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Pop-up Passion by Vespertine

Pop-up Passion

Disclaimer: Disclaimed.

WARNING: Contains adult themes. If you are under the age of 18, or good, fun, smut is not your cup of tea, read no further!

A/N: For FallenTenchi’s Lyrical Muse challenge. Song: ‘Wow, I can get sexual too’ by Say Anything. I hadn’t anticipated that this would become a chapter fic and I’ll admit that I rushed through it at first just to get the damn idea out of my head. However! At the request of my lovely reviewers, I’ve revised this chapter (Yes. Chapter. Dreams do come true!) and we’ll see where this story takes us.

To my reviewers: You are inspiring! Thank you for your reviews!

That being said…Enjoy!


Chapter One

Is there anything worse than pop-up ads? Sesshomaru didn’t think so and normally when one would slip through his pop-up blocker he wouldn’t spare it a glance and close it out immediately, clicking his mouse furiously with a deadly, clawed, index finger. Today turned out to be out of the norm for him, however, for many reasons. Everything that could go wrong, today, went wrong. Thirteen jobless employees were the proof of that.

Yes, today was not a good day to be in a 100,000 radius of Sesshomaru and so when he pulled up the internet on his laptop, and a pop-up ad would dare appear on his screen, it took all of his self-control not to melt the laptop; desk and all. With his white-knuckled grip on the mouse, he moved to click the ‘x’ so hard the diabolical bastards responsible for its existence would feel it. When his eyes slid sightlessly over the ad, he suddenly stopped and stared hard at the flashing little box. The ad displayed a picture of a pretty, young, girl sprawled across a bed. She was a vision in black lace lingerie, tangled in bright red silk sheets. There were only two things wrong with this picture; the brightly flashing, sparkly letters and numbers advertizing hot local singles available to ‘talk’ now, and the fact that the girl staring seductively back at him…was Inuyasha’s miko.  

He sat there staring for…minutes…hours? He wasn’t sure. So many thoughts and feelings swarmed him. He was disgusted that a former enemy and ally would be reduced to such disgrace, and yet he could not ignore the raging hard-on throbbing uncomfortably in his, suddenly tight, trousers. The only thing he hated more than pop-up ads were unanswered questions and he had an ever-growing list of questions with no answers forthcoming. The only non-flashing words in the ad shined brighter in his mind than the others, whispering to him.

 “My name is Vixen; call me for a good time!

He glared at those words long and hard before grabbing his cell phone and dialing the number. He tapped his fingers impatiently on the desk as he gave the name of the operator he wanted and went through the payment process. Finally the call was transferred and a familiar voice came through the speaker of his phone.

“This is Vixen, how can I fulfill your fantasy today?”

He almost couldn’t believe it. He had half-suspected his mind was playing tricks on him and that the girl in the ad had only resembled the girl he knew 500 years ago, and yet the voice on the other end of the phone was unmistakably the miko’s.

“Hello?” she asked uncertainly. Pulled out of his musings, he decided to play this thing out.

“Tell me what you’re wearing.” he demanded, in his cold, calm voice. She hesitated before responding, not expecting the cold voice or blunt demand as her customers were usually timid and uncertain. She was a professional though and guessing what she thought he might like; pushed on ahead. His cool, direct, demeanor and deep voice brought an image of Sesshomaru to mind, and so she imagined, though the thought of Sesshomaru calling her up on a sex service was laughable, that it was him that she was talking to so that she could better cater to this sort of  man’s desires.

“I’m wearing a white lace bra with little red flowers embroidered across the top and matching thong.” she replied seductively, praying that would be to his taste. It hadn’t gone unnoticed that the description resembled his attire of old and he was deeply amused. Did she know it was him, he wondered?

“Lies,” he stated in a bored tone. “I know that you are only telling me what you think I want to hear. If you truly want to please me, you will disrobe immediately.” Kagome was speechless. ‘Ok, this guy is getting creepily similar to Sesshomaru.’ She had never had a customer call her out on her obvious lie before. There was just something about this guy that set her on edge and yet made her want to follow his every command. ‘I don’t get paid enough for this.’ she thought with a mental sigh.

“Alright, just a moment.” she finally responded, with a nervous, shaking voice. He heard the rustle of her cloths falling to the floor and couldn’t believe she had actually complied. ‘Ugh! Why am I doing this? Oh, that’s right, college. College. College. College. Just keep thinking that. You can do this, girl!’ Her whole body was shaking nervously as she picked up her phone and fell back onto her bed. She had never been so thankful she did this job from home as she was now.

“Now what?” she asked as she pulled a sheet over her body to keep out the cold.

“Now I want you to touch yourself, of course. Do not hold back, I want to hear the sounds you make, and don’t dare think to fake it.” He commanded in a calm, authoritative voice. “I want you to take your left hand and ghost your fingers across your chest slowly and gently massage your right breast, circle the nipple with a finger tip and gently twist it between your fingers. You will do this, now”

His directions were given with a deep, mellow voice that helped to calm her nerves. He was completely in control and she found herself oddly comfortable with him. She quickly followed his instruction; unconsciously imagining a striped, clawed, hand touching her instead of her own. Soft gasps and quiet moans slowly drifted from his phone as she did as he commanded. He abandoned his computer chair and cloths, gracefully draping himself on the leather couch that had been beckoning him from the other side of his office.

“Now, very slowly slide your hand down your torso and insert a finger into yourself. Are you wet for me?” Caught in the moment, Kagome responded without hesitation, her mind in a haze as she touched herself for the ‘stranger’ on the phone.    

“Mmm! Yes, I am.” She said as she slipped a finger between her moist folds.

“How wet?” he asked, reaching down to give his straining cock a few teasing strokes.

“Dripping wet!” she exclaimed with a gasp as she slid her finger up and down her wet slit. Her genuine excitement made him quickly loose patients with playing slowly and teasingly; both with himself and with her.

“I want you to use as many fingers as you can and fuck yourself!” he demanded with a low growl. “I want to hear you cum for me.”  She did as she was told, her arousal doubled with the sound of his beastly growls. She was so caught up in her fantasy that it didn’t even occur to her that if he were human, because demons don’t exist in the future, he wouldn’t make such animalistic sounds.

They masturbated furiously to the sounds of the others pleasure. He was sure he could become addicted to her gasps and soft, seductive moans. The quiet grunts and pants he emitted soon became too much for her and she reached a violent climax, crying out in ecstasy, having to bite her lip to keep from whispering the name of someone she considered must be dead. The sweet sounds of her orgasm sent him over the edge, causing him to explode all over his hand and stomach with a loud grunt. They lay there on their respective ends of the phone, only the sound of their panting breaking the silence as they caught their breath. Sesshomaru was the first to recover and speak.

“Quite the performance, Vixen. You were much more obedient than anticipated.” The smirk was audible and after the shock of his audacity wore off irritation set it.

“It’s my job to be obedient, Sir. Don’t think you’d get away with ordering me around any other time! I’ve got to pay my college tuition somehow.” She said defensively and then cringed as it occurred to her that she just got snippy with a customer and will probably lose her job. One question checked off of his list.

“Hn. This time tomorrow, expect to be obedient again. Good evening, Vixen.” He hung up leaving a stunned Kagome stupidly holding the phone limply against her ear in shock.

“He didn’t mean…no…no. He will not call again. Ugh, who am I kidding, of course he will! The nerve of this guy is enough to rival Sesshomaru!” Before she could contemplate it further, she got a call from another client.

Sesshomaru lay comfortably against the pillows in his bed, clad only in his boxers, contemplating the events of the evening. What had started as a terrible day ended in the best evening he had in ages. Finally, a little bit of excitement in his life! The miko wasn’t what he expected and while he still had questions he knew he would derive great pleasure in gaining them in the future. He suddenly filled with a whole new respect for pop-up ads. Yes, the ad still flashing tauntingly on the laptop in his office down the hall would live to see another day…for now.


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