Beloved Insanity by Kagome Yuki Niwa


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: Sesshoumaru/Kagome

Beloved Insanity

Chapter Two: Really?

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Kagome glared at the cackling old witch and placed his hands on his hips, very reminiscent of the 'I'm-a-very-angry-girl' pose, and gave a fairly impressive growl.

"Really?" he demanded lowly, narrowing his brilliant blue eyes, his sharp chin jutting out in anger. "Really?"

The old witch coughed as she caught her breath, her wart-filled face twisted with amusement. "Hmm? You say something, boy?" she sneered, coal eyes glaring right back.

"You couldn't curse us like a normal witch?" he called out, a few short, dark locks falling into his eyes.

"Normal?" the witch screeched, stamping a foot much like a small child. "I did something absolutely brilliant and you're too dim-witted to appreciate it! Do you have any idea how hard it is to transform people?"

Sesshoumaru was still wailing as loud as she possibly could, head thrown back, delicate features flushed with lack of oxygen. When she began to hyper-ventilate, Kagome had enough and glared at the male turned female.

"Will you get a hold of yourself, Sesshoumaru?" he snapped angrily. Sesshoumaru abruptly stopped and began sniffling, rubbing her eyes with a too long sleeve.

"I-I-" Kagome waited as the young woman stuttered and finally scrunched up her face again. "You are so mean!" she cried and then began her obnoxious wailing.

Kagome rolled his eyes and tossed his hands into the air, "For the love of Kami!" She looked at the monk that was currently looking into his robes and staring at the newly formed breasts. "Miroku-sama!" he snapped and the monk looked at the young man dazed.

"Yes, Kagome-sama?" he called, chuckling at Kagome's new appearance.

"Will you help me?" he growled as he gestured to the puppy and miniature Inuyasha that were currently chewing on the shoes that were still on her feet.

"Of course, Kagome-sama!" The monk stopped groping himself and then made a bee-line toward the distraught Sesshoumaru, a charming smile on his handsome face, and a sparkle in his eyes Kagome recognized as not good. "There, there, Sesshoumaru-sama! It will be alright." he murmured soothingly as he attempted to bring the inu-youkai into his arms. Said inu-youkai took one look at him and her eyes widened in horror as she ran the other direction, Miroku hot on her heels.

"This is ridiculous!" Kagome yelled as he looked to the kitsune that was gazing at him as though he were mentally undressing him. "You." he hissed.

"Me?" Shippo exclaimed, looking behind him.

"Get Kirara some damn clothes!" Shippo looked at the young girl that was still naked and was now trying to climb a tree with her new limbs.

She failed miserably and fell.

The witch just laughed again and this time Shippo joined her.




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