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Preparation by Skyisthelimit


A/N: So, this was actually written a long time ago, after I was inspired by a random thread of conversation in the chat room. I don't even remember who was there. I was waiting, though, to see if I could fit this in a challenge. I can actually.

This does have a semi-plot to it. I have the next chapter all ready and it should be up in a few days. I hope you enjoy!

Written for Dokuga Contest's Spectrum Challenge - Blue

Words: 300


Tap tap tap

The raven-haired woman clicked the toe of her stiletto on the marble floor. Her arms were crossed over a shimmering deep blue ball gown that flowed down miles of leg and effortlessly highlighted cerulean eyes. Her face, lightly brushed with make up, twisted slightly in annoyance as she watched the stairs.

What the hell is he doing up there?

Kagome, knowing men get irritated when women took too long primping their vanity, had done her best to dress within a reasonable time. Half an hour. She had showered, blow-dried and pinned her hair, dressed, and touched on some make up in half an hour. Feeling quite pleased with herself, she had descended the main stairs fully expecting to see her daiyoukai impatiently waiting at the front door anyway.

Imagine her surprise when she discovered the foyer empty.

Imagine her shock as another half hour passed without a sign from her partner.

Observe her frustration as an hour total passed without a peep from upstairs.

Did he drown himself in his eight-jet shower?

Finally, a tall figure gracefully but swiftly descended the staircase, silver hair floating behind him. Kagome’s tapping foot ceased as she took a short moment to appreciate the way the sharp tuxedo clung to his lean but muscular form, before finding her ire again.

Sesshomaru blinked as he watched her raise an eyebrow in an expression that could have convinced anyone else he was looking at a mirror.

“And what exactly, took you so long?” Kagome asked sweetly.

He averted his gaze, quickly taking her arm and gently leading her out the door, responding to her with a simple “Hn.”

The miko pouted and muttered incoherently under her breath. Sesshomaru, however, was able to discern,

“And men say we take forever to get ready.”



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