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Demystify by Synyster Star

Why Do I?

Disclaimer: I disclaim all right to Inuyasha and the characters. :)

How could such a vixen captivate him so easily? What was it about the minx that drew him to her like a moth toward an open flame? She sat in the darkness, lit up only by the candle next to her. Her oceanic eyes shimmered almost like water within moonlight. It was captivating, almost magical. She was human, only a babe compared to himself, yet she held the air of wisdom. The woman named Kagome was just as fickle as she was when he first laid eyes upon her. Her fiery spirit could be just as terrifying as the sea itself, and her mind was like a puzzle. She was intelligent, she was caring, but she held secrets and sorrow.

She camouflaged her sadness carefully behind guarded walls. Her exterior was like a fortress, one had to tear it down to take a peek of the contents inside. The Goddess looked up, a smile came to her lips and a soft pink colored her cheeks.”Yes, your majesty?”

Sesshomaru blinked, his train of thought fading fast.”Nothing, my lady. Continue on with your business.” he spoke.

She frowned, but nodded. She looked back down to the pages of her book, skimming the text with pure curiosity. The woman was an epidemy of inquiry, and the bane of his existence. If she was such things to him, why did he yearn for her presence? What was so special about this human that he could not kill her?

She must have felt his eyes upon her once more because she looked up form her book once more.”Lord Sesshomaru?” her voice was haunting, almost melodic. She was such an ethereal, and unseemly archaic. Her views of life were hundreds almost thousands of years old. It was obsolete to these times. Perhaps that is what drew him to her, she was otherworldly and yet so conventional.”You are staring again mi-lord.”

This Sesshomaru apologizes,” he bowed his head. He stood up from his chair and walked over to her. Kneeling before Kagome, Sesshomaru took the book from her hands, and placed it on the table next to her. His hands found themselves upon her thighs as he stared into her eyes. His amber hues trying to find the ends to the depths of blues of her own.”Why does this Sesshomaru yearn for your company?” he asked. Her eyes widened as his lips ascended to her own.

Word Count: 400

Written to the prompt Yearn drabble #126

A/N: I would like to point out that this is written in a futuristic medieval setting. I would also like to thank Velvet Sometimes for helping me brainstorm some titles for this drabble series :).


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