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Switch-a-r0o by Aurora Antheia Raine

A Wish Gone Wrong

Author's Note: This short fic, for r0o's GenderBender Challenge, will be written in short snippets based on prompts given from DDN and IDDN. Updates will likely be sporadic because of that, but I've given myself a max of 150 words per prompt instead of the usual 100, so that it'll end up being a bit longer than usual.

(March 27, 2011 DDN)

Prompt One: Sprinkle
(Word Count: 100)

It was finally over.

After years of hard work and dedication, Naraku had been defeated and the Shikon Jewel had been pieced back together. It was the closure everyone needed and many positive outcomes had resulted from their victory despite their initial losses. This journey had been the foundation behind her and Sesshoumaru’s blossoming romance. Miroku and Sango were free to be together now that his wind tunnel was gone. Shippo and Rin had become close friends and Inuyasha had finally been able to move on from Kikyo.

It was like a sprinkle of happiness had fallen upon their group.

Prompt Two: Mist
(Word Count: 134)

Despite their relief at ridding the world of Naraku’s evil; however, there was still one more task to complete - making a wish so selfless that the jewel will disappear from existence forever.

And it was with a heavy heart that Kagome sat with Sesshoumaru, wondering how to word her wish just right so there could be no room for errors. She was patient, but her dear Hanyou friend was not.

“Oy, wench. Just make a wish and get it over with already! Stop being such a damn girl about it.”

Frustration misted over her better judgment and Kagome spoke before she could think clearly of her actions.

“I wish you could be a girl for just one day so you would understand it isn’t as easy being one as you think it is!”

Prompt Three: Blossom
(Word Count: 132)

All at once, chaos erupted.

Kagome gasped in horror and began rambling about how she hadn’t meant what she said while Sesshoumaru merely raised an amused eyebrow. Inuyasha jumped to his feet and began cursing and yelling at her, which caused Sesshoumaru to rise to Kagome’s defense. Miroku and Sango, who had gone for a walk, came rushing back into the campsite, worry etched clearly on their faces while Shippo and Rin just watched on in silence, slightly confused.

A bright glow coming from the jewel in Kagome’s hands made everyone pause mid-movement and when the light vanished, so had the Shikon no Tama.

“Wh-what happened?” Kagome asked meekly, looking at her now empty hand.

“I believe Inuyasha has finally blossomed into a lovely young lady,” Miroku replied while suppressing his laughter.

Prompt Four: Fresh
(Word Count: 127)

“What?!” Inuyasha growled, but his voice sounded oddly feminine.

Horror stricken, Kagome stood up unsteadily on shaky legs, unsure of how to proceed in telling Inuyasha about the rest of his… changes. Before she could say a word; however, both Shippo and Rin burst out in giggles, further angering the poor Hanyou.

“What?” he snapped again, not fond of being left out of the joke. Frowning, he crossed his arms over his chest but paused in confusion when he was met with some resistance. “Eh?”

Looking down, Inuyasha found himself face to flesh with two bountiful mounds of… breasts.

Out of his peripheral vision, he saw Miroku’s hand snaking closer and closer towards his new chest and he snarled. “Don’t even think about getting fresh with me!”

Prompt Five: Bloom
(Word Count: 100)

“I… I would never,” Miroku stammered, quickly withdrawing his hand. “It’s this hand, I swear. It’s cursed.”

“Not anymore, Hoshi,” Sango snapped, giving the back of his head a good, brutal punch, “or have you forgotten already?”

Despite the knot quickly blooming upon his head and his slightly blurred vision, Miroku quickly whirled around and began to grovel for forgiveness. “Dearest Sango, you know you’re the only one for me!”

“Save it,” Sango hissed before stalking off to go sit by herself in a corner. Scrambling after her, Miroku sat down beside her with determination and they began arguing inaudibly.

Prompt Six: Spring
(Word Count: 149)

Barely able to suppress her laughter at Miroku and Sango’s antics, Kagome looked away with a lingering smile to offer them some semblance of privacy.

“What do you want me to do now, wench?” Inuyasha growled suddenly and her grin faded. He threw his hands up in the air with irritation but the unfamiliar jiggling of his extra flesh made him cringe and he quickly put down his arms.

All at once, he was hit with a horrifying realization. Taking off into the direction of a nearby hot springs, he yelled back at them, “Don’t come find me! I need to make sure I’m still fully intact.”

Moments later, when Inuyasha’s shrill shriek of terror rang out clear across their campsite, followed by a string of curses and rhetorical questions of where his manhood went, Kagome could only lower her head shamefully as Sesshoumaru let out a small chuckle.


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