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Hubrant To A ...Nah: He Has No Faults by Oroyukae

Singled Out and Unjustly Accused

AUTHORS NOTE: I had this laying around on my flash drive and decided to share....Hope that you enjoy it.

Ooops! I fixed the typo...thanks for bringing it to my attention.


Kagome watched him from across the room, unable to believe the audacity of that arrogant, self-deluded, bastard known as Sesshoumaru Ueda. What; did he think that she would just shrug her shoulders and dismiss the way he had played her for the sake of his own amusement? Hours she had waited for that dickhead to show up, literally beside herself with anxiousness over having been asked out by a guy like him. She could still see herself sitting there in that restaurant, toying absently with her napkin and refusing every offer that her waiter made to give her a menu.

At first she thought that he had simply been running late, perhaps held up in traffic or unable to break away from one of his professors that always seemed intent on holding the guy after hours for some reason or another. However, as the two hour mark slowly approached, she had found herself actually making ridiculous excuses for the swine. At one point, she dared to even entertain the thought that he had been in some kind of freak accident and that it was what had prevented him from keeping their date...the very one that he had invited her on to be precise.

Unfortunately, as the waiter asked her for what seemed to be the thousandth time if she wanted to just go ahead and order, and giving her the most pitying look that one being could give another...she knew. She then was finally able to realize that the son-of-a-bitch was not going to show up at all. Oh how humiliated she felt as she rose from her seat and gathered her purse, fighting the stinging tears that welled up in her eyes as she tried not to run toward the exit.

As she had wandered through the slightly crowded streets, intent on hailing a taxi once she was able to speak coherently, Kagome could not help but wonder just why the guy had bailed on her like he did. Sesshoumaru Ueda had never seemed like the type of man to stand a woman up like that; he had an air about him that indicated that he would have at least left a message at the restaurant to let a girl know that it was a no go...Why hadn't he done that instead of leaving her high and dry and looking like a pathetic looser to those around her?

In all honesty, she had never really thought that the guy knew she was alive; he never spoke to her, not even in their two shared classes, and never did he look at her either. Not that there was really much to even look at; she was a rather plain Jane compared to the slew of gorgeous, beautiful girls that milled around Sesshoumaru and his friends.

Every last one of them was nothing short of breathtaking, and all were extremely eager to do whatever they had to do in order to get with at least the lowest member on the totem pole in the small group...hoping that at some point they could 'trade up'. It was safe to say that his invitation had taken her by complete and total surprise, even going as far as to make her heart flutter in mild panic. Of course that invitation had not been exactly a verbal one, quite the opposite really; it had been in the form of a note that was carefully placed upon the very desk at which she regularly sat in the class immediately following his. It had been short, it had been simple, and it had his name on it right at the bottom in his undeniably elegant scrawl. There had been no doubt that it had come from him, for she had seen his papers enough in class to know his handwriting; the only question was why hadn't he shown up?

If one was to examine the corroborating evidence, they would come to the conclusion that she had been a bit hasty and perhaps should have done a bit of investigating before committing like she had. In her defense though, she had been so elated at the thought of having dinner with Sesshoumaru that all other thoughts had decided to pack up and leave her brain for parts unknown. It was rather unlike her to just take things at face value like that but, again, she had been so ecstatic that rational thought had not been an option. For the very first time in her life, Kagome had instantly started to think like a crushing female and mentally searched her closet for something fantastic to wear on her and matching handbag included. In retrospect, she should have heeded the warning bells that had sounded the second that she read the line in the invitation that had read; 'I find you utterly intriguing and wish to get to know you better.' That should have been the dead giveaway that something wasn't right about the entire thing.

He had not even glanced her way once since she entered the room, her vivid blue eyes trained on his six foot four frame; it was almost as if he was completely oblivious to her presence entirely. Why would he? She was no one important to the demon, just someone to humiliate for the sake of his own amusement. Damn him.


Takemaru nudged his companion with his elbow, trying to be discreet, but failing miserably at it. The guy was not really known for his ability to be subtle or inconspicuous. "Hey, Sessh; she's looking at you, guy."

"Let her look Takemaru; I have no interest in the likes of her," the young man replied non-nonchalantly, an extremely bored expression on his face. Those deep amber eyes did not venture in the direction indicated, rather they remained just as they were before the obnoxious young man said a word to him. Lip reading was truly an important skill to have; without it, he would never know half of the rumors about him that floated around campus.

Apparently, Takemaru found his disinterest to be quite appalling, and he made sure to let Sesshoumaru know that too. "What do you mean? Are you blind? Look at that rack on her; she has to be hauling single D's at least, no man can say no to those."

Sesshoumaru inspected his nails as if there was some foreign material lodged beneath them, "I believe that I just did." He sat back in his seat, ignoring the outraged expression on his friend's face in response to his statement.

"Well, she doesn't look too pleased about something. Have you done something that upset her... to make her mad at you?" he asked the demon, making certain to keep his eyes on the individual in question. It was not wise to upset a female, for they were an undeniably emotionally driven gender; therefore, they were capable of just about anything when they were pissed off.

"I taught her a valuable lesson. If that qualifies as grounds for inciting her ire...then, yes, I do believe that I have."

Finally, Takemaru took his eyes off the woman in order to narrow them at his friend. It was astounding that Sesshoumaru took no concern with the situation; in fact, the guy looked as though he didn't really give a flying fuck whatsoever. Being the intrusive sort that he was, Takemaru felt compelled to point out just how potentially dangerous Sesshoumaru's indifference was; it was possible that his friend was not seeing the big picture here, and it was his obligation to fill the guy in. "You're being so cavalier about it, I have to say; most guys would want to stay on the good side of a woman like that, not piss them off. Of course, most guys do not have the hoards of girls following them around like you do."

That statement brought a rather smug grin to the Inu's face. It was true, every word of it; he did have hoards of females that regularly shadowed his matter where those steps might lead to. "Are you jealous, Takemaru?"

"Nope; you are so damned picky that rarely do any of them meet your specifications....and that means that I get those that are left. Your rejects are more than adequate to sate my needs."

"How pleased I am that I can be of service to you, friend." he retorted dryly, allowing his amber eyes to wander around the room. The demon felt himself cringe inwardly a bit; how boring it was, having no one but himself to hold an intelligent conversation with.

Takemaru, while trustworthy and undeniably entertaining, left much to be desired in the intellectually stimulating department, and it had been that way since the guy had discovered the joys of the female form. All he talked about was women. Deciding that he would make yet another futile attempt at steering the male's focus from women, Sesshoumaru chose to ask Takemaru about his studies.  "Have you managed to decide on a topic for your paper?"

"No, not yet; I am having difficulty with the research required, since my system is down. I am considering asking the professor for an extens..." Takemaru's words were cut short, due to a rather odd looking girl stepping up to them; one who appeared to be quite preoccupied with Sesshoumaru.

Lazily, Sesshoumaru raised his eyes to the girl standing just to his right and staring down at him like he was some kind of science experiment. He recognized her, of that there was no doubt; they shared two classes together and the guy always made it a point to know exactly who was in all of his classes, just in case. He was not one to speak first, everyone knew that about him and, so, he sat there waiting for her to say something to him first. However, this girl seemed to be completely devoid of the use of her vocal chords, for she remained as silent as she had been when she first approached him...almost four and a half minutes prior. Still, he waited, unwilling to break his routine; just what in the hell was this girl's problem, he wondered.

Takemaru, being the impetuous person that he was, was unable to wait for her to state her reason for being there, and sought out the information that both he and his friend required. "Is there something we can help you with, girl?"

Her eyes never strayed in Takemaru's direction once; they simply continued to stare down at the golden eyed young man rather oddly. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the girl managed to prove that she did in fact have a voice and could use it too. "I just want to know why."

Sesshoumaru could tell that this young woman's question was directed at him, aside from how she continued to stare at him; however, he had no idea as to what she was talking about. "Why what?" he asked her in his trademark disinterested tone.

"Why did you feel the need to do that to me? I have never done anything to you to make you want to humiliate me; we never even speak to each other, or associate with one another at all. So...why?"

"I have no damned idea as to what you are talking about, girl; you must have me confused with someone else."

"Normally, that might seem to be a plausible scenario; however, considering that you are the only guy in school that had your hair and eye coloring, not to mention your unique way with words, I highly doubt that I am mistaken. Did it give you a secret thrill to make me feel like a complete idiot? Do you feel like some big man for hurting someone who didn't deserve it? What was it?"

"Woman; I have told you once that I do not know what you are talking about, and I do not particularly care for repeating myself. Now, of you will excuse me and my friend here, we were attempting to have a conversation which you were not part of."

"You're dismissing me; like some kind of servant or something? How dare you? You know, I sit back and watch how people act around you; they revere you as some kind of celebrity or something, and you encourage that. You enjoy having others cow before you and you so-called superiority, willing to drop to their very knees and bow before your ‘magnificence' should you desire it. You are insufferably arrogant and it sickens me."

"Hey; no one asked you to come over here you know. You just walked right over and interrupted Sessh and me, and then you have the audacity to stand there berating him like this? I think it is time for you to go..." the man's hands flexed threateningly, his eyes reflecting the anger he felt over his friend being spoken to so disrespectfully.

"Sit down, Takemaru; she is not worth the trouble you will incite for manhandling her." Sesshoumaru turned his eyes to the girl, narrowing them upon her as if to instill some sort of fear or regret within Kagome over her words for him. "Girl...just what is it that I have allegedly done to inflict humiliation upon you? You said it yourself that we do not associate with one another; that being the case, just how, pray tell, did I wrong you?"

After another few moments of silent staring, the strange female saw it in her to actually disregard Sesshoumaru's inquiry. Her head shook ever so slightly, her bangs falling into her face and causing her to raise her hand up to move them. "Apparently it was not important enough for you to remember, so there is no point in my retelling it in order to jog your memory. Just...know that not everyone thinks you are as great as you obviously think you are. There are some who find you repugnant and vile..."

Sesshoumaru was losing interest quickly, "That, of course, is just your opinion; I am certain that there are those who would tend to disagree with you. Tell me; am I to expect similar incidents like this one in the near future? If so, be advised that, should you approach me outside of these walls...I will not be inclined to remain as passive as I am now; you will be put in your place, and you can count on that."

"Are you trying to threaten me?" she asked the guy, her eyes narrowed at him. It did not matter just who the hell he was, no one threatened her.

"No, nothing of the sort; I am simply informing you on what to expect. If you perceive it as a threat upon your person in any way, then, that is your choice." Sesshoumaru then turned his head, letting Kagome know that their 'conversation' had come to an end. Despite his dismissal of the irritating human, he found it sort of odd that he could not push her out of his mind; not even when he tried to go over his itinerary for the upcoming weekend. Strange.

Speechless, the girl could not do a thing but stand there and gape at the smug-assed young man, with his head turned away from her as if she wasn't even there at all, and engaging in another conversation with his crony, Takemaru.

Only when the two of them picked up their belongings and walked right past her did Kagome realize...

"You might want to close your mouth there; you look like a complete idiot." quipped Takemaru as they passed her, being the only one of them that had bothered to look in her direction at all.


As they strolled the causeway that led to their class, Takemaru decided that it would be a good time to inquire about the incident with the strange girl. He had been intrigued, not to mention shocked as hell, over the fact that the young woman was in no way affected about being in such close proximity to his friend. Most girls went into tizzy, but not this girl; she had been immune to Sesshoumaru's presence, failing to succumb to his charms. " really have no clue as to what she was talking about; or, are you just saying that to get yourself off the hook?"

"If I said that I do not know - then I do not know, Takemaru. I do not lie and, you are aware of that." Already, Sesshoumaru could tell that his friend was not going to let the matter die; it was really so very aggravating, Takemaru’s feline like curiosity.

Just as the Daiyoukai had thought, Takemaru continued on about the weird little creature who had tried to rip Sesshoumaru a new one not moments prior. Never had he seen anyone stand up to Sesshoumaru in such a way, and it was certain to remain a hot topic for some time to come. "I wonder what gave her the impression that you did something to her then. She seemed genuinely upset about whatever it was, so there was no way it was just a story that she made up in order to have a reason to approach you."

Repressing a sigh of aggravation, the demon did not even break his stride as he responded to his cohort’s inquiry. In all honesty, Sesshoumaru had already set his mind on his next class, and the assignment that had been looming over their heads for over a week. The girl had almost been forgotten…until the idiot brought her upon again. "I do not know and, I do not care to either. She is obviously mistaken and therefore it is not worth concerning myself over the matter."

"Hey; maybe it was your younger brother?"

Now, that stupid question earned Takemaru a rather scathing glance from his large and intimidating classmate. Honestly, this fool was teetering on the edge of sword…Takemaru just did not know it was all. "That is preposterous, Takemaru; there is no way it could have been Yasha. Father had him shipped off to military school last year; which you are aware of as well considering that you were present at his going away party."

"Oh yeah; I remember that night...her name was Pink Velvet..." his voice trailed off as a not so secret grin crossed the perv’s face. Takemaru redefined the word slut; he really did.

"No, her name was Ayumi, you degenerate; you dubbed her with that vulgar title after convincing her to service you in the second floor closet..."

Takemaru shrugged, "Well, if someone would have allowed me the use of his room, no one would have seen a damned thing."

This time the sigh was not able to be repressed, and it sounded out quite clear upon their approach to their next class. Why, oh why, did he put up with this first grade moron? "How did we manage to shift the topic of conversation from that annoying young woman to your indiscriminate fucking?"

Again, the guy shrugged while thrusting his hand into his backpack in search of his beloved classroom companion…his Ipod. "I have no clue; it just happened. Can I borrow your notes for class? Mine wound up the victim of a run away cup of spiced chai on the way here this morning."

Nailing Takemaru with the most aggravated of stares, Sesshoumaru simply walked past the fool and into the class. Oh, how he hoped the door hit the fucker in the face when he shoved it closed on him.



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