I could resist seeing my mate getting off with just about anyone, even Jaken. She probably would've left me if I picked him though. You're at least tolerable," explained Sesshomaru.

"You know I'm a virgin, right?" asked Totosai.

"How bad do you think this Sesshomaru's sense of smell is old man? Of course I know you're a virgin," Sesshomaru sniffled in reply.

"Okay then. I think she's done," commented Totosai as the bathroom door opened. Sesshomaru prepared his recording equipment. The video that he was about to make would be sure to keep him plenty excited while she was away on her business trips, or he was away on his. If this should ever leak out onto the internet somehow though...he would melt every single commercial satellite out of orbit if need be to stop the video from circulating.

His mate emerged from the bathroom, clad in her old middle school uniform, the green skirt, the white top, but in addition she also had on a collar with a leash attached. Sauntering over the bed, she winked at Sesshomaru, which was the signal for him to begin recording. He settled in, and prepared for one hell of a hot evening.

Kagome started by dragging Totosai by his legs over to the side of the bed, and stripped off his briefs, casting them to the floor. Pulling him up to a sitting position on the side of the bed, she then began dirty dancing, brushing up against him, evolving it into a lap dance that had even his two thousand year old hammer up stiff and rigid in no time flat. Pushing him back onto the bed, she pulled off the shirt and slowly pulled down the skirt, leaving her clad in a white pushup bra one cup size too small for her double D's, and her white silk panties.

She climbed onto the bed and straddled him, then started grinding on him, her hot and wet and getting wetter core and lips brushing against his swollen and stiff dick, the layer of silk clothing between the two sex organs setting both of them on fire with friction. She loosed a series of low moans, with his moans coming out slightly louder and longer. Sesshomaru moaned slightly himself, as his hand found his now throbbing cock through his pants and stroked it softly as he watched the scene unfolding in front of him.

Kagome stopped, and reached around her neck to undo her bra, her breasts popping free as she tossed the material away. She got off of Totosai, and helped him into a sitting position up against the headboard, handing him the leash as she settled into a kneeling position next to him.

"Command me as you will, my master," growled Kagome seductively into his ear.

"Suck my cock off, young bitch. Suck it off until my cream fills your throat and splashes across your face," commanded Totosai with an edge of anticipation and eagerness in his voice.

"Yes, your command is my will," she growled again as she settled into position. Sesshomaru stilled as he watched his mate prepare herself.

Then, with no second thoughts or hesitation, she opened her mouth wide and slammed her head down onto his cock, taking all nine inches of him into her mouth and down her throat. He, Sesshomaru had trained her out of her gag reflex, and she made full use of that ability now. She did nothing but draw up and down with her lips and tongue for the first few minutes, letting him feel her throat muscles around the head and tip of his penis.

When she came up for more air than what her nostrils could provide, she stuck out her tongue and ran it around the sensitive head and then licked up and down the sensitive underside as well, eliciting a string of loud moans and almost howls from Totosai before she took him fully back into her mouth again. This time she kept at it, making little gurgling noises and swallowing to add constriction friction to her efforts as he finally came, filling her throat. She pulled off and pumped him as he continued to jettison his load, letting it pour out onto her face, nose, and cheeks as he finally ceased.

Sesshomaru had just finished filling his own pants with seed, but knew that just as he wasn't finished, so Totosai wasn't also finished, because just as he was a demon, so was Totosai, although Sesshomaru being an Inu meant that he had greater overall stamina.

When Kagome was done getting her breath about her, she looked up into Totosai's eyes.

"My next command, my master?" she asked of him.

"Remove your panties, and hand them to me," he commanded of her. Kagome did as she was told, handing them to Totosai after she had taken them off. He proceeded to use them to wipe her face clean of his seed, before tossing them aside.

"Now then, lie back, and don't ask me for any more commands until I make you come all over my face," he ordered her. After she was lying back, he took the leash and pulled it around the headboard, chocking her slightly as he pulled it taunt and then used the other end to bind her arms up above her head together. Sesshomaru sat up slightly in interest, memorizing this little maneuver for the next time they used the leash in bed together.

With that taken care of, Totosai stuck his tongue out and French kissed her, holding that lock for several moments before withdrawing out, allowing her to breathe again. He then trailed his tongue down her body, going along the exposed portion of her neck, down the valley between her breasts, and then stopped at her navel to flick his tongue across her belly button several times, drawing a partial moan and an excited squeak as he found her ticklish spot there. He then dragged his tongue back up her body to the underside of her right breast.

As Sesshomaru began to feel himself again, Totosai dragged his tongue up and around the breast, coating just about everything except the nipple in his saliva, then doing the same to the other breast, again leaving the nipple untouched. Finally he lifted his tongue off her body, leaving her panting slightly beneath him as he straddled her. Using his hands now, he cupped each of her breasts with one, squeezing softly, and then a little harder, enjoying the squeak sound of her wet breasts made with each squeeze. Letting them go, he pinched each of her nipples between two fingers, tightening them, then letting off the pressure before squeezing again, eliciting a series of gasps and moans from her that brought Sesshomaru ever closer to his second completion. Finally he squeezed roughly and twisted his fingers as he did so, wrenching her erect nipples around in a painful display that caused Kagome to jerk herself upwards, her sudden "Aaaaaaaaahhhh" of pain and pleasure causing Sesshomaru to blow his second load into his pants. At this rate, his pants will be soaked clear through by the time they're done.

Totosai didn't let go gently either, still squeezing the nipples as he ripped his hands off, jerking the bruised nipples outwards before the breasts bounced back, and up and then down, a light sweat sheen adding to the wetness from the original saliva. Sticking his tongue back out again, Totosai took first one, then the other nipple into his mouth, gently massaging the bruised flesh with his tongue before suckling lightly on the nipples, drawing just the barest trace of milk into his mouth that savored his taste buds. Withdrawing just for a second from her well loved breasts, he looked up as she opened her eyes, her blue eyes full of wonder at his abilities for a first timer of an old man, her cheeks puffy and pink. Winking at her, he leaned back down again, clamping his teeth onto each of the nipples and biting down, not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to elicit another loud "Aaaaaahhhhh" from Kagome as painful heat and passion flooded outwards from the nerves in her breasts down to her lower stomach, where an almost unbearable amount of heat and wetness had already pooled.

Finally leaving her tortured breasts alone, Totosai again trailed his tongue back down her body, licking around her stomach. He used his tongue to wet the inside of her thighs, causing Kagome to buck around, just wanting him to get to her lips and be licking her out, relieving her of his unbearable heat and these awesome feelings just awaiting to be flowing out forth. He picked up her thighs, placing one on either of his shoulders, and glanced up at her. Kagome peered down at him between her breasts, her eyes pleading.

As soon as he made eye contact, Totosai drove his tongue inside of her, and then rapidly withdrew it to explore the rest of her core and her nether lips, watching in satisfaction as Kagome threw her head back, eyes closed, as moans were wracked rather forcefully from the bottom of her throat by his actions. Done exploring, he thrust his tongue back in again, before pulling it out and setting a steady pace. Sesshomaru was once again stroking himself, taking note of her stuttering breaths being inhaled in between her moans and mewls of delight. The last time he had heard her like this was when he had used a feather to tickle her core while he was licking her out. That must mean that Totosai's facial hair was ticklish. If so, then it shouldn't be too long before....

With an arching of her back, Kagome came in Totosai's face, her juice coating his nose and cheeks as he slopped up everything she had to throw at him, leaving what juices were on his face for last. He allowed her thighs to drop off of his shoulders as he got up on his knees, her still shuddering body relaxing back onto the bed. While she recovered from her explosive orgasm, he took advantage of the time to undo her leash, freeing her and her arms, before pulling the collar off of her neck. Despite being freed, Kagome still acted as his submissive bitch.

"Your command now, master?" she gasped out when she had recovered enough.

Totosai was ready for the main course now. He settled into position over her, going for a traditional missionary style position.

"Wrap your hands around my neck, and keep them there until you come again. Other than that, just hang on and enjoy the ride!" he chuckled loudly. With a sudden thrust, he buried all nine inches of himself into her, not quite filling her up but coming close. She cried out in pain at the sudden intrusion, but after handling Sesshomaru's eleven inches and brutal love making for three years, the pain didn't last very long at all. She bucked her hips after a moment, letting him know that it was okay to proceed.

He started off at a slow pace, building up speed. When he had a good pace going, he shifted position suddenly, leaning back and up, transitioning into a sitting position, bringing her along with him for the ride. She rode in his lap, her head resting on his shoulder, her arms still wrapped around his back. It wasn't long until she came, brining him along with her on their second journey into pure unadultered bliss. Taking a second to come back down, he roughly shoved her backwards, before pulling out of her. Grabbing the leash, he refastened it around her neck, before wrapping one end over the headboard. Reaching around and grabbing it again, he pulled it taunt, yanking her up and backwards, forcing her to turn around, smacking her jaw lightly on the top of the headboard, Kagome staying in a kneeling position.

Totosai knew he only had one good orgasm left in him, and Kagome probably had two. Therefore, there was going to be a little intermission in which Kagome was prepared for the final stage of their little video taped session. Sesshomaru was sitting up in interest again, wondering just what little fetish Totosai was going to pull on his well loved mate thus far.

He found out when Totosai spread her legs apart, using the slack in the leash to do so, before leaning his head over and sticking his tongue out to taste her rear entrance, while using his one free hand to alternately stroke and probe her throbbing clitoris. Every so often while he was doing this, with Kagome moaning slightly, he would give a yank on the leash, choking her as she was forcefully lifted up towards the top of the headboard, holding the leash for a few moments before releasing it slightly, giving her the ability to breathe again. Just as she was gasping in breaths of air again, he would rapidly increase the pace of his licking her anus hole and rubbing her nether lips, causing an influx of pleasure that sent Kagome gasping and moaning loudly all over again. This little display was so naughty in nature that Sesshomaru was stroking himself madly now as a sheen of sweat broke on his own forehead. After about eight minutes of this going on and off, Kagome came again, another forceful and explosive orgasm. Totosai caught what he could of her juices on his hand, cupping it to gather as much as possible, before bringing the cupped hand to his mouth and drinking about half of it. He released the leash and Kagome went arcing backwards to collapse on the bed with a resounding plop, sweat now encasing most of her body.

Crawling over to where she was lying on the bed, Totosai lifted her head with one hand. He brought his cupped hand to her mouth and tipped it, pouring her own juices down her mouth and throat, which she didn't cough back up, but merely swallowed. This little act drove Sesshomaru over the edge for a third time, and made him realize that he wasn't going to be able to finish, let alone drive them home for the night, if this didn't end, and soon.

Dragging Kagome by her feet to the edge of the bed, the same edge where it all had begun, he lifted her legs up into the air, resting her thighs against his stomach, her legs against his chest, her feet and heels dangling just above his shoulders. He drove into her while standing up next to the bed, pumping in and out in a rapid pace, pumping for oil as it was called. When he started approaching his climax, he pushed her father onto the bed, spread her legs apart, used his arms to wrap them around his body, then pulled her back to him, using his demon strength to pull her into the air to where she rested flush against his body, her breasts bouncing against his ticklish chest chair, her stomach against his stomach, her thighs wrapped around his waist, her lower legs and feet locked together behind his butt, as he drove back into her and set a furious last ditch pace, doing in essence squats as he lowered himself before driving back up into her in forceful motions that finally managed to fill herself up with him to the max. Giving off one continuous moan that transformed into a scream of pleasure, Kagome came for the last time, drawing Totosai's own last orgasm out of him as her muscles clamped onto and milked his penis dry.

With both of them shuddering, Totosai released Kagome and allowed her to fall onto the bed, watching her breasts jiggle as she finished shuddering and lay still. He collapsed onto the bed next to her, lying face down into the sheets. He brought up his left arm one last time and massaged her left breast, before dragging his head up and placing one little bite mark on her left nipple, before kissing her goodnight on her lips, one that she returned with an eagerness of appreciation. With that, Totosai drifted off into a deep slumber, and Kagome soon followed him.

After Sesshomaru came down off his fourth climax, he went into the bathroom to change, turning off the video recording equipment as he did so. He changed his pants, thanking the maker that he had brought along a spare pair, then proceeded to take the anticipated blanket out of the trunk of the car and wrapped his mate in it, knowing that she would end up needing it even though she insisted that there was no way that an old man like Totosai would wear her out enough that she would need to be carried out sleeping into the car. Knowing that the old man would take very good care of her 'uniform', and that her original clothes were in the bag in the trunk of the car, he packed up his video equipment, took it out to the car, then carried Kagome out. As he pulled out from the hotel and drove home, Sesshomaru was entertained by visions of how the evening had gone, and entertained the thought that perhaps Kagome would enjoy watching the video and reminiscing this night as much as he would. Perhaps even enough to where, should be throw the next bet, that she would pick Sango to be with him after all.

Chuckling softly to himself, he drove the two of them off into the moonlighted darkness of dusk.

The End


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