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Passion by Skyisthelimit

Bail out

A/N: So I participated in my first GMDDN last night. *Blushes* This is the result. There is, however, no explicit lemons or smut. Sorry guys. But there is a lot risque and implicit scenes than in my other DDN and IDDN drabbles. That was your warning.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the very edible Sesshomaru and other Inuyasha characters are not mine


Prompt 1: Lazy (Words: 100)

All she wanted was a lazy Saturday night to herself. Was that so much to ask for?


This was supposed to be one of her rare nights to herself. Inuyasha had dragged Sesshomaru out for one reason or another- she hadn’t really cared to find out – leaving her alone for her date with her House recordings.

And now she was being forced to stand her dear Greg up.

Never mind that he sounded just as pissed on the phone. Glaring as she drove to pick up Sesshomaru from the police station, she swore the daiyoukai would regret this night.


Prompt 2: Twitch

(Words: 300)

The officer looked up from his yahtzee game to be greeted with a large, perky chest that was heaving in anger.

Grinning sickly, he said, “May I help you, ma’am?”

She glanced down, following his line of vision, and realized that the robe she had thrown on over her blue night slip had fallen open slightly. Her eye twitched as her ire increased tenfold.

She slammed her hand on the desk and growled, “Eyes up here, creep,” releasing a spark of her spiritual powers to put some kick into the demand.

Startled by the burn, the hanyou’s head immediately snapped up to be caught in the gaze of furious blue eyes.

“Would you mind telling me what possessed you idiots to throw Sesshomaru Taisho into jail?”

The officer’s eyes widened as he realized whom the miko was there for.

“Er, h-he had n-no way of pr-proving his identity-“

“Oh come on, what kind of morons are you? His face is on practically every magazine in the city!”

“W-without d-documented proof –”

“Bullshit. Thanks to you shitheads not only am I missing my favorite TV show but I’m also speaking like Inuyasha, whose balls I’m going to be cutting off very soon. Now if you don’t want the same fate buddy, hurry up and do whatever paperwork you need to get Sesshomaru out of here.” Tossing a gold credit card at him, she added “Use this to cover bail. And I know you’re not stupid enough to try and steal from us. Or at least, I hope so, for your sake.” While the hanyou scrambled to follow her instructions, Kagome stalked off to where she could feel Sesshomaru’s furious aura emanating.

Peering through bars at a very pissed off inuyoukai, she stated, “You, mister, have a lot of explaining to do.”


Prompt 3: Bobbed

(Words: 300)

“As do you, miko. What exactly did you have in mind coming here in that state?” The daiyoukai growled, taking in Kagome’s scandalous appearance. He had heard her rather amusing conversation with the officer outside, and knew exactly where the filth’s eyes had been drawn.

“What did I have in mind coming here in the middle of the night to bail out my mate? Well, I don’t know, though I do know what’s on my mind now, and so far it’s not good for you, buster.”

“Cease your empty threats, woman. This Sesshomaru is not in the mood.” He melted the lock and exited the cell.

“I’m not paying for that,” she stated, “And you’re not in the mood? What about me, huh? Stupid dogs, what the hell did you two do to put yourself in jail of all places? And where is your freaking wallet? I swear, Sesshomaru, sometimes I wonder if it’s really a dog’s brain in there bec–”

Sesshomaru growled and slammed his lips onto hers to stop her annoying babble. She squeaked in surprise before attempting to struggle away, but he would have none of it. He pressed her close against him, releasing his frustration from the night into the passionate kiss. Gradually, she returned the passion, at one point hitching her leg up around his hip and twining her hands into his hair. She began to moan when a shy cough interrupted them.

They broke apart, sending glares at the red officer from before.

He gulped, his Adams apple bobbing. “Um, the paperwork’s done. You’re free to go now”

Sesshomaru, angry at the interruption but eager to leave, lifted the miko into his arms, snatched back Kagome’s credit card, and orbed them out.

Though not before knocking the hanyou unconscious for his indecent stares.


Prompt 4: Strain

(Words: 300)

When the glowing orb entered the house, it headed straight for the bedroom before fading to reveal the daiyoukai and miko.

“You didn’t have to knock him out.”

“I believe it was you, miko, who threatened to castrate him earlier,” he pointed out, letting Kagome down from his arms.

She huffed and ignored him, turning to the door to go back to her House recordings.

Sesshomaru closed the door, preventing her from leaving, and trapped against it with his form.

“And where do you think you’re going, miko?”

She tilted her head back, straining her neck to glare at him. “Downstairs to finish my date with a hot doctor,” she told him defiantly.

Sesshomaru growled, turning her around and slamming her back against the door, pinning her hands. “No you are not,” he breathed harshly, his lips millimeters from hers.

“Says who?” she breathed back lowly.

He didn’t deign to respond, instead nipping at her neck in punishment. She gasped and tilted her head to the side, exposing more of her skin to him. He rewarded her with more heated kisses, lips traveling across her collarbone. She responded beautifully, and he raised his lips to meet hers in approval, quickly stripping off her robe as her free hands began to unbutton his shirt.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten anything,” she panted between kisses, moaning as his knee forced itself between her legs, pressing up into her heat. “You still owe me an explanation.”

“Silence, miko,” was the only answer she received as Sesshomaru pushed them onto the bed.

Hours later, Kagome and Sesshomaru rested under the sheets, their anger and frustration exhausted from their activities. Kagome yawned, content and about to let her eyes drift close when memory flared and she snapped them back open.

“Dammit Sesshomaru! We forgot my car!”


Prompt 5: Lick

(Word Count: 300)

She was waiting for him impatiently when he returned from fetching her car.

He arched an eyebrow. “Yes?”

“So, you going to tell me how you got yourself in jail?”

He passed her, going upstairs for an overdue shower.

She followed him stubbornly “I will find out, mark my words. So you might as well tell me.”

“And how, Kagome, will you do that when this Sesshomaru has no intentions of telling you?”

“I’ll make Inuyasha tell me.”

“Inuyasha does not know. We parted ways before the incident.”

They had reached the master bath. Kagome frowned, trying to think of some kind of leverage. Watching shamelessly as he stripped, revealing more of his muscular body, she grinned, struck by inspiration.

She waltzed up to him from behind and ran a finger down his naked spine. He turned, eyebrows raising. Rubbing his chest, Kagome gently cradled his neck and licked his collarbone, sending tingles of pleasure through Sesshomaru’s nerves.

“Are you so eager for me, insatiable minx?” Sesshomaru smirked, believing her actions were induced from watching him undress.

She ignored him and continued her tongue's ministrations on his neck. He pulled back slightly, tilting her chin up so he could claim her soft lips. She moaned agreeably as he wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her in. They kissed slowly, lazily, tongues probing each other gently but firmly as their passion rose more and more… but when Sesshomaru reached to strip her covering, she stopped his hands.

“Do you want to tell me what happened now?” she whispered into his ear.

Slightly bewildered, he answered, “No.”

She grinned devilishly. “That’s too bad,” she remarked before stepping back and swiftly exiting the room.

So that’s her game, Sesshomaru smirked, Well, by all means, minx. Let us see who the victor shall be.


Prompt 6: Pulse

(Words: 300)

“Hey, Kagome – ”

“What?” the miko snapped. Sango paused, surprised.

“I just was wondering if you needed any help…” she trailed off, made hesitant by Kagome’s grouchy mood.

Kagome sighed, repentant. “Sure, that’d be great. Could you peal some carrots?” Sango nodded, immediately getting to work. “Sorry for snapping at you, Sango. I’m just feeling…a bit frustrated.” She put the lasagna in the oven and started putting together the rest of the salad.

“I see. Is something the matter? Did you and Sesshomaru have a fight?”

“Not…exactly. I mean, I guess we kind of did, but it wasn’t really anything.”

“Then why are you frustrated?”

Kagome turned slightly pink. “Well, you see…”


“Haha! Are you kidding me? Sucks, dude.” Inuyasha blurted upon hearing why his older brother seemed exceptionally pissy today. The men were in the living room, waiting for Kagome and Sango to finish dinner.

“That is a most unfortunate predicament,” Miroku added.

“Hn.” Sesshomaru grimaced, a pulsing vein in his temple revealing his frustration.

“So how long has it been?”

“Two days.”

Inuyasha and Miroku did a double take. “Two days?” the hanyou said in disbelief. “You’re this grumpy after just two days? Man how many times do you two go at it anyway? Wait- don’t answer that. I don’t want to know.” Miroku simply looked impressed.

“Keep in mind we’ve both taken a rather…offensive strategy in this game. But, in answer to your question, very often.”

“Gah, I said I didn’t want to know remember?”

“Then you shouldn’t have asked.” The daiyoukai left to go retrieve a bottle of wine from the cellar.

Miroku and Inuyasha looked at each other.

“I’ll place my bet on Kagome giving in first.”

“You’re on. I know Kagome and she’s fricking stubborn. She’ll castrate him before she surrenders.”

Miroku shuddered.


Prompt 7: Jerk

(Words: 300)

Slowly, her foot traced his calf under the table. Sesshomaru glanced at the miko, whose face gave away nothing. So there would be no standstill even with company.

Unfortunately, he could not retaliate as her toes crept further up his leg. He had deliberately sat across from Kagome in case her hands decided to wander during the meal. Unfortunately he did not account for her legs. Legs that he often would admire, as his lips would travel up them toward an even better prize…

No. This would not do. He refused to lose the little game they were playing, even if his beast was practically at the bit. He was Sesshomaru, and his control was flawless. The miko would submit.

However, such resolve was difficult as her touch came closer and closer to the uncomfortable bulge in his pants. He tried to push his chair back slightly, but Kagome’s impossibly long legs made the effort useless. Her foot reached its destination, and began to rub.

Sesshomaru clenched his hand, claws digging into the wood underneath the table.

Kagome raised an eyebrow. “Is something wrong, Sesshomaru?” He scowled at her innocent expression, which quickly melted away into a devious smirk. “You’re looking kind of uncomfortable. Maybe you have a fever?” She thankfully removed her foot, but only to stand and lean over the table to touch his forehead, her delectable breasts hanging perfectly in his line of sight.

Sesshomaru growled. He had had enough. Standing abruptly, he quickly rounded the table and swung his minx over his shoulder. He paused to shortly address his guests, “Please feel free to enjoy the rest of the meal and ignore any sounds from upstairs.”

With that he walked calmly away, a struggling miko on his shoulder angrily shouting, “Let go of me you jerk!”


Prompt 8: Throb

(Words: 300)

Dawn revealed a much happier demon and priestess naked in bed.

“So…I won,” Kagome hedged.


“You going to tell me what made you a criminal now?”

He sighed. “Will you promise not to instigate a game like this again?”

“I can agree to that. These past two days have been torture. Still not sure if it was worth it.” She kissed his collarbone.


“…I’m waiting.”

The daiyoukai sighed again. “I…needed to relieve myself. Inuyasha and I had gone to a bar and while neither of us were drunk, we did have much to drink.”

Kagome gasped. “Don’t tell me you mooned some poor bloke in the park!”

Sesshomaru’s temple throbbed in the beginnings of a headache. “No, of course not. That would be undignified. One of my company’s businesses was nearby and I decided to use the facilities there. However, since Inuyasha, the fool, had rushed me out so quickly, I had not only forgotten my wallet, but also my keys…”

The miko snorted. “Let me get this straight. You set off your own alarm? And you were arrested for trying to break into one of your own stores?”

“Not exactly. The store was actually one of Miroku’s projects…”

“…I don’t understand. What does that have to do with anything?”

“Your friend…has a fascination with certain subjects, as you know.”

“You mean he’s a pervert? Sure I know that, but, again, what does that have to do with—” Kagome’s eyes bugged. “Sesshomaru, you weren’t…”


Kagome burst into giggles. Sesshomaru’s eyes narrowed. “It is not funny, miko.”

Her laughter did not stop. “Yes it is!” she choked, “Sesshomaru, you were—”

“Do not utter it.”

She ignored him. “You were arrested for breaking in to a sex toy store!” she blurted before sinking deeper into her hysterics.


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