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Reticent Rapture by Kagome Yuki Niwa


Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.


: Sesshoumaru/Kagome


: At the age of four Kagome kissed Inuyasha's cheek causing the chibi love match of the ages to unfold and continue over the years. Sleepovers, birthdays, first days of school, Sesshoumaru knew he should have stayed out of the sandbox that day. For Skye's Bi-Weekly Challenges.

Reticent Rapture

[Reticent - Cold, aloof, emotionless. Rapture - Passion.]

x . . . . . x

Word Count: 500

Even at the tender age of four, Kagome had a knack for attracting trouble. So it was no surprise to Kun-loon when her little girl began to play in the sandbox with an inu-youkai that was roughly five or six years of age. The little inu with his shoulder length silver hair and messy bangs seemed completely taken with her large, luminous, cerulean eyes.

She watched, like every mother did, making sure her small child didn’t accidentally find herself on the wrong end of the little inu’s long claws. There was a sharp intelligence within the inu that went beyond that of his age. He observed Kagome and curiosity was sparked because she was different from him. It was natural for youkai children to take an interest in ningen ones. 

So, Kun-loon wasn’t worried. 

Her interest was sparked when other male youkai children came up to the duo and began chattering with her, arguing amongst them on who would sit next to the little girl. The little inu-youkai, with his odd markings, scooted closer to Kagome in the sand when the other boys came, barring his little fangs in warning and threat. He was suitably ignored so in turn, he ignored them. Well, ignored them until a little hanyou with cutest little puppy ears known to man went up to her and offered her a light blue ribbon shyly, a small blush staining his round cheeks. He looked around four, Kagome’s age, and looked remarkably like the little inu-youkai. 

Kagome accepted the small token and tied it in her short, obsidian locks. It had been getting in her eyes due to a light breeze. She looked at the slightly taller boy and offered him a bright smile. The inu-youkai cast a dark look to the hanyou and Kun-loon laughed aloud. Kagome then proceeded to pat an empty space beside her, unknowingly bestowing her favor on the hanyou.

He gruffly accepted and so Kagome was sandwiched between two inu-youkai. One of pure blood, the other of half-blood and they glared at one another over her little head. Kun-loon soon called her daughter in and she ran toward her, her chubby hands holding the hands of the silver haired boys, and followed by a small herd of youkai children.

“Who are your friends, Kagome?” Kun-loon asked, her eyes sparkling mirth. Kagome smiled brightly and introduced each of her friends while Kun-loon classified their breed.

“That’s Kouga, Ginta, and Hakkaku!” ­Ookami.

“That’s Shippo!” Kitsune.

That one is Hiten!” Raikou.

“And this is Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha!”  The inu-youkai. “And Inuyasha is my bestest friend! He gave me a ribbon! See?” and then she leaned over and promptly gave him a kiss on the cheek. Inuyasha sputtered, blushed, and was teased relentlessly for having ‘cooties’.

Sesshoumaru glared and found a reason to hate his younger half-sibling.   

Hence the love battle of the century ensued and they were only in pre-school all because of a ribbon.

Kun-loon didn’t think Kagome would survive the coming years.  




'Gome Yuki:: Yeah, I probably shouldn't start another one but I REALLY want the TOKENS D: Plus, it's cute :3 I'll be updating every 24-48 hours until I catch up to the most recent challenge and for those of you reading 'A Demon Lord's Cry' I'll have an update soon and I promise you an excerpt in one of these chapters!


Ningen - Human

Inu-youkai - Dog Demon

Ookami - Wolf

Raitou - Lightning

Kitsune -  Fox

Hanyou - Half Demon

Sesshoumaru, Hiten - Five

Inuyasha, Kouga, Shippo, Kagome, Hakkaku, Ginta - Four

** Youkai age the same as ningen in this fic!!



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