Beloved Insanity by Kagome Yuki Niwa

Utter Chaos

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: Humor


: Sesshoumaru/Kagome

Beloved Insanity

Chapter One: Utter Chaos 

x . . . . x

He rubbed the bridge of his nose as chaos erupted along the small group of shard detectors, his ears ringing as the witch that they had been previously fighting cackled happily.

Miroku was groping his newly formed breasts. As he touched along his body, his eyes grew wide with shock as he noticed he still had his male parts and squealed [manly] with happiness. Sango was currently chasing her brand new puppy tail, her small furry, brown form wagging happily as she barked at everything. Kirara was frolicking around, her pre-teen body completely and utterly nude as she tried to form words using her new vocal chords. Inuyasha blinked up at him with a childish smile on his toddler like face, holding out his chubby arms so he could be lifted up and held as he whined about a nap.

Shippo was seductively sliding up beside him, sending him lascivious smirks, his tail swishing behind him enticingly as his adult form posed in many coquettish positions, his masculine voice calling out naughty things. Last but not least, Sesshoumaru was wailing at the top of her lungs, tears over flowing the pale, magenta stripped cheeks as she screeched the injustices of the world.

Oh, and how could he forget? He - Kagome - was male.  

Could the day get any worse?

Shippo took further liberties with Kagome's person and peaked under the indecently short skirt and whistled lowly.  

Kagome rolled his eyes and spoke too soon.  




'Gome Yuki:: lmfao. In case you're lost. This is for the Gender Bend Challenge. I'll try and update every few days or so.

Sango = Puppy

Kirara = Pre-teen girl

Inuyasha = Toddler

Miroku = Hermaphrodite

Kagome = Male

Sesshoumru = Girl

Shippo = Adult


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