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Ubiquitous by Reira


A/N: For the 'Seven Deadly Sins' challenge! This will be a short collection of interconnected drabbles/one-shots. It will contain dark themes and some sexual references, but nothing explicit. I am sadly not gifted in the arts of lemons or smut.

I am not affiliated with the creators or producers of Inuyasha. No profit is made from writing this.



Kagome crouched over the plant before her and carefully picked the roots and leaves she required. The sun sat high in the sky and baked down onto her back, but she enjoyed the warmth it spread over her. Kagome hummed to herself as she gathered the herbs she would require in a few weeks when a villager's baby was due. She was just as excited as the mother was - it was going to be her first delivery as an apprentice of Kaede.

A warm, summer breeze washed through the forest and greenery. With it flowed the sweet aroma of flowers. Kagome stood up and picked up her basket. She still required one more herb, but she would have to travel a bit further on foot to find the spot where it naturally grew. She moved further into the forest, knowing full well that demons lurked in the shadows. She was prepared to shoot them down if they dare to interfere with her work.

As Kagome moved forward, she sensed something. She stopped, fully aware that this aura belonged to a demon. It was heavy and dark, yet held a certain freshness to it. Kagome wasn't used to sensing auras, it was something she only picked up recently and gained full control over. So even though this aura did seem familiar, she could not put a finger to it. She continued forward, knowing full well that the demon was not moving.

As she continued to move deeper into the forest, she saw something white flash by as she walked. She frowned and stepped backwards. The white was still there. Curious, Kagome abandoned her original goal and turned to the peculiar item. She pushed past bushes and plants and when she moved around a tree she came to a stand-still before a large tree. It wasn't the God Tree, but it could be mistaken for it. Her eyes moved down.

There, against the three she saw him. She gasped. To her, it felt like the first time she ever laid eyes on him, even though she has known him for three years. His silver hair was long and smooth, he was dressed in white robes and fine armour and had a large piece of fur resting on his shoulder. At least, she thought it was fur.

Kagome couldn't believe it. The Sesshomaru was sleeping underneath a tree, like he didn't have a care in the world. Which he probably didn't, but it was so un-Sesshomaru like for him to sleep out in the open like this. Kagome found herself automatically moving towards him. She knelt down on her knees before him and stared in awe. He looked so...beautiful. She couldn't believe what she was thinking, but it was truly like the first time she has seen him.

Her eyes were opened for the first time.

Kagome couldn't help it, she had to touch him. She reached out, allowing her fingers to move to his forehead where she was planning to touch his hair, but before she could even get closer his eyes shot open and he snarled. Kagome gasped and stumbled backwards as he jumped up, wrapped his claws around her neck and bared his fangs at her. His eyes bleeded red. Kagome froze, her breathing seized as she stared at him with wide eyes.

When Sesshomaru realised it was her, his eyes changed back to the warm gold and he stepped away from her, letting her go. Kagome collapsed onto her knees and inhaled deeply. Never in her life has she ever experienced such shock in one second!

"You should not approach a demon when they sleep," Sesshomaru stated, "they are always alert and will snap at you."

"Thanks for the warning," Kagome mumbled as she rubbed the spot where his claws gnawed at her skin, "why did you...release me?"

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes, then turned around, "You are an ally, even if I have to say so myself."

Kagome gaped. She couldn't believe he just confessed that to her! Sesshomaru snorted then started moving away from her. Kagome remained where she was, her eyes still wide. As he disappeared into the darkness, she could not stop the strange feeling that echoed through her.


After that chance meeting, Kagome was never herself again. She would sit in her hut by the fire, her mind filled with images of Sesshomaru and the events of the past. She didn't budge when Inuyasha entered the hut, gathered a few things and left. She did not notice Shippo coming in to find some food. She didn't even notice Kirara coming in to lie down for a nap. In fact, Kagome was so lost she in her own little world.

"Oi, Kagome!" Inuyasha barked when the sun has set. Kagome snapped from her reverie and looked up at the half-demon.

"Y-yes?" she stuttered. Inuyasha quirked an eyebrow at her sudden nervous attitude. He could smell her increasing doubt. It was odd.

"Are you just going sit here all day, or are you going to make me food?" Inuyasha asked.

"Of course, food!" Kagome nodded as she quickly jumped up and exited the hut. Inuyasha watched her scurry away, confused. She was definently hiding something from him....

Kagome was out of it, even at dinner. She barely touched her food and simply stared ahead of her. Shippo watched her curiously, while Inuyasha ignored it and ate. Women were always like this, depressed the one minute and happy the next. He just decided to ignore it.

Kagome was thinking of Sesshomaru again. How she saw him look so peaceful in his sleep, how he bared his fangs at her when she startled him. Kagome fiddled with her fingers and bit her bottom lip. She could not get him out of her mind. She could feel guilt pooling deep within her - she was supposed to be in love with Inuyasha. She was supposed to only think about him, yet now his brother dominated her mind.

"Oi, Kagome!" Inuyasha barked, "Snap out of it, woman!"

Kagome quickly looked at him, her eyes blinking. Inuyasha sighed.

"I'll do the dishes, since you'll probably burn yourself," Inuyasha sighed, "go take a bath."

Kagome nodded and stood up. She grabbed her robes and then left. She quickly moved away from the village to the hot springs not far from the God Tree. She held her robes tightly against her chest as she ran through the darkness, her mind still filled with the image of Sesshomaru.

"You smell of fear," a voice stated from nowhere. Kagome froze and glanced around her. There was nothing but darkness, until she saw Sesshomaru appear before her. She stumbled backwards, not expecting him to appear out of nowhere.

"Sesshomaru..." Kagome trailed off. Her eyes shifted to his lips and she couldn't help but imagine herself kissing him, pressed to his body and her fingers curled in-bewteen his silver locks. She felt her cheeks redden. What was she thinking? She was with Inuyasha! She couldn't think this way!

"Miko," Sesshomaru shook her from her reverie, she looked up and noticed his amused expression, "you seem to be nervous in my presence. Why is that?"

Kagome laughed nervously, "You're just imagining things."

"Am I?" Sesshomaru asked.

Kagome shifted uncomfortably, "Yes, now I wish to take a bath."

"Don't let me stop you," Sesshomaru stated as he moved out of the way, "just know this miko, you should fear me, not lust after me."

Kagome froze at his words. How did he know? How could he possibly have guessed what she was thinking? Her cheeks burned as she quickly started to move away. As she ran, she swore she could hear Sesshomaru laugh.


Hiding from the world was easy, simple. Kagome buried herself deep beneath the covers as the events from the previous night repeated through her head. She was embarrassed, yes, but she was also hurt. Sesshomaru practically told her to forget about ever having romantic feelings towards him. It shouldn't have hurt her, yet it did.

She did not understand. She was supposed to be in love with Inuyasha!

"Oi, woman," Inuyasha growled as he pulled the covers off Kagome, "don't laze around, get to work!"

Kagome sat up and snarled at Inuyasha, causing him to drop the covers in shock. Kagome grabbed the covers and pulled them over her head. Inuyasha stared at the heap before him, dumbstruck. Did she just hiss at him?

"Kagome..." Inuyasha trailed off when he heard Kagome hiss again.

"Leave me alone, Inuyasha!" Kagome growled. Inuyasha was taken aback. Just what was her problem?

"Kagome..." he tried again, but Kagome sat up and snarled at him. He stumbled backwards, amazed that she resembled an animal in that split second she snarled at him. It was then that he knew something was very wrong with her.

Kagome lay back down and pulled the covers over her head. Inuyasha gave up and left the hut to search for Kaede. Perhaps the old woman knew what to do.

Kagome lay in silence. Her insides were swimming in confusion. She didn't want to stand up. She didn't want to work. Trying to live now was to much of a hassle. She felt guilty and could not bear the thought of having to face Inuyasha with her sudden attraction to his brother. Perhaps she should just stay here in bed and forget about the world. Inuyasha should forget about her. She was unworthy of him.

She sighed and curled up into a ball. How she wished life could be so simple.


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