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Through the Looking Glass by shinkonokokoro

Chapter One

[u]Through the Looking Glass[/u]

Note about the title: [u]Through the Looking Glass[/u] is a more traditional title of [u]Alice in Wonderland[/u]. Alice travels through the looking glass into another world. I'm sure you're all familiar with the story. So, I'm kind of borrowing the title for my story.

So. On to the actual story....

I, by the way, do not own Kagome, Inu Yasha, Sesshoumaru, or any of the characters from Inu Yasha. They belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

Kagome jogged passed the bathroom of her house, late to get to work. Toothbrush in her mouth, brush in hand, she paused, thinking what she was forgetting. "Iffs 'ot my bay..." she muttered to herself around her toothbrush. She walked back into the bathroom after grabbing her folder of papers from her bedroom, spat, and rinsed her mouth out. Running the brush through her hair one last time, Kagome walked to the stairs, pulling her lipstick and a hand mirror out of her purse. Pausing at the top, Kagome stepped down onto the stair while she applied the lipstick, purse tucked under her arm as well as her folder of papers. She was halfway down the stairs, dabbing at the corner of her lips when she suddenly missed the next stair.

"OH SHIT!" The papers went flying everywhere as Kagome pitched forward and fell, headlong, down the stairs to the bottom where everything went black.

"—ome!" A distant voice called.

Kagome groaned, shifting slightly, very much in pain.


She recognized the voice. It was vaguely familiar. Like an old friend she hadn't seen in a very long time.

"Kagome! Get up!"

She stirred again, hearing echoes of her name in the background, all clamoring for her attention. "What..." She said groggily, blinking her eyes blearily. "What do you want..."

"Get up, stupid!"

She blinked and then sat up quickly, instantly regretting it. "Inu Yasha!" Kagome was staring into his face.

"Duh! Who else!" He glared at her. "What's wrong with you?"

"I..." She turned her head, unsure how to answer his question, her jaw dropping. "Sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru was crouched next to her across from his half-brother, also regarding her. "Yes, Kagome?"

She gaped at him stupidly. "What...?"

He waited patiently for the rest of her sentence. "Yes?"

"What the heck are you doing here?" She blurted.

"This Sesshoumaru was concerned for you," he said, one eyebrow arching imperiously, as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

"You?" She replied incredulously.


"What is wrong with you, Kagome?" Inu Yasha queried, sitting back on his haunches.

"I... I fell...." She put a hand to her head. "I am so confused..."

"What is there to be confused about?" Sesshoumaru asked calmly.

"Kagome!" another voice called behind her. "We got your bike!"

Kagome turned to see Sango and Miroku approaching, a child hanging on Sango's back. Once again, Kagome's jaw dropped. "What!"

"I'm glad your are awake finally. It seems like you took quite a tumble..." Miroku said, an arm around Sango's waist.

"A tumble." Kagome said flatly.

"Yes, you know, a fall, ker-splat, stumble, crash, bang, boom?" Inu Yasha said.

"I know what a tumble is," Kagome replied tartly.

"Well, you seem awfully confused..." Inu Yasha said, giving his shoulders a casual shrug. "Maybe you did hit your head. Harder than we all thought."

"Well, if you are alright, then I suppose we should be moving on," Sesshoumaru said, standing fluidly.

"Moving on? Moving on where?" Kagome made a valiant effort to stand, falling back on her already pained rear end. "Ouch..."

Sesshoumaru and Inu Yasha both automatically stuck their hands out to help her to her feet. Regarding the hands suspiciously, Kagome grasped the both, still terribly confused, and pulled herself to her feet with the help of the two brothers.

"We are "moving on" to my house," Sesshoumaru said, slipping his hands back into his sleeves, a familiar pose for the inu yokai.

"Your house? All of us?" Kagome stared at him scrutinizingly.

"Yes, that would be all of us."

"Geeze, Kagome, are you extra stupid today?" Inu Yasha said.

"No..." Kagome muttered. "I just must have hit my head harder than I thought..."

"I told you that already..." Inu Yasha muttered.

"Are you alright then? Do you need medical treatment?" Miroku asked, regarding her.

Kagome shook her head, looking at the monk. "So, uh.... Whose baby?" They all stared at her. Kagome found it very disconcerting. She crossed her arms, aggravated. "Okay. So I said something stupid again, I assume. Forgive me for my stupidity, but I'm very, very confused, and I'm afraid you'll all have to explain things to me."

"What is it we are explaining?" Sesshoumaru asked blandly.

"You would be explaining whose baby that is—" Kagome indicated the child on Sango's back "—and why you—" Kagome jabbed a finger at Sesshoumaru "—actually care if I'm hurt or not, and why the heck the two of you—" this time she looked pointedly at Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru "—aren't trying to tear each other's heads off."

Sango cleared his throat. "Well, this would be my child. Well, mine and Miroku's, that is. She's a year and a half and her name is Shiina."

Kagome nodded, slowly absorbing this information. "Okay,..." She said slowly.

Sesshoumaru arched one of his perfect eyebrows. "Why would this Sesshoumaru be tearing the head of his own brother off, as you so put it?"

"Well, because!"

He watched her expectantly.

"Because... You don't like each other?" She continued weakly.

Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru exchanged glances, and replied in unison. "We don't?"

Kagome stared.

"Since when, Kagome?" Inu Yasha said, staring at her with a funny expression on his face.

Clearing her throat, she sighed. "Apparently since never. Or... always. I don't know. The last thing I knew, the two of you were always at each other's throats, trying to kill each other over the Tetsaiga."

Sesshoumaru blinked. "The Tetsaiga is Inu Yasha's sword. Mine is the Tenseiga."

Feeling stupid and confused for the who-knows-how-manieth time that morning, Kagome shook her head. "Okay. Now I know you're not Sesshoumaru. You wanted that sword. And you wanted it badly."

Sesshoumaru shook his head. "Perhaps this Sesshoumaru wanted it for a short while—"

"Nuh-uh. You were willing to almost kill your half-brother for it," Kagome interrupted. "Not to mention, you never even wanted to be in his presence. You were disgusted by "the hannyou," as you so-often called him." She planted her hands on her hips, barely registering Sesshoumaru's narrowing eyes at the word "hannyou." "Where the Hell am I?"

"This would be Japan, Kagome," Sango said, a worried expression on her face.

"Yes, yes. I know that much. But you are not Inu Yasha, and you are not Sesshoumaru, and you aren't Sango, and you aren't Miroku!"

Sango blinked. "I'm...? Not?" She tilted her head.

"Of course not! When would you ever marry Miroku? You hated him! No offense to Miroku, of course.... And when the heck did you have a kid?" She spread her hands in a gesture of disbelief.

Miroku held a hand up. "Well, actually there are several others..."

"Several!" Kagome gaped at him. "How many, exactly?"

"Well, there's—"

"No. Just tell me how many. And where the heck they are."

"There are three others and they are all at Sesshoumaru's house."

Kagome whirled to Sesshoumaru. "Really." Turning back to Miroku, hands on her hips, she glared, demanding, "And you're sure he didn't eat them?"

"Hey!" Inu Yasha planted a hand on her shoulder. "You know just as well as I do, Kagome, that Sesshoumaru doesn't eat humans. Come on! That's insulting."

Blinking at him, Kagome sighed and collapsed to the ground, flopping over. "I give up!" She wailed, digging her hands into the grass. "At least grass is still green and the sky is still blue!"

"Kagome, get up," Inu Yasha said, arms folded, staring at her with compassionate disgust. "You're being ridiculous."

Laughing, the sound tinged with hysteria, Kagome nodded. "I am, aren't I?" She laughed harder, amused by the whole situation. "This whole thing is a joke, isn't it?"

"A joke?" Sango asked.

"Yeah, you know, a farce, a trick, a practical joke?" Kagome chuckled, wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes. "I mean... Come on. Inu Yasha defending Sesshoumaru? That wouldn't happen in a thousand years! You marrying Miroku? HA! That's a laugh!"

Miroku frowned. "Kagome... I would appreciate it if you wouldn't say so. Sango and I are married, whether you remember we are or not."

Kagome sobered. "Right. Of course. I apologize. Really. I'm sorry. It was rude of me. Oi...." She rubbed her temples and then looked at them all. "So. It's really not a joke." Looking around at the scenery, she thought quickly. "Wait... How am I even here, anyway?" She looked back at them all quickly. "Why am I here?"

The group looked even more confused. "What?" Inu Yasha asked. "Because."

"Well, yes, but I mean how did I get here?"

"Through the well," Sango replied slowly.

Kagome shook her head. "No. I was at my house and I was late for work. I was putting on my lipstick and then I tripped and fell down the stairs. I didn't come through the well."

"But...We saw you."

"What?" Kagome looked over at Sango and then down at her own clothes. But they weren't her clothes. It was her miko outfit that she had worn. She stared. What. The heck, was going on here.

"Yes, we did see you climb out of the well, Kagome," Sesshoumaru seconded.

"You're kidding me." She was still staring at her outfit.

"No, this Sesshoumaru is not "kidding" you..."

Sighing, Kagome got to her feet again and looked at her bike, not even wanting to go into her clothes at the moment. "Whatever. Let's go. Let's go.... wherever it is we're going..."

With Kagome on her bike, Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru on foot, and Sango, Miroku, and their child, of course, on Kirara, the group headed towards Sesshoumaru's house.

"How much longer," Kagome complained after a half hour of riding.

"It is not much farther," Sesshoumaru said, still managing to look graceful, elegant, perfect, and powerful while he ran.

"Good. I'm tired." She peddled to keep up with them for the rest of the way in silence, watching the scenery pass by. Everything was the same. It was the same old Japan, and everyone was exactly the same. Except that things were terribly wrong. Oh so very terribly wrong. Inu Yasha defending his elder brother? Nuh-uh. Never. Kagome gave up. It wasn't even worth thinking about it. She would just confuse herself again.

"We're here," Sesshoumaru announced, slowing to a walk.

"Hm?" Kagome came out of her own thoughts, slowing the bike to a stop. "Oh good. Are you going to have food, Sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru looked back at her, approaching the front gates. "Yes. There will be something for you to eat."

Kirara landed just behind her, Inu Yasha walking next to his brother. "Come on, Kagome!" Sango called, her hand in Miroku's, following the two inu yokai. Kagome shook her head, still marveling the oddity, but followed never-the-less.

The demons at the gates bowed to Sesshoumaru, making no comments about Inu Yasha being there. In fact, they behaved as if it were normal for him to be walking there. And who knows. Maybe it was. They also never batted an eye when she, Sango, and Miroku walked through. Kagome sighed and leaned her bike against a tree, following the group into Sesshoumaru's house. From what she could see, it was sparsely decorated, but it was definitely rich and it was definitely tasteful. Kagome approved.

"Mama! Papa!" A girl cried, running down the hall towards them. Shortly thereafter, two others skidded around the corner, following her.

Sango's face lit up as she crouched down, her arms open. "Hello there, Aya! Megumi! Yuki!"

The three children ran into her arms, all begging for attention. Miroku smiled at them all, patting their heads indulgingly. Kagome smiled gently, her arms folding. It was very cute and touching.

"Auntie Kagome! Yay!" The attention was suddenly shifted to her.

"Ehn!" Kagome looked down at the three children pulling at her clothes and wanting her attention. "Hehe..." She smiled and awkwardly gave them all hugs, going with the flow as they were suddenly gone and climbing on "Uncles" Inu Yasha and Sesshoumaru. Shaking her head, Kagome sighed. "Well. Things certainly haven't been boring..."

"Enough," Sesshoumaru said suddenly. Immediately there was silence and the children all looked at him expectantly. "We're going to have tea. Settle down and follow me." He made his way down the hallway and turned down another, stopping in front of a room, opening it. "Jaken! Tell the servants to bring tea."

Kagome again blinked. Jaken? This was never ceasing to amaze her. The small flea bounded passed them agreeing cheerily. "Come in," Sesshoumaru said as he swept into the room and seated himself on one of the cushions. Kagome, along with the rest of the group, followed and likewise seated themselves while they waited for the tea to arrive, which it did in only a couple of minutes, much to Kagome's pleasure. She quickly took a sip to avoid words.

"Aah," Sango said softly. "This is perfect."

"Mm. Yes. I agree," Miroku nodded. He smiled at his children who were sipping the tea ceremoniously as well.

Kagome looked around at the group wondrously. Here everyone was, friends and enemies, drinking tea like it was an everyday occurrence. Inu Yasha had a smile growing on his face that was suddenly mischievious and his fingers dipped into his tea, flicking up quickly so that the tea landed on Sesshoumaru. Chuckling quietly, Kagome watched as Sesshou looked around and then put a hand to one of his perfect cheeks. Looking at the children she noticed, with wry amusement, that they also knew what was going on. Putting a finger to her lips, she shook her head, eyes twinkling, against saying a word about it. They nodded solemnly and drank their tea as Inu Yasha did it again. The same thing happened twice more before finally, on the third time, Sesshoumaru sipped his tea imperiously and simply said, "Inu Yasha. Will you please stop that."

Inu Yasha's face blatantly held a grin as he flicked a rolled up piece of fabric and other nonsense at his brother. "Stop what?"

"That, please," Sesshoumaru said with annoyance as the object hit him in the face.

"What's 'that'?" Inu Yasha asked cheekily.

Sesshoumaru glared at his brother and proceeded to pick up the piece of stuff and flick it back at his brother, Kagome watching in amazement.

Inu Yasha easily dodged. "Hah! You missed!"

Sesshoumaru set his cup down and was suddenly on his brother, pinning him to the tatami-mat floor. "This time I did not miss. "

"Hehe... So you didn't," Inu Yasha said blithely.

"Boys... Before you knock something over," Sango said in her mother-like fashion.

Sesshoumaru sat up and returned to his seat leaving Inu Yasha to sit and straighten himself, at the same time trying to smother his grin.

Kagome sat quietly, drinking her tea, watching everyone banter back and forth like old friends would. The room was warm and cozy and there were no bad feelings at all present. It amazed her. Everyone was, for all intents and purposes, friends.


"Hm?" She looked sharply at Sango. "What?"

A wry grin crossed Sango's lips. "That's the fourth time I called your name. Are you tired?"

"Oh! I..." She looked around at the rest of them watching her. "Yes. I guess I am... I'm sorry!" She gave a little nervous laugh.

"Yes. I have a room ready for you," Sesshoumaru said as he stood.

Kagome nodded, standing as well. "Alright. Would you mind showing me?"

"No. Follow me." He walked to the doors, pushing them open, waiting for her before closing them again. They walked in silence for a short ways before Sesshoumaru turned to her and asked softly, "Kagome, are you sure you are alright?"

Kagome looked at him in surprise, not sure which surprised her more: the fact that he asked the question, or the fact that it was making her blush. "I...uh... yes.. I'm, uh, just fine," she stammered. Kagome quickly decided that her feet were very interesting.

"You are sure?" He inquired again.

"Yup! Just fine! I'm just a little disoriented, that's all." She smiled at him, hoping that there wasn't anything that his keen sense of smell could pick up that she didn't want him to.

Thankfully, he merely nodded and stopped in front of a similar-looking pair of doors, opening them. "There is clothes for you here, and Sango will show you where there is a hot spring for you to take a bath."

Kagome walked in, examining the room. There was a tri-fold screen in the corner with stunning patterns of flowers weaving across it. There was an elegantly simple yukata hanging next to a beautiful kimono that Kagome assumed were for her. "Oh gracious..." she said, walking up to them. Trailing her fingers along the fabric of the kimono, Kagome gasped. "This is gorgeous..."

"It pleases me that you like it," Sesshoumaru said softly, just inside the doors of the room.

Kagome turned slightly at his voice. "I do, Sesshoumaru. It's gorgeous. They both are. I don't know if I've ever seen such a beautiful kimono."

Sesshoumaru nodded. "It is a gift."

She felt her eyes grow large and her jaw drop like a foolish simpleton. "For me!"

"Yes, of course," Sesshoumaru said gruffly in the same quiet manner.

Kagome shook her head and then smiled. "Thank you, Sesshoumaru." Whoever this stranger was, she liked him better.

"Would you try it on?"

"Hm?" Kagome looked at him quizzically.

"I asked if you would mind trying it on so that I might know if it fits correctly," Sesshoumaru repeated.

"Oh! Of course!" Kagome said hurriedly, feeling her cheeks flush.

Sesshoumaru nodded and stepped out of the room, closing the doors. "You only need to ask if you have need of assistance."

"Mm!" Kagome was already stripping her school uniform off and sliding the kimono off of it's display, putting on the various pieces with a little difficulty. After what seemed like an eternity, Kagome turned to the door. "I'm... finished."

The doors slid open smoothly and Sesshoumaru entered the room once again. His eyes were locked on her and Kagome could once again feel her cheeks heat up. "It fits you very well," he said simply.

Twisting her head to look at herself, Kagome smiled. "Really? Thank you!"

"There is a mirror, Kagome," the inu yokai offered, his deep voice soft, an arm gesturing to the right.

"O-oh? Thank you! Where is it?" Kagome asked a little breathlessly. Was he flirting with her? She approached him slowly.

"Follow me." He backed up and waited for her before turning down the hall to one of the other rooms. "It is here." Pushing aside the doors, he allowed her to enter before following her in.

Kagome nodded. "Thank you, Sesshoumaru." She approached the mirror, glancing down at the hem of the kimono, her eyes following the pattern upward. He was right. It did fit her well. And Kagome hadn't done a bad job of putting it on either. Her mother would be proud. Kagome smiled happily, looking into the reflection of her eyes in the mirror.

The smile froze and vanished. Faintly, she registered Sesshoumaru stepping forward, his lips moving, but no sound coming forth as the world twisted and changed and turned black.


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