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Hubrant To A ...Nah: He Has No Faults by Oroyukae

I Promise To...

His hands caressed her bare shoulders; eliciting tiny shivers that ran along her spine until she whimpered oh so sweetly, "Do you trust me, miko?" he asked her smoothly, deeply, causing even more violent shudders to wrack her heated and tormented flesh. Despite the extreme, pent up emotions that warred inside him, he kept his voice soft and even.

"Yes," Kagome breathed.

"Good. You know that I would never willfully bring harm upon you, don't you?" Her nod pleased him immensely, for he needed her complete trust in what he desired to do. Already her tight channel was preparing to receive him, for her scent alerted him to that fact quite deliciously; his mouth watered for but a brief sampling of the nectar that she made for him, but he refrained. "While this is not an actual mating, it is just as significant; you will bear the mark of my Promise to you, testament to the commitment between us. You are aware of this, yes?"

"I am."

"And you accept this under your own free will, do you not?"His clawed finger trailed her spine, pausing to trace the Prussian stained symbol etched into her flesh, and slipping between her firm round cheeks and lower, only to make the return journey back up her body to her positively captivating neck and shoulder.

Remembering that it was imperative for him to keep his hands to himself at this point of the ceremony, the Daiyoukai returned his hands to his sides, desperately trying to will the shaking to stop. While he was no stranger to the luscious form that was but a few millimeters away from him, having been granted many glorious visits to pay ever-so willing homage to Kagome’s body, what they were about to embark upon was nothing either one had experienced before. In his mind, such deserved every ounce of awe and reverence that he could muster. 

"Yes; of my own free will." echoed Kagome, her heart pounding harder with every second that passed. Hard swallows accompanied every three hard pants for breath in a futile attempt to relieve the intense dryness of her throat and mouth. Eagerness and extreme anticipation had been the sole contributing factors for her mild plight, but she would have it no other way.

Demon ears perked in anticipation of the girl’s response that was destined to follow, hungry to hear her utter the words that he had imagined falling from her lips oh so many times during his careful planning of this monumental moment in both their lives. The wait had become almost too much for his Daiyoukai heart to bear and the effects were nearly excruciating for him. "You wish to belong to this Sesshoumaru..."

"I do," Kagome whined pitifully. The need for her Inuyoukai lover had nearly overrun her entire being, reaching even the most remote recesses of her very soul. The effects were so intense, so delicious…like the Daiyoukai had taken to caressing her from the inside out…

He had to close his eyes upon hearing her say that she wanted to be his so completely; his entire person rejoiced in the wonderful and glorious feeling that washed over him. Swallowing hard to quell the sudden urges that rose up inside him with a vengeance, Sesshoumaru managed to continue, "You…have no reservations whatsoever..."

"No, none whatsoever," she stated with unwavering confidence, having had pondered that very question at length and discovered that there was nothing else that she would rather be than the promised female of Sesshoumaru Ueda.

"So be it..."

Finally able to proceed, Sesshoumaru edged even closer to her trembling form, his hands caressing her sides to ease any lingering fear or nervousness about what was about to happen. He allowed said appendages to round her person, seeking those pert globes of flesh that he adored and tweaking their hardened peaks many times. Oh the wonderful sounds she made for him then; they caressed his demon ears just as lovingly as if her hands were upon his person, rather than gripping the rungs of his high headboard.

Slipping his hardened member between her thighs, Sesshoumaru slowly thrust his body forward, parting her folds to discover precisely how eager this hot little miko was to belong to him. Her arousal coated his turgid flesh thickly as he stroked her near mindless, patient for the time to invade her petite person and begin the ceremony. Timing was everything, for if it were to be rushed the Promise bond would not take; it would be rendered invalid and any being with a phallus hanging between their legs could seek to take the girl from him. That was not something that he found palatable in any way. The young Daiyoukai had endured such once already since beginning his relationship with the miko named Kagome, and such nearly ended in a fatality – had the girl not been there to intervene on the victim’s behalf… One being had nearly lost his life already, there could not be another; not if he wanted to remain a free demon that was.

"Once the mark is in place, you shall have the ultimate protection from those who wish to inflict harm upon you, " his mouth moved across her shoulder lazily, kissing her here and there in their journey; her entire body shook in anticipation of the moment he would begin while his shuddered in utter delight. The time was approaching, both could sense it in the air, and it brought the most delicious of shivers with it to run along every nerve inside their bodies. "Any who dare to threaten this Sesshoumaru's intended shall suffer the penalty for their ignorance to the fullest."

Out of instinct, the demon immediately started to prepare her flesh to receive his promise to her; he caressed her flesh with his tongue, coating her right shoulder with his saliva that would serve as a mild anesthetic to lessen the pain when his fangs pierced her skin. As his hot eager mouth sucked and caressed her savory skin, his mind excited at the thought of what was soon to come. Already, his fangs had lengthened in preparation; such anticipation coursed through him at such velocity that he nearly had forsaken the proper steps and just sunk those razor-like things into his woman right then. She was well aware of what had to happen, for he had held nothing back when he explained it all to her; there could, and would, be no surprises in this, they were not allowed.  

Sesshoumaru, being the honorable and noble demon that he was, had informed her well in advance that there would be both pain and blood involved, for he would have to embed his sharp canines deep into her flesh and muscle in order for the mark to properly form. Kagome had asked him why he did not have to place his Promise mark upon her left shoulder, where she knew that a mating mark was supposed to go, and Sesshoumaru explained the significance in location to her at length.

While a mating mark was generally placed upon the juncture of the female's left shoulder and neck, a Promise mark was placed upon the right, to serve as compliment. Just like he had told her when he first presented the matter to Kagome, such was the demon equivalent of a human engagement only, instead of the female sporting around a shiny ring to symbolize that she was taken, said female sported the distinctive mark of the male she was promised to. It was their choice as the couple whether or not a claiming occurred, some did not find it particularly palatable - especially when the female was of human descent. There were other ways for a male to stake his claim that were considered both binding and valid...they were just not ones that he, himself, cared for was all. No other method was nearly as binding or permanent as performing this ceremony…period.

As it turned out, Sesshoumaru was a very traditional Inuyoukai male in such important matters, and therefore, would formally claim his intended female in the very manner his ancestors had claimed their females…even his own sire. While it was true that neither he nor the girl were ready for a mating at this particular point in their lives, they both were sure enough in their feelings for one another to commit to one another and perform the Promise ceremony that would bind them together until the day came when they were. Kagome had not hesitated when he had approached her with the idea, after he had explained it in intricate detail; even her eyes had conveyed just how much she desired it. That alone had told him that she was serious about wanting to remain at his side, for no one agreed to a Promise and did not intend to follow through with the responsibilities of such.

Now though, the time had finally come when he would take her, claim her, and mark her as his intended...a very monumental moment in both their lives; one that he would not give up for anything or anyone.

"Your body is so eager to be claimed as this Sesshoumaru's intended female. It excites you." A clawed finger ghosted across her lips to let her know that he expected a response from her, desired to hear the words pass those exquisite petals that had given him much pleasure on many occasion…and would do so again for many more.

"I want this more than anything, Sesshoumaru,” she breathed, her voice dropping by several octaves as testament to the fact. Gods; how she wanted to belong to this powerful, dominant male.

Just as tradition demanded, the Daiyoukai reminded the girl that there would be a definite struggle to ensue; her miko energy and power would not simply cow to his demonic ones. They would put up a glorious fight to the end. "Your power will resist me, for it will not surrender easily; are you certain that you can withstand the struggle?"

"Yes; I was created to belong to you."

"Indeed you were, Kagome." His mouth caressed her salty-sweet flesh, her flavor literally dancing upon his talented Inuyoukai tongue. Ever so slowly, he slid himself into the very depths he had explored innumerous times, amazed at how well her walls still fit so snugly around him; yet even more proof that the miko had, without a doubt, been meant to belong to him.

Now while a mating was known to get quite aggressive, involving the unleashing of his primal inner-self, a claiming was the complete opposite; in that, the beast inside him was only allowed to partially emerge and kept under tight restraint. It had to be this way, for both needed to be present and aware to offer full acceptance of the female being claimed. No objections to Kagome had been encountered to date; his inner self seemed rather content with the miko, even requesting her presence at times when they were apart, and that was most encouraging to the young Daiyoukai. To him, it meant that when the time came to mate the raven-haired female for whom he burned, there would be no interference or objections from his primal self whatsoever. Still though, in order to adhere to Inu customs, that part had to be aware and participate in the was essential.

His deep growl-like purr alerted Kagome that his primitive self had indeed risen, and both parties stilled in wait for his approval. Sesshoumaru scented her neck, running his nose along the length and across her shoulder, causing her to shiver deliciously. "You are eager to be mine, woman?"

Remembering what she had been told, Kagome merely nodded her head; which earned her an affectionate nip on her earlobe. So pleasing this diminutive female was; she tantalized every one of his senses with no effort, causing the demon to want her beyond reason. Having this woman never failed to satisfy him to complete and total contentment, something he had never encountered before. "This Sesshoumaru desires to mate you one that to your liking as well? Are you willing to tie yourself to me forever, bearing me many sons and daughters in the years to come?"

Again, she nodded, doing everything that she could to not cry out in response to the unexpected but pleasurable hard thrust he gave her then. "So obedient you are, adhering to the instruction given to you...Tell me, is it...difficult for you to abide by the customs of my kind, girl?" Her dark, dark hair swished across her back and shoulders rather enticingly as she shook her head, letting him know that she had no issues with the matter whatsoever. "Are you willing to forsake all that you know for that which you have learned?"

Sesshoumaru turned silent then, save for his heavy, pant-like breaths that wafted over her flesh; his thrusts turned more intense, yet still managed to refrain from becoming overly aggressive. How wonderfully indecent the sound of flesh slapping against flesh were to his ears at that moment, and he could tell that the little human onna felt the same way, for her arousal spiked with each and every one. Sesshoumaru tightened his hold on his woman, steadying her against the drastic increase in his ministrations; hammering away into that tight human body as a demon gone mad, he marveled at the girl’s resilience. She would make a fine mate one day…

Between his pounding her flesh, while simultaneously compressing her miko energy and aura with that of his own, one would think that she would be unable to remain as silent as she was, thereby breaking the rules of the ceremony. How proud he was of his miko at that very moment, for the only sounds to escape those divine lips of hers were soft whimpers and occasional muted gasps for breath. Kagome was phenomenal, and he looked forward to completing the ceremony with much anticipation.

Every nerve in her body had been electrified it would seem; she felt each millimeter of that marauding appendage that invaded her body, every vein caressed places inside her that she did not even know existed. Such created a wave of vicious and brutal sensations of grand proportion that literally battered her human body, her mind, her soul until the girl felt as though she would crumble under the weight of it all. Her fierce determination to withstand became her lifeline in the storm, and she clung to it for dear life too. She would not disappoint her male by succumbing to the onslaught of moderate pain and severe pleasure; she would weather it all and emerge victorious from the battle, stronger and more powerful than she had been before. She wanted to be Sesshoumaru’s Promised female…she deserved to be his Promised female…and, so, she would be his Promised female.

Most of her life, others had regarded her as being ridiculously weak, amusingly pathetic and therefore an easy target for their ridicule and verbal beratement; they had laughed at her, tormented her, and called her unflattering names. Always had she endured for the sake of keeping to her vow to never use what the Kami gave her unless the situation were dire enough to warrant such, and she had been okay with that decision. However, she could not deny that deep down inside of her, she had longed for everyone to know her true potential, for them to become aware of just how difficult it was to hold back what was really inside her. Well…when this was over, when her Inu completed his promise to her, all would finally know the truth. They would no longer be able to call her pathetic and weak, for no being that was anything less than powerful could withstand this ceremony and walk away from it unscathed. Once his mark was upon her, everyone would know just how strong and powerful she was; and she would not have to subject another living soul to her immense miko energy to do it either. That, was the best part for her; just because she wanted the name calling and taunting to stop had not meant that she wanted to expose anyone to what was inside her. The kind hearted young woman would never be able to live with herself if she did that.

In addition, Kagome knew that she would never have to worry about Sesshoumaru growing tired of her and dismissing her in search of another. Once their Promise was done, he would ever be bound to honor the implied vow to always belong to her and to her alone. He would never stray, he would never cast her aside; he would always be there for her, just as she would for him.

His deep sensual voice broke through the thick haze within her mind, forcing her to pay attention to his every word. “It has begun, woman…prepare yourself.” The moment had arrived, for both beings could feel the rise in their power and auras; in order for the claiming to be valid, his had to literally overwhelm hers and force it to recede, unlike a mating in which the two would merge and combine.

He had explained it to her at length; that it would in no way affect hers aversely, and she had been so relieved about that. In fact, Sesshoumaru told her that it would more than likely make it easier for her to hold hers in check, for she sometimes found that doing so was a bit stressing upon her energy - especially as of recent. Also, he claimed that it could make them more privy to the emotions of the other; which would eliminate them having to ask the other how they were feeling or to explain just why they felt the way that they did. No; it would not allow them to know what the other was thinking, that would come after they were mated. It just added the extra security for moments when they were in doubt about the other's commitment to them was all. From what Kagome had gathered, in essence, it was like one great-big, never-ending hug. That she was okay with.

Just as Sesshoumaru had said, her power fought him at every turn; at first it was only mildly uncomfortable for her, but as things drew on, it became a bit more...painful that it had been before.

Resembling the sensation of being crushed beneath the weight of some great vehicle or, perhaps, trapped in a compactor, the feeling continued to grow until she believed she would scream. When paired with the sensations unleashed upon her due to his repetitive invasion of her intimate person...Kagome was certain that she would succumb and go unconscious. That could not happen, for he had told her she had to remain conscious and aware during the entire ceremony, or their efforts would have been for nothing. According to him, if they failed at this attempt, they could not attempt it again for some time…if ever again at all, due to the great detrimental impact this would have on her both mentally and spiritually.

His entire body was beaded with sweat, his muscles protesting the extreme exertion they were being forced to endure quite viciously. She was fighting him alright, just as he had known she would. Most males would have given up out of either fear or of concern, but not him; it was far too important to him for him to just throw his hands up in surrender and end it. Quite frankly, he honestly liked it; he found it titillating and oh-so-delicious. The fight thrilled him to no end, exciting parts of him that he had been unaware even existed; it meant that when the battle was over, when he triumphed in making the girl his officially, he would have accomplished a great feat.

Not for centuries had a demon and a human attempted this; it was completely unheard of  anymore, due to the severe and potentially fatal conflict in their powers and auras. Oh there had been those that cautioned him against attempting to lay formal claim to his miko; his father was one of them, his impassioned pleas for his son to just be satisfied with another way in order to spare said son's life continued to echo inside Sesshoumaru's head. He had refused to consider any other way but this though, confident that they both would emerge victorious and accomplish something both astounding and awe-inspiring in the process. Once he succeeded, there would be none who could dare deny the magnitude of his power and strength…least of all his sire.

She agreed to it, having been completely informed on the possible repercussion of failure, aside from being unable to attempt it again for a good long time – if even then. He had told the miko about the possibility of irreparable damage or the both of them, not just her. She could accidentally purify him into oblivion, just as he could crush her very soul beneath the massive weight of his aura and energy; they both knew the dangers and were willing to try anyway. When he had first presented this solution to their problem, his reasons for being so willing to attempt it so that she would understand had been thoroughly outlined in detail, there were those that thought ill of him for it. One would think that he was simply being his usual arrogant self, believing himself to be all powerful and able to successfully complete something that had other powerful beings as frightened as a small child huddled a corner. That was not the case.

He did believe something though, and he believed it with all his heart and soul; but it wasn't that he was the power almighty...oh no. He believed, with all that he was, that Kagome was his soul mate...the one that completed him and made him whole. That was what the young Inu Daiyoukai believed. She believed it too; she had told him that very thing long before he even revealed it to her, and his Inu heart had rejoiced in hearing her say those words to him then.

The air that they breathed had become noticeably heavier and rather hot, forcing the excited couple to pant in need for enough air to sustain them. Kagome had surprised him, remaining virtually silent – just like he had told her to; he had expected the girl to be unable to suppress the urge to voice her pleasure. Instead, the girl simply accepted all that he gave her, her body amazingly pliant and somewhat relaxed; even when the Daiyoukai increased momentum, Kagome resisted making a sound.

His hands slid up her back to her shoulders, gripping her tightly and pulling her back upon his unforgiving cock with fervor. Her wild obsidian mane, dampened with perspiration danced across her flesh, tickling his hands as he rode her and he longed to twine those shimmering locks around his fingers. Closer and closer it came, the moment that they had waited for was nearly at hand. His mouth watered at the thought of latching onto the cream-colored delicacy that taunted his eyes…calling out to him, beckoning him to feast until his heart was content.

Her body was screaming at her, every ounce of flesh she possessed demanded that they stop; her soul cried out in agony and she did her best to ignore it. It had become increasingly difficult to that though; never before had she experienced anything quite like this, and she did not know if she could hang in there for the duration. Despite her efforts, Kagome felt her body start to tense up, beginning with her fingers and spreading though her hands to her wrist.

No…” he panted at her harshly, “stop…donot…”

She caught herself before the whine escaped her, biting her lip until she swore that she tasted blood. So painful…so very painful…

“Almost…time…” Sesshoumaru coaxed her, trying to ease her pain. “You…can do this, Kag...gome.”

She had begun to falter, this he knew; she had nearly reached her end of tolerance and all lay in peril should she succumb to what he knew her to be contemplating. His own efforts increased, his movements reaching the outmost limits…he would not fail…they would not fail. Kagome would be his in every sense of the damned word.

She could not get enough oxygen into her lungs; her mind had started to dim little by little, until the image of her hands gripping the rungs before her became but a blur. Oh god…No…No…

Suddenly, Sesshoumaru pulled her backward, compressing her back against his chest with a resounding snarl. A merciless hand snapped her head to the left a split second before his fangs sank deep into the juncture of her neck. Utilizing every last ounce of power that he possessed, Sesshoumaru poured all he had in him into forcing the girl’s aura to recede deep inside her, wrapping his own around hers and surrounding it. Unexpectedly, her power surged in a massive attempt to force his back; such required the determined Inu to send out yet another wave of energy to reinforce the hold and contain that life threatening burst that seemed hell bent on inflicting great harm upon his person.

The combination of her orgasm and massive pain quickly overcame her and Kagome opened her mouth wide to scream. She couldn’t help it, she just had to give her torment a voice in the hope that it would somehow lessen and grant her a reprieve from it all. Before she could though, Sesshoumaru’s hand relocated to her face and the girl instantly realized what he was instructing her to do. Human teeth dug deeply into demon flesh, ineffective in piercing said flesh, but more than sufficient enough to prevent the scream from escaping her mouth. Her chest heaving, Kagome weathered the storm that assaulted her; she bit down harder as wave after wave violently washed over her in damn near rapid succession, sending tremors though her right to her soul.

Oh sweet mother of gods…the sensations were unlike anything he could have anticipated; never in his wildest dreams could he have accurately replicated what he experienced the second his fangs embedded into his female. Offering the girl his hand in a preventative measure had been a spur of the moment decision, for he had been unable to think of any other way to silence that ear splitting scream he knew was forthcoming. Strangely enough though, he had not felt a damned thing when she bit down upon the offered appendage; all that his mind knew was the exquisite, blissful agony of completing the ceremony. The satisfaction that he experienced when her power and aura ceased their struggle for release could never be accurately described or defined…

Fangs still embedded in her shoulder, the Daiyoukai waited for the tremor to subside, in both himself, and the girl as well. Once they stopped, he had to remove said fangs and seal the mark with his tongue; whether the Promise bond had taken was uncertain, for they had to wait until his mark fully formed upon her flesh. Such had been documented as taking up to twenty-four hours; which he had no objections to, he would wait for as long as was necessary. Kagome was worth it.

Her teeth released his hand and said hand slid down her person to her belly where it set to caressing her in a loving and reassuring manner. Sesshoumaru knew that she was exhausted, her slack body sagging against his told him that much. She had done well considering the immense strain the ceremony had upon her mind and body; which only proved that he had been right to place such strong faith in her ability to endure. Father had feared that Kagome would falter, that she would fail, but the old dog did not know the girl like he, himself, did; no one knew the miko better than him, period.

Sesshoumaru removed his fangs from her flesh, lapping at the wound with his tongue and coating it with his saliva to dull the pain. He retained his hold on the girl, though his arms did so with less force and effort. Already he could sense a change, and it offered him much encouragement in his belief that the bond would take. That was…until he felt the first teardrop fall upon his forearm as it held the girl snugly to his person. Kagome was…crying; why would she cry? For all of a second the demon dared to think that she felt regret over what they had done but then he pushed that distasteful thought from his mind. If anything, Kagome was crying with joy over completing the ceremony; she would not sully the moment with regret or remorse. Besides, she had sworn to him that it was what she wanted just as much as he, himself, did.

“I-I’m sorry, Sesshoumaru…I tried; I really tried,” she whispered unexpectedly, voice full of sadness and what eh perceived to be as shame.

He almost did not respond, the demon had a uneasy feeling that he would regret asking her for clarification but, damn it, he was more than a little curious; which forced him to open his mouth and request she do just that.“What do you have to be sorry for, Kagome?”

“I almost ruined it for you…” she whispered pitifully, apologetically, while resisting the urge to turn away from his beautifully flushed faced.

“Yet, you prevailed and endured to the end. That is not cause for apologies; it is cause for celebration, is it not?” It was so hard to stop himself from growling with irritation, Kagome had no idea what hearing such sadness and regret in her voice was doing to him at that minute. IN all honesty, she really would not want to.


His heated amber eyes scolded her just as his words did; how dare she sully the moment like this? While he knew that human females were emotional, this was simply unacceptable and it would not be tolerated whatsoever. “There are no buts, miko; you will not undermine our accomplishments here this day. What you just experienced was like nothing any being had endured before, for no demon had ever attempted the Promise ceremony with a miko until today.” The demon raised his sliver sweat soaked head indignantly, mildly offended that Kagome saw this as anything less than glorious; she really knew how to hit a guy where it hurt the most.

Although he knew it was not intentional, she had managed to deliver a detrimental blow to his ego; which prompted him to slide effortlessly into his ‘just for your information’ tone of voice. Fortunately, he also included a great amount of praise to the girl for her ability to withstand the ceremony so admirably. “It intensified the process a hundred fold, and you deserve to be commended for your strength and your resilience. I am very proud of your determination to see the process through, and admire your courage under such distressing conditions.”

Gazing at him with watery blue eyes, Kagome felt nothing but gratitude to her lover for uttering those words to her; she really thought that she had somehow failed him and that he would think ill of her for it. Softly she kissed his salty lips to convey her feelings on the matter in a way that would not have him accusing her of being an insufferable romantic. “Do…did it take?”

“We will not know until my mark forms, and that could take a while. Come, lay with me and recover your strength while we wait.” Gently, Sesshoumaru assisted her in lying down, adjusting her pillow to offer his woman the most comfort he could. After taking a few moments to marvel at the sight of her laying there before his eyes, his mark beginning to form, the Daiyoukai stretched out beside her with a sigh.



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